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Your Spiritual IP Address

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Your Spiritual IP Address

Spiritual-IP-address-2-webWe all want to believe that deep within our souls there’s a very special reason why we’re here, a spiritual yearning that we have something valuable to contribute to the world, that we have a special purpose, that we’re special somehow. We also have a sense for the kind of life we’d like to live and a desire to find the right kind of work which suits our talents and aspirations.

Yet, for far too many people, those inner promptings and ardent hopes have become detoured by the frustrations and lost opportunities associated with daily living and by what we’ve been taught by traditional religions about our unworthiness and sinful nature. Many people have given up on what they thought they could be. Millions have settled for ordinariness. Millions more hold on to their dreams, but fail to take the necessary steps to make those dreams real.

We invite you to stop majoring in minor things. We’ve noticed that  far too many bright, conscientious, talented people get so caught up in material comforts and ego pursuits that they neglect the one thing that will make them healthy, happy, and whole: connecting with their Core Essence, their Extraordinary Nature that’s the deeper part of them. It’s the seat of their higher functioning, their phenomenal abilities, their incredible uniqueness, their realized potential! Your Core Essence is the Extraordinary You waiting to be released!

From our experience we’ve seen that people don’t achieve what they want to achieve, be what they want to be, and do what they believe they’re here to do until they make the connection – the connection with their Spiritual IP Address, their Core Essence. Once that connection is made, all of the rest of their lives falls into place.

We know no matter where you are in life, you want more of the things that you believe will make you happy, healthy, productive, and fulfilled. It doesn’t matter how well you’re already doing, or aren’t; how prosperous you already are, or not; how professionally fulfilled you are, or not; how financially stable you are, or aren’t – you have the choice of making the all important connection with the Extraordinary You (your Core Essence).

We believe you’re special because you’re divine, because you’re one-of-a-kind, because you’re a spiritual being who has chosen a human experience. The mainstream religious faithful believe we’re all merely fallible human beings who have sinned and who are separate from a creator God who must be worshipped and petitioned for his approval. So, their view of our ‘spiritual IP address’ is that it doesn’t manifest until we die and go to heaven – or, you know, the other place.

However, we believe our ‘Spiritual IP Address’ is closer than most people think. It’s closer than things in our rearview mirror, because it’s more than the ‘kingdom of God’ within us. It’s more than a spark of divinity within us! It’s more than a pilot light inside of us. It’s our Spiritual IP Address which we carry around with us all of the time because It’s our True Divine Nature.

Your spiritual IP address is the amazing Infinite Mindlike Presence (your Divine Nature, the Extraordinary You) expressing Itself as you in human form. It’s the Eternal Mindlike Presence, the One Reality actualized as your Higher Self (your SuperSelf or Extraordinary You). You’re a continuation of, an out-picturing of, a morphogenic expression of This Universal Presence as a spiritual being in physical form.


Self Reflection Question: What does it mean to you to be a spiritual being in physical form?


You can imagine anything you want, be anything you want, have anything you want, go anywhere you want, see anything you want, hear anything you want, taste anything you want, smell anything you want, think anything you want, feel anything you want, intuit anything you want, create anything you want, do anything you want, travel anywhere you want in any dimension of being you want, and manifest anything you want by right of your Higher Consciousness.

So, we encourage you to believe in your uniqueness!

Just so we’re clear, your unenlightened human ego isn’t your Spiritual IP Address! If you’re like us, you’re surrounded by people on the planet who don’t know their True Identity and who are unable at this point in their lives to see the Way Home. However, we believe that when they discover their true Spiritual Identity, they’ll find the ‘Still Small Voice’ that will lead them Home again.

Part of the problem with our worldly ego is that it suffers from what we call ‘spiritual separation anxiety.’ We experience separation anxiety every time we reincarnate, each time we have an error thought or make a poor word choice, every time we choose a material thought over a spiritual intention, each time our materialistic actions belie our values. The emotional disconnect we feel in each of these experiences retails the separation anxiety that surfaces, because we are out of alignment with our True Nature which is divine.


Self Reflection Question: What is going on in your life right now that is creating a feeling of “spiritual separation anxiety?”


Our concept of reality is essentially built on the filters of our five physical senses. This sensory view of the world has always been inadequate and even harmful when it is coupled with a focus on material things.

Practicing the Presence requires a distraction-free consciousness. When we compromise our mental, physical, emotional, and spiritual health, we dampen our ability to consciously become one with the One.

Examples of egocentric distractions that keep us off center and out of balance include:

  • a dogmatic mindset
  • lack of physical exercise
  • anger
  • fear,
  • unforgiveness
  • religious myopia

Without an awareness of, and appreciation for, our Spiritual IP Address, much of our time is spent at the wrong addresses. And those addresses are places like:

  • keeping chaos at bay,
  • protecting our lives and property,
  • staving off financial disaster,
  • climbing longer and longer corporate ladders, and
  • trying to manage the conflicts and disappointments that invariably find us.


Self Reflection Question: What distractions are you experiencing that are keeping you off center?


Philosophical avalanches and emotional mud slides crash against us. We turn molehills into mountains, and create fear-based avalanches of guilt and doubt that bury us. We mistake assumptions as facts and half-truths as gospel. We fail to question unquestioned answers. No wonder we get confused. And once we’re confused by molehills, we usually run into mountains of doubt and valleys of discontentment.

Our egocentric consciousness, with its materialistic bent and self-aggrandizing nature, is the ‘secular city’ we have built in consciousness, to foster our illusion of separation from our I Am Nature (Divine Nature) while we’re matriculating through our skin school experience.

We call the secular city’s antics skewed self-care. Skewed self-care means taking better care of our automobiles, stock portfolios, fishing rods, plasma TV’s, iPads and iPhones, and bling than we take care of ourselves, and especially the Extraordinary Us. It means neglecting the vocabulary of our body, mind, and soul while expecting to gain balance and peace of mind. It means failing to consciously and consistently align our human self with our SuperSelf (Divine Self, Authentic Self, Logos Self, Higher Spiritual Self).

person-nervoussystem-sunrise-300x202When you find your Spiritual IP Address, nothing (no thing) can enter your consciousness to dishonor you without your consent. Your conscious alignment with the Truth of who you really are constantly stands guard at your mental portal to admit only what is real and harmonious with your elevated level of awareness. The inflow of illumination into your super-consciousness is artesian-like. All you have to do is open up your receptivity to allow your Divine Light to shine in the darkness of your egocentric nature. When you do, you’ll realize that Home has always been just a thought, a choice, and a spiritually-attuned action away.

Actually, you can ‘be’ Home anytime and anywhere you want, because your Spiritual Home’s IP Address is a non-local state of Higher Super-Consciousness. (Nonlocality doesn’t have a zip code, because it’s everywhere present at once)! It has been called by many names: Heaven, the Kingdom of God, Paradise, the Philosopher’s Stone, the Promised Land, Arcadia, Nirvana, Shangri-la, Elysium, Utopia, Cosmic Consciousness, Pure Universal Mindlike Consciousness, the Field of Infinite Potential, the Garden of Eden, the Sacred City, Universal Realm, Realm of the Absolute, etc.


Self Reflection Question: What questions have come up as you’ve read this article,
that you want answered during Part 1 of our Extraordinary You Series: Finding Your Spiritual IP Address?


Spiritual growth and unfoldment, from cell to soul, are based on the voltage of your soul’s urge for enlightenment and wholeness. Your skin school experience has limitations, but not as many as you might think! Because you are a spiritual being having a human experience, there are things – plenty of things – you can do to expand your awareness by upskilling your esoteric knowledge and experiential soul depth so you can enjoy being Home again.




Join us at The Global Center For Spiritual Awakening’s Spiritual Café the first Sunday in August (August 6) from 10:30 to 12 noon at our Millennium Hotel’s address on 2800 Campus Walk Avenue in Durham – and bring your Spiritual IP Address with you. We will begin an 8-part series that focuses on the Extraordinary You, and how you can bring out your Extraordinary Nature by using seven incredible Core Essence Abilities already within you!


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