10 Questions to Measure Your Spiritual Authentegrity

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10 Questions to Measure Your Spiritual Authentegrity

Authentegrity-questions-dt_31820845As you begin to focus on enhancing your ability to use your Core Ability of Spiritual Authentegrity, here are 10 questions to help you. We recommend using these questions on a regular basis to become aware of your own growth as you awaken spiritually. Capture your thoughts in a journal, with the date included. By the way, these make great discussion questions for a Master Consciousness Group or a Think Tank. Ready for a check up on your Spiritual Authentegrity? Let’s go!


  • Do you believe all people, regardless of their sexual orientation and gender identity, the color of their skin, their physical limitations, and their particular religious perspective are spiritual beings having a human experience? If yes, how does that manifest in the way you live your life? If no, explain why you believe this is not the case.


  • How do you consistently honor your inner strength and keep your priorities in line with your spiritual beliefs and values?


  • How have you outgrown the “anthropomorphic god meme” of your religious upbringing? In what ways do you still use the dogmatic religious language of the embedded theology you say you’ve outgrown?


  • As a spiritual being having a human experience, you have the opportunity with every thought, word, and action to realign your human self with your Divine Self. How well do you think you’re doing?


  • To what extent have you ‘defriended’ dogma and disowned a literal-only interpretation of sacred scripture?


  • Do you simply plan to meditate each day or do you actually meditate everyday?


  • Thoughts of your unworthiness, chronic poor choices, and self-destructive actions are the ‘yeast of your troubles!’ How ‘yeasty’ is your life?


  • Do you consistently donate your time, energy, and finances to those people and organizations that contribute significantly to your spiritual growth?


  • How often do you opt for spiritual growth over religious dogma?


  • Your thoughts are the children of your consciousness. How often do you give birth to loving, compassionate, joyful, kind, and spiritually inclined children?


BONUS QUESTION: On a scale of 1 to 10, with 10 being highest, how would you rate your level of Spiritual Authentegrity in the past 24 hours? Reflect on your response, and identify areas of strength to help you replicate them, and areas where you wish you had done a better job, so you can improve this in the future.


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