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12 Powers Sliding Scale

12 Powers Sliding Scale

12powerslogo-webThis spiritual practice is designed to strengthen your awareness of how you are showing up at different situations, and how effectively you are using your 12 Powers.

Here's How:

  • Draw a long straight line across the top of a sheet of paper. This represents a continuum.

On the far left, write "Used ineffectively, from my ego consciousness."
On the far right, write Used effectively, from my highest level of Consciousness."

  • Using a pack of small sticky-notes, write one power on each sticky note.
  • At the conclusion of an event, such as a meeting, telephone conversation, interaction with your boss, etc., use the chart to evaluate how effectively each of your Powers came into play by placing them somewhere on the Continuum.
  • Then review the chart, paying attention to where the majority of the sticky notes are located.
  • For those on the left-hand side, ask yourself how you could have used this Power more wisely, and what the impact would have been.
  • For those on the right-hand side, ask yourself how it felt using the Power this way, and what the impact was on the result of the event.

Final question: What have you learned from this, and how can you use this information to "show up" at future events from your highest, most elevated level of Consciousness?

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