30-Day Gratitude Challenge-2018

2018 30-Day Gratitude Challenge to Be Extraordinary!

gratitude-dt_xs_48459374It’s that time of year again … time for our 30-Day Gratitude Challenge to Be Extraordinary! Are you up for the challenge? We need an Attitude of Gratitude now more than ever … and this challenge maximizers your ability to send the energy of generosity into the world!

There is a multitude of research supporting the positive benefits of expressing gratitude. It is so easy to get caught up in the stress of our daily commitments, feel depressed by the negativity and fear sparked by events in our world, and feel sucked into the cynicism of those around us, that we forget to focus on what is most important — and we lose sight of our personal influence in creating a more positive environment! That’s why we are setting up this 30-day challenge, beginning on November 1st.

The challenge is to perform one specific act of “Intentional Gratitude” every day for the month of November … and notice the impact it has on your own attitude, and the attitude of those around you.

To help you out, we have created a Gratitude Calendar, offering a suggestion for each day. We invite you to take the challenge, and share your feedback throughout these next 30 days by commenting on your experiences, a-ha’s, and results.

Here’s the calendar, with a link so you can download your own personal copy. Feel free to run as many as you like, and share them with your friends and colleagues! Let’s make November 2018 the most positive one ever, filled with an attitude of gratitude!


Click Here to download your copy of the 2018 Gratitude Calendar and
Be Extraordinary!





Be Extraordinary!!





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