Read This First: Getting the Most Out of Our Blog


Welcome-people-dreamstime_xs_39389708Welcome to our Blog: Resources/Articles and More!
Here’s How to Get the Most Out of It!

We have converted the traditional Blog into a powerful place packed with tools, tips, articles, and resources — all designed to help you grow spiritually as you master the art of living! This page contains all our blog postings, with the most recent showing up first. At the bottom left corner of this page, you’ll see a link to older posts. That same link appears on each page, so you have access to our entire archive of articles and resources.

If you are looking for something more specific, just click on the menu item “Resources/Articles” above, and click on the category topic. We have categorized every article, to make it easy for you to zoom in on your particular area(s) of interest. Some of the articles allow comments, and we encourage you to share your thoughts!

We also invite you to be part of our Facebook Group Page, Exploding Dogma, Exploring Divinity. Just click on the link, and ask to be invited. We will add you in, and you can join the conversation!

Enjoy the journey!