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Affirmation Sandwiches

affirmation-sandwichThe Affirmation Sandwich is a powerful practice to help you create dynamic and meaningful affirmation on the go, to use in the moment you need them!

Here’s how this spiritual practice works:

Write the alphabet down one side of a piece of paper (or you can do this mentally once you get good at it).

Next to each letter, brainstorm positive, descriptive words that begin with each letter.

Now, go back and add the words “I Am” before and after each word, and claim it enthusiastically!


A = Authentic; Amazing; Articulate; Awesome

B = Beautiful; Brave; Bodacious; Blessed

C = Caring; Creative; Charismatic; Clever …

I Am Authentic, I Am!

I Am Amazing, I Am!

I Am Articulate, I Am!

I Am Awesome, I Am! …


Use the comments section to let everyone know your favorite words — and your experiences using this technique.