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Affirmative Prayer in the Midst of Orlando Shootings

Candle-flowers-123RF-web-200x300Our hearts are joined together in sending love, light, and comfort in the midst of the recent shootings in Orlando, both the shooting of the singer, Christina Grimmie, and the horrific devastation at the Pulse LGBT nightclub. Together in prayer, we send our Divine energies to soothe the pain and shock that comes from such devastating experiences.

For those who have lost friends and loved ones, we affirm there is no geography in Spirit, and we claim in Faith that those whose lives were taken are already encompassed in the loving energy of Spirit, moving on to new and wonderful spiritual adventures. In our human experience, we will miss their physical beings, but we also know that we are One, and will always be connected. We also affirm healing and comfort to those who were injured, and see all the medical staff and law enforcement working from their highest, most elevated levels of Divine Wisdom and Understanding.

We surround every person with Divine Light, bringing  guidance, security, and direction. We give no power to fear, intolerance, and hatred, instead allowing the energy of Divine Love to bring comfort, inner peace, and calm. 

We send the power of Divine Life bringing harmony, forgiveness, healing, and renewal; and we affirm that the Divine Power expressing in each and every person is now working to restore order and rebuild the lives and communities impacted by this event, creating an awareness of Oneness, Divine Understanding, Harmony, and Peace.

And so it is.

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