Don’t Pout! Quote and Spiritual Adventure

Don’t Pout! Quote & Spiritual Adventure

One of our favorite quotes about attitude and energy comes from Duke Ellington, the great composer, pianist, band leader of jazz orchestras. His extensive body of work of over 1,000 compositions is the largest recorded personal jazz legacy.

In his book The Swing Era,Gunther Schuller wrote of Duke Ellington: “Ellington composed incessantly to the very last days of his life. Music was indeed his mistress; it was his total life and his commitment to it was incomparable and unalterable. In jazz he was a giant among giants. And in twentieth century music, he may yet one day be recognized as one of the half-dozen greatest masters of our time.”

Here’s our quote from Duke:




A Spiritual Adventure:

Reflect on these questions:

  • What are you “pouting” about, and how is it serving you?
  • What would happen if you released whatever you are “pouting” about?

Share your comments about what you use your energy to do instead of pout!

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