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Believe? Know? So What?

Believe? Know? So What?

questionmark-colorfulWe grow up with beliefs that have been fed to us by others -- but what do we REALLY believe? And even more important, what do we KNOW for sure? And how do these things we know and believe affect the way we live our lives?

This adventure encourages you to spend some quality time with these questions, so you have clarity around what you base your choices and actions on.

Here's how this adventure works:

Use the chart below as a framework. Spend some time in meditation, asking your Higher Self for guidance around what you REALLY know and what you REALLY believe — and why!

Once you have a list of what you know and what you believe, move to the last column, which is our "SO WHAT?" question. In other words, if you KNOW this, what difference does it make in your life? How does it affect your decisions? How do you KNOW it? How does it stand up to the tough questions?

If you BELIEVE this, what difference does it make in your life? How does this belief stand up to questions? How does it align with your lifestyle and values?

This is not a one-time adventure! It is something to revisit on a regular basis -- because you will discover that once you have clarity around what you know and what you believe, your life flows much more smoothly; your decision-making becomes clearer; your communication is more open and honest; and your lifestyle is congruent with your beliefs. And the more open you are to reviewing what you know and what you believe, the more you will realize that there is more to know and more to believe -- and you will tap into the incredible Field of Infinite Potential at a broader, more expansive level than ever before!

Here's the chart format:

WHAT I KNOW                          WHAT I BELIEVE                          SO WHAT?





3 thoughts on “Believe? Know? So What?

  1. Sorry I missed this earlier! Nothing is off topic with us!
    The Negativity Bias is a psychological term that basically says we have a propensity toward giving more power and energy to negative thoughts, events, and emotions than equally intense positive ones. Of course, the human ego eats that up! But we have the power of choice, and it is our opinion that we can choose to override the negativity bias with the power of our affirmations and beliefs. The Negativity Bias does affect our ego, but we get to choose — so ultimately, we ARE the point of power!

  2. This question might be off topic so I apologize if it is but here it goes. What is the relationship between the ego and the negativity bias? Are they the same thing? Or does the negativity bias in our brain shape our ego with the propensity for negativity?

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