Start the Year Off Right … In a Flash!


Have you noticed how the idea of a New Year is so exciting, invigorating, so full of expectancy? Even though it is simply another day on the calendar, and it progresses like any other 24-hour period, somehow that turning of the hands of the clock at midnight becomes a symbolic chronological line in the sand for us. It becomes a designated time when we can focus on our choices, and set our path for the coming year! Our favorite way to start a new year is to create a Burning Bowl experience, which allows us to symbolically  release anything that no longer serves us, to make room for our greater good — in a flash! We recommend this incredible spiritual practice for you — any time of the year, but particularly in January.

We define a ‘flash’ as the amount of time it takes to symbolically erase fear, doubt, worry, and disappointment. When you place the small slip of tracing paper or flash paper on which you have written what you want to release in a bowl and then light it, you symbolically extinguish the energy of negativity. It is gone … in a flash!

Let us add a little depth to this activity with some further commentary for your meditation and reflection. This ‘flash,’ this combustible moment, is possible when you have faith in the following statement:

In traditional scripture, Matthew 11:29 (NRSV) says: “Take my yoke upon you … and you will find rest.” In the Metaphysical Gospel of Matthew, Matthew 11:29 is MetaSpiritually interpreted to say: “The more we discipline ourselves to follow Truth principles (take up the yoke), the less resistance we will have (we will find rest) in aligning our human self with our Higher Self.

Rest, metaphysically, means ‘freedom from error and the consequences of error.’ So, you can get rid of error thinking — you can find rest — in a flash when you choose Truth over error.

Have faith in this symbolic process. The fire of Truth incinerates error. Any time you burn error, symbolically or otherwise, you rewire your brain circuits. That alchemical process is symbolically represented in this Burning Bowl experience.

If you have faith enough in the power of ritual as an extension of your intention, you will be able to erase error from your consciousness—and transform your life—in a flash—because you will have rewired your neural circuits in a positive way.

This personal odyssey gives you an opportunity to take stock, and reflect on the things from your past that are no longer working for you, that are holding you back from experiencing your best and greatest good. Simply let them go, let them go, let them go! What you choose to release can take many forms. For example:

  • Physical things: Perhaps you desire more control and order in your life. So, release any “stuff” that is no longer serving you. Release and let go of the disorder in your files, or closets, or garage, or attic, or basement, or storage shed. Let it go!
  • Emotional things: Are you holding onto any grudges? Do you find yourself still blaming someone in your past for your current state of affairs? Is anger or hurt festering deep within your heart center? Let it go!
  • Attitudes or beliefs: Listen to the things you say to yourself. If you are hearing phrases like: I don’t deserve…; I can’t…; I never…; I wish I could…; I’m only; I’m too…” Let it go! Know that you are worthy—you are Divine! If you are hanging onto old beliefs that sabotage your spiritual progress, let them go!

Here’s How This Spiritual Practice Works:

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Pick up a small piece of thin tracing paper, flash paper, or a Post-It Note. Play soft music, as you consider what you want to release forever, in anticipation of the dramatic spiritual growth you will experience.Take a deep cleansing breath as you center yourself and relax in the security and safety of this sacred moment. In this quiet, go deep within your center of being, and ask your Higher Self to reveal what it is you most need to release, what you need to let go to make room for your greater good and your spiritual growth. In the silence, listen … and you will know.

Write the things you want to release—the things you are truly ready to let go of—on your paper. Then, when you are ready, place your paper in a glass bowl. Feel free to state either aloud or silently the affirmation: “I now release these things forever, and claim my greater good.”

As you stand near the bowl, use a match or lighter to light your paper, releasing the energy to the Universe. (Stand at arm’s length from the bowl.) Watch as what you have just released incinerates. Symbolically, you have eliminated it from your life. Bless your experience. Invite Spirit to whisper gently what is yours to do in terms of the spiritual, personal, and/or professional growth you want. As you reflect, you may want to journal the thoughts and emotions you are experiencing through this process.

[Here is a link to a bowl we recommend.]

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As close as the wave is to the ocean;
As close as the flame is to the candle;
As close as your own breathing ~
That is how close the Eternal Universal Presence is—because YOU ARE the human expression of the Eternal Presence at the point of you.

So, let your light shine as you rekindle your inner Spirit and walk the spiritual path on practical, holy feet as you connect with the Extraordinary You, your Higher Self.

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Excerpt from Life-Changing Spiritual Practices, Volume 1, by Bil & Cher Holton.