Candlelight Invitation

Celebrating an Extraordinary Christmas and The Extraordinary You!



Join us this coming Sunday, December 17th for our very special MetaSpiritual Christmas Celebration! What an incredible way to wrap up the year—by affirming our seven Core Abilities through a beautiful Extraordinary You Café Candlelight Experience. As a part of this specially-created candlelight experience, you will receive your own set of affirmations designed to expand and empower your Core Abilities.

But that’s not all! To build on the MetaSpiritual interpretation of the Christmas story that we discussed last time, we will share some of your favorite Christmas carols, rewritten MetaSpiritually to reflect the Truth we know and believe.



We plan to top it all off with a group pot luck fellowship time. We will provide a deli tray, rolls, our famous homemade pimento cheese dip (yes, for those in the know — the one made from Cher’s Mom’s recipe!), and plenty of Keurig products as beverages. We invite you to bring your favorite dish to share with everyone.


We hope you will join us for this final Spiritual Café of the year,
as we celebrate the Extraordinary You and the Extraordinary relationship
we have created together!

Dec. 17 ~ 10:30 am

1405 Autumn Ridge Drive, Durham, NC


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