Best Self Diary

Best Self Diary This is a great spiritual practice to help you enhance your well-being, enrich yourself spiritually, and build a sense of internal locus […]


Believe? Know? So What?

Believe? Know? So What?We grow up with beliefs that have been fed to us by others — but what do we REALLY believe? And even […]


Truth Seekers Bill of Rights

Truth Seekers Bill of Rights Here’s a great spiritual activity for you that can strengthen and enrich your spiritual practice dramatically! It requires some time […]


Why Aren’t My Affirmations Working?

Why Aren’t My Affirmations Working? This is one of the biggest questions we deal with in our spiritual coaching practice, as well as when we […]

My Perfect Body Poster

My Perfect Body Poster A spiritual practice designed to solidify the essence of Wholeness and Health, from an Inter-Spiritual perspective. Here’s How: Gather together markers, […]


Creation Play Sheet

Creation Play Sheet  Have some fun putting the Creation Process into action, matching the seven days of creation with the Metaphysical steps, using our special […]


Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering This metaphysical adventure is designed to recognize the impact of an original Divine Idea, and how we use it to create and manifest. […]


12 Powers Sliding Scale

12 Powers Sliding Scale This spiritual practice is designed to strengthen your awareness of how you are showing up at different situations, and how effectively […]


Using the Twelve Powers

Power Up Your Awareness! Using the Twelve Powers as a Spiritual Practice This spiritual adventure strengthens your understanding and awareness of the Twelve Powers, and […]


Spiritual Practice: Divine Multiburst

Divine Multiburst This spiritual practice allows you to focus on the power of Divine Order as it relates to your creation abilities, recognizing the power […]


Glamour Grammar

Glamour Grammar: A Spiritual Practice for Powerful Affirmations This Spiritual Practice is a great way to get in the habit of creating and stating positive […]


Know NO

Know NO! A Powerful Spiritual Practice This spiritual practice is designed to help you create and use powerful denial statements.   Here’s How: Look at […]


Take the Fillmore Challenge

Spiritual Practice: Take the Fillmore Challenge Unity’s co-founder, Myrtle Fillmore, once said: “Never make an assertion, no matter how true it may appear on the surface, […]


You Have the Power!

Spiritual Practice: You Have the Power This practice is designed to reinforce your power over thoughts and feelings, allowing you to make the conscious decision […]


Spiritual Practice: 20/20 Foresight

Spiritual Practice: 20/20 Foresight This spiritual practice is great for helping you master your ability to handle seemingly difficult situations with ease, grace, and success, […]


Conscious Consciousness

Conscious Consciousness This activity is designed to help you become familiar with the fact that you have Four Functions of Consciousness: Thinking: Formulating process known […]


Going Deeper

Spiritual Practice: Going Deeper This spiritual practice helps you recognize beliefs you may be holding in your sub-conscious that are limiting your spiritual growth and […]


What Am I Doing?

Spiritual Practice: What Am I Doing? This is a great spiritual practice to help you be consciously aware of your threefold nature: body, mind, and Spirit. It […]


Spiritual Practice: Fear Not!

Avoiding the “Trinity of Control” – A Spiritual Practice We are aware of the various versions of the Trinity: In traditional faith practices, it is […]


Choice Point: Choose Joy!

Spiritual Practice: Choice Point: Choose Joy! This activity is designed to increase your awareness of the fact that Heaven is a state of consciousness — one […]