This, Too, Shall Pass

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A beautiful story about the ring that holds the secret to happiness.


The Molecular You (A Guided Visualization)

A wonderful meditation that allows you to make an important connection with yourself at a molecular level. Know, too, that your cells and atoms will feel that connection.


Why Aren’t My Affirmations Working?

Why Aren’t My Affirmations Working? This is one of the biggest questions we deal with in our spiritual coaching practice, as well as when we are teaching classes in the […]

Mirror Image Spiritual Practice

Mirror Image: Look at yourself in a mirror, and make love your decision for yourself. Say (yes, out loud!) “I love you! I forgive you for anything you have said, […]


Take 365 Vacations This Year!

Take 365 Vacations This Year! Listen to Rev. Cher Holton explain this unique and powerful spiritual practice — or just skip down and read all about it!     Wow! […]

My Perfect Body Poster

My Perfect Body Poster A spiritual practice designed to solidify the essence of Wholeness and Health, from an Inter-Spiritual perspective. Here’s How: Gather together markers, magazines, glue stick, stickers, etc. […]


From Stumbling Blocks to Stepping Stones

From Stumbling Blocks to Stepping Stones This spiritual practice helps you focus in on the stumbling blocks that are standing in the way of you experiencing the highest level of […]


Creation Play Sheet

Creation Play Sheet  Have some fun putting the Creation Process into action, matching the seven days of creation with the Metaphysical steps, using our special worksheet. Choose something to focus […]


Reverse Engineering

Reverse Engineering This metaphysical adventure is designed to recognize the impact of an original Divine Idea, and how we use it to create and manifest. Here’s How: Select something you […]

Recommended Products for Your Spiritual Practice

Recommended Products for Your Spiritual Practice While we truly believe you do not need anything outside of yourself to experience enlightenment, the following products are helpful in creating the appropriate […]


12 Powers Sliding Scale

12 Powers Sliding Scale This spiritual practice is designed to strengthen your awareness of how you are showing up at different situations, and how effectively you are using your 12 […]


Using the Twelve Powers

Power Up Your Awareness! Using the Twelve Powers as a Spiritual Practice This spiritual adventure strengthens your understanding and awareness of the Twelve Powers, and how you use them to […]


Spiritual Practice: Divine Multiburst

Divine Multiburst This spiritual practice allows you to focus on the power of Divine Order as it relates to your creation abilities, recognizing the power you bring to the process […]


Fast or Feast Tip Sheet

Fasting or Feasting — A Spiritual Perspective on Lent And a Special Feast or Fast Flowchart From a spiritual perspective, Lent stands for a voluntary retreat from the world to prepare […]


Glamour Grammar

Glamour Grammar: A Spiritual Practice for Powerful Affirmations This Spiritual Practice is a great way to get in the habit of creating and stating positive affirmations emphasizing your Divine Nature. […]


Know NO

Know NO! A Powerful Spiritual Practice This spiritual practice is designed to help you create and use powerful denial statements.   Here’s How: Look at the following word and say […]


Take the Fillmore Challenge

Spiritual Practice: Take the Fillmore Challenge Unity’s co-founder, Myrtle Fillmore, once said: “Never make an assertion, no matter how true it may appear on the surface, that you do not want […]