Take the Fillmore Challenge

Spiritual Practice: Take the Fillmore Challenge Unity’s co-founder, Myrtle Fillmore, once said: “Never make an assertion, no matter how true it may appear on the surface, that you do not want […]


You Have the Power!

Spiritual Practice: You Have the Power This practice is designed to reinforce your power over thoughts and feelings, allowing you to make the conscious decision to override your negative, self-defeating […]


Spiritual Practice: 20/20 Foresight

Spiritual Practice: 20/20 Foresight This spiritual practice is great for helping you master your ability to handle seemingly difficult situations with ease, grace, and success, using information about the Four Functions […]


Conscious Consciousness

Conscious Consciousness This activity is designed to help you become familiar with the fact that you have Four Functions of Consciousness: Thinking: Formulating process known as the intellect; analytical. Feeling: […]


Going Deeper

Spiritual Practice: Going Deeper This spiritual practice helps you recognize beliefs you may be holding in your sub-conscious that are limiting your spiritual growth and enrichment.  Here’s How: Identify an […]


What Am I Doing?

Spiritual Practice: What Am I Doing? This is a great spiritual practice to help you be consciously aware of your threefold nature: body, mind, and Spirit. It has two parts: one you […]


Spiritual Practice: Fear Not!

Avoiding the “Trinity of Control” – A Spiritual Practice We are aware of the various versions of the Trinity: In traditional faith practices, it is called Father, Son, Holy Spirit. […]

Spiritual Practice: How Am I Showing Up?

Spiritual Practice: How Am I Showing Up? This is a great practice to help you strengthen your awareness of the power you have over your actions, and to assess the […]


Choice Point: Choose Joy!

Spiritual Practice: Choice Point: Choose Joy! This activity is designed to increase your awareness of the fact that Heaven is a state of consciousness — one you can choose at any […]

My-Heart-Stereogram-460x300 copy

Spiritual Practice: Life’s Hidden Picture Game

Life’s Hidden Picture Game — A Spiritual Practice with Stereograms This practice is based on our experience with 3-D stereogram pictures — those pictures that look like a simple design, […]


Conscious Creation

Spiritual Practice: Conscious Creation This practice allows you to practice the power of Conscious Creation using the metaphysical Trinity: Mind-Idea-Expression. Keeping in mind that we are always creating, the goal […]


Personal Paradox/Divine Paradox

Spiritual Practice: Personal Paradox/Divine Paradox In Metaphysics, we talk about the Divine Paradoxes, such as God is Principle/God is personal; God is Immanent/God is Transcendent; God is Law/God is Grace. These […]

Looking Back on Creation

Spiritual Practice: Looking Back on Creation Identify something you have created (i.e., some crafty object; a garden or landscape; a work project; a musical score; a recipe; etc.). Looking back, identify […]

12 Powers Images

The Twelve Powers: Images                 Click here to download a PDF of the 12 Powers Images Click here to dowload a PDF of […]


Spiritual V-8 Moment

Spiritual V-8 Moment Remember the commercial “Wow! I could’ve had a V-8!” As you move through this week, be on the lookout for situations where you find yourself resisting new […]

Spiritual Practice: God Is …; I am …

Spiritual Practice: God Is …; I am … From a spiritual perspective, we know that God is not a person in the sky, but instead God is Principle — unlimited, […]


Spiritual Practice: Partner Up for Prayer

Partner Up for Prayer This spiritual practice is designed to allow you to gain familiarity with the 5-Step Prayer Process: Relaxation Concentration Meditation Realization Appreciation Carefully choose someone of like […]

Practice & Awareness Check: TO or FROM?

Metaphysical Adventure: Practice & Awareness Check: TO or FROM? This Metaphysical Adventure invites you to become more familiar with the 5-step Affirmative Prayer Process, and rewiring your habits to align your […]

Spiritual Practice: Preparing for the Silence

Spiritual Practice: Preparing for the Silence There is a difference between being silent and being in the Silence. You cannot force or command yourself to move from meditation to the […]


Meditation Rumination

Spiritual Practice: Meditation Rumination Immediately following your meditation experience, spend some quality time writing in a journal or on-line, capturing any thoughts or experiences that are arising from your meditative […]

Spiritual Practice: I Am, Therefore I …

Spiritual Practice: I Am, Therefore I … This is a great Spiritual Practice that can help you know yourself at the deepest level. We recognize our point of power when […]

Spiritual Practice: Commit Yourself!

Spiritual Practice: Commit Yourself! This is a Spiritual Practice related to our radio show, Metaphysical Romp II. (If you haven’t been listening, you can check out our archived shows at […]


Spiritual Practice: Innie or Outie?

Spiritual Practice: Inner or Outie? This practice is designed to help you create an awareness of your Point of Power — your Internal Locus of Control — and claim it!  […]

Spiritual Practice: Notice This!

Notice This!This is a seemingly simple, incredibly powerful metaphysical adventure to use as a spiritual practice. All you need to do is be aware! As you go about doing whatever […]