Challenges & Events


Sometimes it’s just easier to grow spiritually and transform our habits when we have company! That’s why we offer special events, like retreats, workshops, gatherings, and 30-day Challenges! All of these activities allow you to inspire others, and be inspired by them.





More About Our 30-Day Challenges

Research confirms it takes 28-30 days to release self-defeating beliefs and habits, and replace them with Self-affirming beliefs and habits. These customized 30-Day Challenges are designed to help you enhance your spiritual practice by focusing on specific issues, and provides the opportunity for you to share your experiences and support others on their journey to spiritual mastery.


Here’s a short Ted Talk by Matt Cutts, an engineer with Google. He explains the power of a 30-day Challenge! Click on the image to view in YouTube.


30-Day Prosperity Challenge

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Click here to experience more financial flow in your life. Discover the hidden beliefs that are blocking your flow. Strengthen your prosperity consciousness as you apply the proven Spiritual Principles of Prosperity that really work!


Coming soon! 30-Day Meditation Challenge

This 30-Day Challenge will help you manage your “chatter bombs” that interfere with meditation, and create a powerful and enriching meditation practice.

Coming Soon: 30-Day Journaling Challenge

What is your intuition trying to tell you? What guidance are you missing that could make your life easier? This challenge will reveal powerful insights and provide incredible guidance to help you master the art of living.


Keep checking back for more customized 30-day challenges to help you walk the spiritual path on practical feet!