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How to Clear Your Mental Clutter (Chatter Bombs)

How to Clear Your Mental Clutter (Chatter Bombs)  So You Can Meditate Peacefully and Effectively

ChatterBombs-SpiritualPracticeOnly when the mind is settled can it become quiet. Only when the mind is quiet can it become still.
Only when the mind is still can it see. And only when the mind can see can it
reach the mystery of mysteries. This is the process that anyone who practices
has to go through. How long it takes is up to the meditator
. (Yen-Cheng)

We have found all of these tips useful for clearing the mind during meditative experiences:

  • When a thought intrudes, mentally thank it for sharing, and then take a deep breath and exhale slowly. Return to your inner focus without giving any more energy to the intrusion.
  • If a chatter bomb makes its presence known, replace it with a mantra or other positive expression quickly, but not anxiously.
  • Treat junk thoughts like lint by mentally ‘brushing’ them out of your conscious awareness. Refocus on your breathing as you begin your contemplation.
  • Mentally mute chatter bombs by visualizing your using an imaginary remote to silence the intruders.
  • Wear earmuffs to silence ‘outside noises’ in order to limit physical stimuli as you condition yourself to outmaneuver external distractions.
  • Jot down any concerns or worries you may have that announce themselves just before you meditate. Place them in a ‘worry jar’ and tell yourself out loud that you will think about them again AFTER YOU MEDITATE. In the meantime, you have placed them in a ‘sound proof’ enclosure.
  • Visualize yourself sitting in a clear bubble that serves as a protective shield to keep intruding thoughts out.

And here’s a huge bonus tip:

Learning to manage your chatter bombs and quiet that mental noise is actually part of the meditation process! So rather than resist it, embrace it and recognize that you are practicing the art of being fully present as you acknowledge your inner chatter and put it in its proper place!

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