Choice Point: Choose Joy!

Spiritual Practice: Choice Point: Choose Joy!

JoyThis activity is designed to increase your awareness of the fact that Heaven is a state of consciousness -- one you can choose at any moment regardless of what is going on in the world around you. 


Here's How:

As you find yourself facing some task you dread, or a situation that is stressful, pause and consciously choose joy. (I know, this sounds way too simple -- until you put it into practice! It takes a firm and strong level of conscious effort to actually choose joy in the midst of something you dread or something that is uncomfortable or difficult.)

You might adopt a mantra such as: "Since I have to do this anyway, I choose to do it with JOY!"

Notice the change it makes, not only on your own attitude, but on the situation itself. You will be surprised at how much easier and more productive it will be when you approach it from an attitude of joy.



3 thoughts on “Choice Point: Choose Joy!

  1. Thank you all! This program gets better each week. I enjoy it greatly and look forward to when I see it posted! Today’s program(November) was especially helpful for me due to a situation I’m facing!
    Many Thanks, Ed Early

    1. Thanks for your feedback, Ed! We are so glad you found this show so practical and useful — and we affirm you continue to experience powerful results from your application of Truth!

      Cher, Bil, and Paul

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