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Is This You? Church Alumni, Unfulfilled Church Attender, Church Avoider?


Church Alumni — Unfulfilled Church Attender — Church Avoider? You’ve found a home! Since we cater to spiritual, and not necessarily religious appetites, we offer the most current, highly advanced, deeply spiritual, profoundly metaphysical, yet down to earth New Thought thinking available in the marketplace today.

That’s quite an opening statement – and we believe you’ll find our website bears that out. We combine ancient truth traditions, metaphysical and esoteric knowledge, and cutting edge science in order to offer the clearest, most sane, and 21st Century relevant content to assist you in your spiritual growth.

We have entitled this webpage “Church Alumni, Unfulfilled Church Attenders, and Church Avoiders” to provide another stopping-off place for those who have decided to continue their spiritual growth ‘plugged into’ and/or outside of the limitations of organized religion.

There are more church alumni and church avoiders in America and throughout the world than there are church goers. And there are tens of millions of unfulfilled church attenders who are not having their emotional, intellectual, and spiritual needs met within mainstream religion.

This worldwide demographic is much more than a simple trend. It is the result of a fantastic shift in global consciousness which is changing the way we see ourselves in relation to, well, everything!

And this stunning shift in human consciousness is literally transforming the way we see and experience spirituality and religion. Make no mistake about it, the shift is absolutely monumental and enduring. It is a testament to humankind’s perennial search for who we are, why we are, where we’ve come from, and where we’re going.


According to recent Pew Forum and Barna Group polls there are a growing number of people of all ages worldwide (25-33%) who identify themselves as “more spiritual than religious.” And among the Millennials (Generation Y – people born between the 1980’s and early 2,000’s) a survey by Time magazine found that 72% of this cohort consider themselves to be “spiritual and not religious.”

Ten Ways to Recognize Church Alumni, Unfulfilled Church Attenders, and Church Avoiders

  1. spiritual-prac-info-menu-iconChurch alumni, unfulfilled church attenders, and church avoiders are people at the leading edge of the consciousness shift.
  2. They are people who are more spiritual than religious.
  3. They are seeking deeper meaning, higher purpose, and transcendent spiritual experiences outside the bounds of mainstream, dogmatic religions.
  4. They are educated people.
  5. They are “religiously spiritual” people, with individual spiritual practices to heighten their connection with the Divine.
  6. They are thinkers and questioners.
  7. They know there’s more to spiritual growth than praying to an anthropomorphic God in the sky who punishes some and favors others.
  8. They are open-minded.
  9. They have the courage to move beyond the embedded theology of their childhoods.
  10. They enjoy exploring the connection between spirituality and science.

Looking at the incredible rise in numbers of people who used to go to church, people who are still attending church but are disenchanted and unfulfilled, and those who have never been affiliated with a church, coupled with the dramatic decline in church membership worldwide, it seems very likely that churchianity, as we know it, will need to undergo a transformation of Biblical proportions if it is to remain a relevant path for higher consciousness and enlightenment.

Unfortunately, organized religion’s fixation on perpetuating its dogmatic glaucoma, patriarchal governance, repression of women, same sex bigotry, external God focus, and literal-only interpretation of sacred scripture will not provide the spiritual guardrails needed for people to feel safe and secure in a topsy-turvy world.

The world is awakening to its spiritual nature. Tens of millions of people the world over are realizing they are spiritual beings having a human experience. They are seeing themselves as part of a global community. They are opting for individual choice over institutional decree; inner spiritual experience over ceremonial religious creeds; cutting edge science and objective evidence over blind faith and rigid dogma; unity and global oneness over separation, exclusivity, and tribalism.

We believe forward-thinking spirituality and non-proselytizing religions can coexist. There are many paths to the Eternal Presence we call God. It’ll take symbiotic partnerships between the world’s faith traditions to nurture humankind’s quest for meaning and an enlightened perspective.

It’ll require honest and sincere, non-judgmental and loving tolerance between church goers, church alumni, unfulfilled church attenders, and church avoiders for there to be peace on earth and a more enlightened humanity. However, there are those of us who aren’t willing to wait for mainstream religion and religious fundamentalism to catch up to more enlightened thought! Once an expanded spiritual awareness is experienced, it makes it difficult, if not impossible, to go back to a walled-in religious perspective.

You Can Be a C.E.O.

We’ve personally chosen the church alumni spiritual path – while keeping some of our most cherished church connections. It works for us! Many alumni have told us they continue to attend church periodically, too. Mainstream church goers call these ‘holiday visitors’ C.E.O.’s (people who attend church on Christmas, Easter, and Other special occasions). In that sense, we suppose we’re CEO’s because that describes our preferred level of church attendance.

Just as many have told us they have given up on organized religion completely. They, like us, are being spiritually fed by attending spiritual retreats and conferences; finding top-notch TV, YouTubes, and websites on spirituality; cultivating their own meditational and/or affirmative prayer practice; forming study groups with like-minded people; engaging in their own ‘heavy’ reading, writing, and blogging; and traveling to spiritual sites all around the world.

Making a C.A.S.E. for !

We hope our MetaSpiritual material will help bring you spiritually satisfying experiences on your quest for enlightenment. In fact, we like to use the acronym C.A.S.E. In CASE you’re interested, it stands for Church Alumni [or Attenders, or Avoiders] Spiritual Education (CASE). Why? Because most of the people interested in what we offer have either outgrown organized religion, are considering leaving a stale faith tradition, and/or have never affiliated themselves with a church despite their interest in spiritual growth.

These deeply spiritual – and spiritually deepening people – want spiritually focused content and not religious indoctrination. We suspect you’ve opted for spirituality as well! We are also reaching a growing number of clergy who are looking for more depth and meaning which isn’t being provided in the denominational environments in which they find themselves.

Take a few moments to browse through our site. We believe you’ll find our higher consciousness perspectives refreshing and enlightening no matter what path you’ve chosen for your spiritual growth. Our blog articles and major content areas are each a CASE in point! They’re key areas of our cutting edge theology. You might also enjoy our podcasts. If you like our blogs, podcasts, and major content areas – we believe you’ll like the rest of our CASE load