Coaching Package

bil-cher-floorshot-smallSpecial Coaching Package for Our Spiritual Tribe!

You’ve asked for this — and we are excited to say YES! This is your opportunity to take advantage of our special Coaching Package, designed to work one-on-one with you, as well as provide special training sessions for our coaching clients only! 

Our goal is to be a spiritual catalyst, inspiring, guiding, and supporting you as you master the art of living by walking the spiritual path on practical feet.

Is Spiritual Coaching Right for You?
spiritual-coaching-quizTake this quick quiz to see.

Are you struggling to let go of old beliefs that are interfering with your success?

Is money an issue that stands between you and your dreams?

Would you like your relationships to be more powerful, supporting, and meaningful?

Do you have problems with what the Bible says, and wish there were a better way to understand it?

Are you seeking inner peace, in a world that seems to be out of control?

Are you unhappy with your job, and wish you had the courage to make a change?

Do you have a big dream, but feel stuck trying to make it a reality?

Do you have difficult decisions you are trying to make, and wish you had someone to help guide you?

Are you dealing with health-related challenges?

Would you like to build more effective meditation into your lifestyle?

Do you want to dig deeper into metaphysical and/or spiritual Truths?

Would you like your prayers to be more powerful?

Are you looking for someone who understands quantum physics, neuroscience, and other modern sciences as they relate to spirituality?

Are you trying to master the art of living, as you walk the spiritual path on practical feet?


How many “YES” answers did you have? Even one “YES” means there is a way we can work together for your spiritual enrichment! But we realize that many people are hesitant to commit a long period of time and a big chunk of money, when they aren’t sure about what they are getting into. So, we have created a special “Try Us Out” Spiritual Coaching Package, just for our Spiritual Tribe!

Here’s How It Works:

All coaching is done via a combination of telephone, email, Zoom or Skype, and/or face-to-face (if desired). You all be working with either Rev. Bil or Rev. Cher.

spiritual-coaching-empowermentOur coaching is based on a more spiritual than religious mindset, and we combine Truth Principles, universal laws, metaphysical interpretations, and a variety of tools and best practices from many faith traditions to orchestrate the right material for you. We are not clinical psychologists or therapists. Our work is solely done from a spiritual perspective, combining our spiritual understanding and intuitive guidance with the proven tools of spirituality and science to help you connect with your Deeper Self, the Extraordinary You that is your core essence.

This Special Package Includes:

  • a welcome email message that outlines the process and provides you with a detailed questionnaire, so you can begin to clarify what your specific goals for the coaching will be;
  • a 30-minute Goal-Setting call, to meet each other and create clear expectations that encompass your specific goals for the coaching;
  • a maximum of 10 individualized 60-minute coaching sessions over a 3-month period, to be done by telephone, Zoom or Skype, or face-to-face;
  • at least 2 webinars or tele-classes, open only to our coaching clients, to provide special training related to our spiritual expertise;
  • unlimited email communication throughout the 3-month life of this package;
  • a final progress check at the end of the 3-month project, to evaluate the coaching experience and discuss actions for continued reinforcement and follow-up;
  • unlimited opportunity to renew this package in 3-month increments, at this same special rate.


What is Your Financial Investment?

Normally our customized 3-month, one-on-one coaching packages can cost between $500 and $1,500 per month, depending on the specific issues and needs of the coaching client. However, for our Spiritual Tribe, we are offering this special opportunity.

You can take advantage of this special 3-month Spiritual Coaching Package for an investment of
only $600 — total — for the entire 3-month package!

Plus — you have the option to renew it every 3 months, for as long as you want to continue, at this special rate!

Only 10 Spots Available!

We know this may sound too good to be true — but it is something we are happy to offer in response to those who have requested ways to work with us  more closely. Obviously, we can only handle a small number of people in this intimate, customized type of coaching experience, so we have created 10 spaces for this specific offer. The first ten people who claim their spot will get it; others can be put on a waiting list for the next opportunity.

More questions? You can contact us by clicking here, and we will respond immediately.

Ready to grab your spot, so you can set your spiritual enrichment into motion, and begin to master the art of living at a whole new level?

You can sign up by clicking the link above, and your welcome message will be on its way!