Concierge Spiritual Coaching

Personal Spiritual Guidance and Enrichment …
Your Style, Your Schedule, Your Needs, Your Way!



Let us help you walk the spiritual path on practical feet!

How About Spirituality On Your Terms?

We offer spiritual enrichment and guidance on an as-needed basis — any time — to forward-thinking individuals and/or groups who consider themselves to be more spiritual than religious.Take this quick quiz to see if you might benefit from a Spiritual Practice concierge.

Would you like to:

  • deepen your spirituality beyond the teachings of any one particular religion?
  • have your questions answered when they pop up, and be able to talk about topics that feel taboo?
  • receive immediate spiritual practices to help you deal more effectively with your current life issues?
  • keep the full scope of your spiritual interests and pursuits private?
  • have the luxury and convenience of learning higher spiritual teachings without having to tussle with the politics and distractions of traditional church environments?
  • expand your spiritual perspective to include scientific knowledge, metaphysical principles and esoteric teachings?
  • add powerful spiritual practices to your overall spiritual practice that include, but are also a cut above conventional spiritual practices?



If you answered yes to one or more of these questions …

This is the service for you!


What Do You Receive from a Spiritual Practice Concierge?

Rx-prescription-webWe prescribe:

  • cutting-edge spiritual principles;
  • spiritual practices you can use immediately;
  • maxims, mantras,and meditations;
  • metaphysical tips and interpretations;
  • universal truths and techniques;
  • our thoughts about “unquestioned answers.”

— all at a moment’s notice, when you need it most!



How Do You Receive Our Spiritual Practice Concierge Services?

CommunicationMethods-webYou can text us, Skype us, email us, Facetime us, snail mail us, phone us, or schedule a “house call.” Whenever you have an issue, need, prayer request, or question, we are here to help you!



Who Uses Spiritual Enrichment Concierge Service?

QuestionMarks-people-DesignrrObviously, a Spiritual Practice Concierge isn’t for everyone! But lots of people and groups have found our service valuable, including but certainly not limited to:

  • business, government and education executives;
  • ministers, pastors, priests, clergy of all types, shamans;
  • church goers and church alumni;
  • spiritual seekers of any faith tradition;
  • people who consider themselves to be more spiritual than religious;
  • scientists, psychologists, sociologists, philosophers;
  • gnostics, agnostics, atheists, skeptics, dogmatists;
  • recovering religious fundamentalists and lapsed mainstream religious believers;
  • groups of people who yearn for spiritual enrichment, and want to do it together.



No Need to Go Anywhere for Spiritual Enrichment!

hammock-pamper-caThe changing face of secular as well as spiritual education and learning has spawned distance learning institutions all over the world. And now spiritual seekers are increasingly clicking online to spend time with their favorite guru.

While some ‘pilgrims’ will continue traveling to Jerusalem, Mecca, Lourdes, Machu Picchu, and other sacred places around the globe, millions of 21st century seekers would also like to have their spirituality delivered — just like a medical concierge delivers medicine or Amazon delivers books and products.

Our spiritual concierge service delivers content-rich spiritual education to you online 24-7-365. Our cutting edge spiritual practice concierge services offer you a wide bandwidth of high caliber spiritual teachings that will answer many of your unanswered questions, but will also inspire you to question unquestioned answers!



Our Spiritual Practice Concierge Service Promise and Commitment to You

With Spiritual Practice Concierge Service, it really is all about you!

We are committed to providing you cutting-edge spiritual practices designed to help you walk the spiritual path on practical feet. We promise to be:

Accessible: We are available through a variety of methods, including our private cellphone number, as well as email, Facetime, Skype, and text.

Responsive: When possible, we can be immediately responsive to your needs. In other cases, we promise to respond to your request within 24 hours.

Discreet: We know that spirituality is both personal and private. We maintain absolute confidentiality as we guide you through your life challenges, our spiritual growth, and your questions using a wide variety of spiritual tools, principles, and practices.



Your Financial Investment

This incredible package of on-demand spiritual enrichment services includes:

  • Platinum Level Membership in our Online Spiritual Cyber Home membership site for the life of your retainer agreement;
  • Opportunity to participate in our Lifetime Members Only Master Consciousness Group;
  • Unlimited concierge consultations via email, text, Skype, snail mail, telephone, or personal one-on-one meetings to seek guidance, practice meditation, request prayer, ask questions, study, discuss issues, or anything else related to your spiritual enrichment. We promise immediate responsiveness whenever it is possible, and guarantee a return call within 24 hours.

Our Spiritual Concierge Service is available on a retainer basis, which covers a six-month period, and is renewable as desired on a six-month basis.

Six-month Retainer Spiritual Practice Concierge Service:

Monthly Plan: Six monthly payments of $500 per month,
with a guarantee of six months

Full Payment Upon Confirmation of Agreement: $2,500
(a savings of $500)

It doesn’t matter if you’re an early riser or night owl, your cyber spiritual concierge service is just a couple of clicks away – WELCOME HOME !