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Conscious Creation

Spiritual Practice: Conscious Creation

world-hands-ca32247939This practice allows you to practice the power of Conscious Creation using the metaphysical Trinity: Mind-Idea-Expression. Keeping in mind that we are always creating, the goal here is to orchestrate our creations from our highest, most elevated level of Consciousness. In essence, we are not victims of some Divine Order created by a deity "out there somewhere," but rather we are the ones who are Divinely Ordering each consecutive moment of now.

Here's the process of this spiritual practice:

Throughout your day, become aware of the ideas you are having, and take a few moments to consciously ask yourself, "How can I Divinely Order this experience?"

Remember, we use the Divine Order Trinity of Mind-Idea-Expression to help us create things (i.e., a business, a project result, a material object), but we also use it to create our experiences (i.e., how we respond in a situation). Every choice we make leads to the next step of our creation process, so if you are not happy with what you are experiencing now, begin using the spiritual practice of Conscious Creation to change the situation or outcome.

Here's a tip for you:

Imagine yourself at a YIELD sign rather than a STOP sign!

Stop signWhen you ask the question "why?" (i.e., why is this happening to me? Why is that person treating me this way? etc.), it is like you are at a Stop Sign. You are stuck in a vicious cycle of victim consciousness, and you cannot move forward in the Divine Order process.


YieldSign-150x150When you ask the question "how?" (i.e., how can I use this for good? How can I respond from my Higher Self?, etc.), you are at a Yield sign, where you pause long enough to be still and know, then move into action as you express your good!