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Discovering What Spiritual Practices Are Right For You


Discovering What Spiritual Practices Are Right For You

We strongly encourage you to realize that whatever practices you adopt for your spiritual growth should have one thing in common:

Each practice should lead to Self-Realization.


That is, every practice should reinforce the subordination of your egocentric nature to your innate Divine Nature.


The following twelve questions will help you determine what
spiritual practices are right for you:

  • Am I adopting practices that are in sync with my lifestyle and growing edge intentions?
  • In what ways do I see each practice as an intentional mindset that sculpts my life itself as the ultimate spiritual practice?
  • What parameters have I established to ensure that my practices resonate with my soul growth intuitions and intentions?
  • How do I plan to make it a practice to customize my unfoldment at each stage of my spiritual journey?
  • In what ways does each spiritual practice deepen my evolving spirituality?
  • How do the practices I’m adopting give me energy, a sense of completeness, and the feeling that I am becoming more consciously one with the One?
  • What can I do to make sure I feel that each practice I’ve chosen brings a leap in my overall spiritual growth?
  • How do the benefits of a particular spiritual practice tell me that I’ve chosen well and that it’s a good addition to my spiritual resume?
  • How does each practice I add complement my current palette of practices?
  • How do I know if the current bandwidth (variety) of my practices is wide enough to ensure a stimulating body, mind, and emotional connection?
  • How can I make sure that I have a good blend of daily, weekly, monthly and yearly practices?
  • What things tell me if I’m paying enough attention to the number of practices I’ve adopted so I don’t overload myself with too many practices?

Did you notice that these are not simple Yes/No type questions that lead to a description about the right practices for you? There’s a reason for that! When you reach this higher level of spiritual enrichment you are experiencing, there are no “out of the box” simplistic answers. That’s why we encourage you to spend quality time around each of the above questions. We also encourage you to try out a variety of spiritual practices. (One resource we highly recommend our book, Life-Changing Spiritual Practices, Volume 1.)

Spend at least a week with each new practice, to give yourself time to see how it resonates with you. It may feel uncomfortable or strange at first; but give it time to settle into your experience and become aware of the different ways it impacts you.

Making your life a spiritual practice is a lifelong commitment — one that will move you toward that goal of Self-realization. Share your favorite practices in the forum, and know you are Worthy and Divine!

© 2014 Bil and Cher Holton,

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