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Divine Order

What Is Divine Order — Really? Here are some of our thoughts:

(Note: B = Bil-ism; C = Cher-ism)

© w/ permission

How many times have you heard someone say, “It’s all in Divine Order!”? A great Spiritual Practice is to look at phrases you use often, and ask yourself what you really mean by them. Then determine if you might want to switch your languaging, and find a way to rephrase your statement to align with your deepest-held beliefs.

One such phrase is Divine Order. As you describe what you mean by this phrase, let us share a few thoughts to get you started.


We invite you to be very careful when you refer to Divine Order as something ‘out there,’ something external that is rigid and imposed upon us by some celestial deity. It is omnipresent scaffolding available to us. Divine Order is not some cosmic force that acts upon us. Because Divine Order is the creative process of Mind – Idea – Expression, it is an intentional act of creation. We can divinely order good or we can misapply Divine Order and create error expressions. A Divine Idea can be expressed spiritually or selfishly. Spiritually expressed it is a capital “D” Divine Idea. Selfishly expressed it is ‘diddlysquat order’ since a Divine Idea has been misapplied. (B)

The reason all things can work together for good is because we can work all things together for good. It is us, as extensions of the power of the Christ Presence within us, that can divinely order all of our earthly experiences. (C)

We can turn millstones into milestones when we turn diddlysquat order into Divine Order. Divine Order is when we divinely order our experience from the consciousness of our oneness with Spirit. Diddlysquat order is a millstone perspective. It means allowing our fractured and frightened egos to tempt us into believing that we are separated from Spirit, that we are not divine beings, and that all good things must come to an end. (B)

What we need to remember most is that we are always divinely ordering our human experience. There is always an order to what we are doing! We just don’t always use it at its highest, most elevated level of consciousness. Sometimes we are Divinely Ordering our lives, and other times we are manifesting what Bil and I love to call “diddlysquat order!” (C)

A Spiritual PracticeIf you believe you’re “exactly where youre supposed to be” or “should be” because some divine puppeteer ‘up there’ is pulling your strings — I invite you to “stop shoulding on yourself.” If you are where you are supposed to be, or should be, or ought to be, or had better be it’s because you are there by right of your own consciousness – not somebody else’s or something else’s. If it’s all in divine order it’s because you have ordered it. (B)

Divine Order is our at-one-ment with Spirit demonstrating itself in human terms. (C)

How often have you heard people use this phrase as a statement of resignation? “It’s all in Divine Order” meaning it’s out of my hands, out of my control. It’s already pre-determined by the Divine Order default police who know what’s best for me. Metaphysically speaking, Divine Order is not an external God-generated fiat or something a celestial deity imposes upon us. Divine Order is not an event. It is a process. It is not a noun. It is a verb. It is not a pre-determined outcome. It is a pre-emptive course of action on our part, as Christed beings in human form, to manifest something visible from the invisible. (B)

Success, happiness, and prosperity work the same way because they are divinely timed! Unfortunately, many people upset the timing by holding onto their fears, doubts, assumptions, greed, material attachments, unforgiveness, and illusions of a God ‘out there’ who dispenses favors to some and withholds good from others. (B)

© 2012 Bil and Cher Holton

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