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We have compiled a list of fourteen true or false statements! Read each one and determine if it’s true or false by placing a T for true or F for false after it.

  1. We separated ourselves from the earth when we invented footwear and decided to live in houses.
  2. We’re carbon-based beings and leave carbon footprints.
  3. According to research the Earth is just 6,006 years old.
  4. The Earth used to be flat.
  5. If you go outside in cold weather with wet hair, you will catch a cold.
  6. We only use 10% of our brain capacity.
  7. You need to stay awake if you’ve had a concussion.
  8. Reading in the dark or sitting too close to the TV or your laptop computer ruins your eyesight.
  9. You should drink at least 8 glasses of water a day.
  10. Drinking coffee will help you to sober up.
  11. It’s best to starve a fever and feed a cold.
  12. Shaving causes your hair to grow back thicker and darker.
  13. Cracking your knuckles too often will cause arthritis.
  14. If you handle frogs or toads, you’ll get warts.
  15. A raw-food diet provides enzymes that are essential to healthy digestion.

Here are the correct answers — some of which may surprise you!

Dogma Police Report Answer Sheet

  1. We separated ourselves from the earth when we invented footwear and decided to live in houses. FALSE!
    Biologists and neurobiologists remind us that nitrogen atoms in our muscles once helped to turn the sky blue, phosphorus in our bones helped turn the waves of an ancient ocean green, calcium in our teeth was mined from rocks by mushrooms, and iron in our blood once destroyed a star. We are composed of hydrogen atoms and subatomic particles like quarks, leptons, and gluons that were present at the Big Bang. Subatomic parts of us are 13.8 billion years old.
  2. We’re carbon-based beings and leave carbon footprintsFALSE!  However, the truth is we are more oxygen-based beings than we are carbon-based. Although it’s guesstimated that 60 percent of our weight comes from water, 90 percent of the mass of water is oxygenated. So, oxygen accounts for most of our wet mass! For example, a person weighing 150 lbs. consists of about 95 lbs. of water and his/her carbon content would account for only 35 lbs. Isn’t that cool!
  3. According to research the Earth is just 6,006 years old. FALSE! Some biblicists argue that biblical chronology fixes the date of creation at 4004 B.C. That suggests that the earth is a little over six thousand years old. Present-day creationists stubbornly believe in a young earth timetable in spite of overwhelming scientific evidence that the earth is well over 4.543 billion years old.
  4. The Earth used to be considered flat. FALSE! Virtually all ancient scholars maintained the spherical viewpoint first expressed by the Ancient Greeks. From at least the 14th century, belief in a flat Earth among the educated was almost nonexistent. The earliest of these flat-Earth promoters was the African Lactantius (CE 245-325), a professional rhetorician who converted to Christianity mid-life. He rejected all the Greek philosophers, and in doing so also rejected a spherical Earth. His views were considered heresy by the Church. Pythagoras in the 6th century BCE was one of the originators of the spherical earth idea. Aristotle in the 4th century BCE. provided the physical evidence.
  5. If you go outside in cold weather with wet hair, you’ll catch a cold. FALSE! Colds are caused by hundreds of different viruses. These nasty germs are spread by direct contact with other infected people through a kiss, a sneeze, a handshake, etc. However, the rhinovirus is the predominant cause of the common cold. Being exposed to cold weather does not cause them, though it may seem that way because colds are more likely to occur in the winter. This increase is because people tend to stay in-doors more in the cold weather, creating a prime atmosphere for germs to spread.
  6. We only use 10% of our brain capacity. FALSE! This is a real oldie that traces its history back to 1907, but didn’t originate, as once believed, with Albert Einstein. Now that we know much more about neuroscience than we did 100 years ago, we can say for sure that we use much more than 10 percent of the brain, say the BMJ researchers. In fact, high-tech methods of studying the brain have not identified any inactive areas.
  7. You need to stay awake if you’ve had a concussion. FALSE! Concussions are relatively common, and while they always merit medical attention, they are rarely severe or life- threatening. Warnings to stay awake after a concussion most likely grew out of a misunderstanding about a particular type of head injury that involves brain bleeding, where a “lucid period” is followed by a coma or worse. But this is very uncommon and doesn’t pertain to people with normal concussions. If you’ve been evaluated by a doctor who has said that you have a mild regular concussion, you don’t need to worry that someone has to wake you up every hour.
  8. Reading in the dark or sitting too close to the TV or your laptop computer ruins your eyesight.  FALSE!  Dim light, or alternatively, staring into the multicolored tube at close range, can undoubtedly make your eyes work so hard they hurt. But there is no evidence that these practices cause long-term damage.
  9. You should drink at least 8 glasses of water a day. FALSE!  “In general, we are not all walking around in a dehydrated state,” Vreeman said, adding that our bodies are very good at regulating our fluid levels. The eight-glasses-a-day myth likely started in 1945 when the Food and Nutrition Board of the National Research Council said adults should take in about 2.5 liters of water a day (equivalent to about eight glasses, or two-thirds of a gallon). While most media outlets reported just that, the council actually went on to explain that most of the 2.5 liters comes from food. The recommendation should be amended to: Drink, or eat, about eight glasses of fluid a day.
  10. Drinking coffee will help you to sober up. FALSE!  As often as movies portray the contrary, coffee has no effect on reversing the effects of intoxication. Coffee contains caffeine that stimulates the nervous system. This may cause an intoxicated person to become more alert, but they will be no less inebriated. The only thing you can do is wait. There is no way to increase the rate at which your body eliminates alcohol.
  11. It’s best to starve a fever and feed a cold.  FALSE!  It won’t help to lower your fever if you don’t eat. Actually, severely limiting your food intake while you are sick, whether it is with a fever or a cold, hinders the healing process. Don’t force yourself if you don’t feel well enough to eat as much as normal. It’s more important that you stay hydrated by drinking a lot of liquids, because fever promotes the loss of fluids.
  12. Shaving causes your hair to grow back thicker and darker. FALSE! Shaving is a surface procedure. Below the surface is where the appearance and texture of your hair is decided. Therefore, shaving cannot make your hair grow back thicker, darker or coarser. It may appear that this has occurred because of the more noticeable appearance and sharper feel of stubble, but rest assured, it isn’t true.
  13. Cracking your knuckles too often causes arthritis.  FALSE! All knuckle cracking enthusiasts may continue their habit without fear of causing arthritis. There’s no medical evidence supporting this long-held belief. Instead, arthritis is caused when the immune system attacks the joints and it is seemingly outside of your control. But you should be careful, as knuckle cracking may injure a joint.
  14. If you handle frogs or toads, you’ll get warts. FALSE! Holding frogs or toads won’t give you warts. Warts are caused by the human papillomavirus (HPV), and are spread through human contact. So, even though their bumpy exterior may make you think otherwise, toads and frogs have nothing to do with warts.
  15. A raw-food diet provides enzymes that are essential to healthy digestion. FALSE!  Raw foods are unprocessed so nothing is taken away, so you don’t get the nutrient losses that come with cooking. However, the claim by raw-food advocates that eating raw food preserves ‘vital’ plant enzymes, just doesn’t hold water. While plant enzymes contribute to the survival of plants, they aren’t essential for humans.


  1. Did Adam and Eve have belly buttons? (No)

There was no ‘First Couple.’

Adam (Iysh- man, male, husband) symbolizes the archetypical movement in mind that epitomizes the reasoning, reductionist, objective, logical, deductive, methodical and judgmental nature of our make-up. Adamic left hemispheric energies (manifesting as the pingala life force channel or nadi) underwrite our left brain-ness and are very much tied to our thoughts.

Eve (Ishshaah – woman, wife, female) represents the archetypical pattern in our heart-centered awareness that epitomizes the nurturing, highly intuitive, wisdom-centered, subjective, unconditional love-oriented, social and emotive nature of our make-up. Eve (right hemispheric) energies (manifesting as the ida life force channel or nadi) underwrite our right brain-ness and are connected very psychically to our feelings and superior intuition.

  1. What lie did the serpent tell to Adam and Eve?

The serpent’s lie is a misnomer fabricated to support an original sin theology. The serpentine energy (our Quantum Self) is our Inner Wisdom telling us that the Real Us (our Divine Nature) does not die. And that’s not a lie! However, the serpent does ‘lie’ – it lies curled at the base of our Root Chakra, waiting for us to awaken our kundalini energies for their trip up our spinal column to the Crown Chakra which precipitates our full enlightenment.

  1. What are the Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil and the Tree of Life?

The Tree of the Knowledge of Good and Evil is our physical body and ego-centric consciousness. The Tree of Life is our nervous system.

  1. Judeo-Christianity is monotheistic. (False)

Judeo-Christianity teaches that God is an eternal absolute being who is neither matter nor spirit. God is the creator of both, but is Himself neither, and is beyond all constructs of space and time. Interestingly, the Jewish god is not monotheistic at all, but ‘monolatrous.’ The first commandment says: “Thou shalt have no other gods before me.” In other words, during Abraham’s time and for many centuries afterward, the ancient Hebrews worshipped not a singular God whom they held to be the sole deity in existence, but simply one god among many, a god whom they conceived of as being more powerful than the jostling plethora of lesser gods worshipped by other peoples.

  1. What was the forbidden fruit that Eve tempted Adam with?

The Forbidden Fruit is our fleshy physical incarnation which leads to the sense-addictions associated with our skin school experiences. It can also refer to our ethereal bodies which serve as our outer vehicles in other dimensions of being based on our accumulated karma and mental capacities.

  1. What is the Garden of Eden and where is it?

The Garden of Eden is the Field of Infinite Potential, our super-consciousness, our Christ Consciousness. It is a state of super-conscious awareness that is eternally expansive, boundaryless and limitless. Our individual super-consciousness is the ‘Field’ particularized at our level of awareness and expression.

  1. When Jesus was dying on the cross did he say, “My God, My God. Why hast thou forsaken me.”

No! He said: “Eli, Eli, lemana shabaqthani,” “My God, My God, It is for this purpose I have come.”

  1. According to the Bible, when is the Second Coming?

According to the literal interpretation, the Second Coming is when Jesus will come again (John 14:1-3). However, here’s my MetaSpiritual understanding: The 1st Coming is a Nativity story! It’s your nativity story. It’s the story of the Word of God, the Cosmic Logos incarnating as you – as each of us – at our birth in skin school.

The Second Coming is symbolized by the entire Lenten season from Ash Wednesday to Palm Sunday to the week leading up to Easter Sunday. It represents our lifelong struggle to align our human nature with our Divine Nature. Jesus’ struggle in the Garden of Gethsemane, Palm Sunday and the Prodigal Son stories in the New Testament – The Creation story, Jacob’s Ladder, the Israelite’s Egyptian bondage and exodus, and Jonah in the belly of a great fish stories in the Hebrew Testament – the search for the Holy Grail, the Philosopher’s Stone, Taoists Golden Flower, Buddhism’s Eightfold Path, and the Sumerian Epic of Gilgamesh are just a few examples of our 2nd Coming struggle. They tell the archetypical story of our growth in consciousness during the 2nd Coming phase.

The Third Coming occurs when we realize that we are the One Reality, the Pure Universal Mindlike Consciousness, in human form. It represents our having achieved the full and complete alignment of our human nature with our Divine Nature!

  1. Who was the ‘only begotten son;’ that is, who or what was the ‘Word made flesh?

The Only Begotten Son is a mean manipulative meme. The ‘son’ was added to place maleness above femaleness; inequality over equality. The Only Begotten is the Cosmic Logos (the Primordial Vibration, the Original Pulse, the Catalytic Sound) of the Eternal Mindlike Presence morphing Itself into physicality. There’s only one ‘begotten emanation’ from the Eternal Mindlike Consciousness– the Cosmic Logos! (The phrase ‘only begotten’ comes from the Greek monogenes which means ‘the only one of its kind within a specific relationship’ or ‘the only unique one.’ ‘Son’ was inserted to sell Jesus as the only offspring of an anthropomorphic god in the sky. The ‘Word made flesh’ is Spanda! Spanda is a Sanskrit term derived from the root spadi ‘to move a little.’ holds that the entire universe is nothing but Conscious Energy, and that everything in the universe is that Ultimate Consciousness expressed in different forms. Spanda (the Cosmic Logos) is often translated as ‘throb or pulse, vibration or movement, or motion. This implies continuous waves of activity issuing forth from an unseen Source of spontaneous expression, emanating not only from the center outward, but from everywhere at once, which suggests nonlocal connectedness. It’s an infinite ‘spectrum of Absolute frequencies’ or holomovements that underwrite all forms of consciousness. In a very real sense, our individual consciousnesses are the mental actualizations of this primordial Subtle Pulsation.

  1. What kind of cross did Jesus carry on the way to his crucifixion?

The cross he bore is the same cross we bear. It’s our physical body. The cross bar (our cruciform nature) represents human egocentric consciousness, what we call coma consciousness. The vertical bar represents Spirit’s (the Cosmic Logos’) descent (morphing Itself) into matter as highly-charged spiritual Substance.

  1. Where was the tomb in which Jesus was buried and whose tomb was it?

MetaSpiritually speaking a ‘tomb’ is a high state of consciousness where we integrate and assimilate the sum total of all of our previous higher consciousness material in order to unfold fully into our Divine Nature. We call it our Quantum Self. His ‘tomb’ was his Quantum Self. Our ‘tomb’ is our Quantum Self.

  1. When did Jesus experience his resurrection?

Because his resurrection symbolizes a restoration, a revitalization, a reclamation, a re-booting of our unenlightened ego to its super-conscious Divine Essence – he experienced his resurrection when he completely subordinated his human ego to his Divine Nature. That’s when our resurrection will take place as well.

  1. According to mainstream Christianity, where did Jesus ascend after his resurrection?

It wasn’t the departure of the Christ as Jesus from Earth into the presence of God as mainstream Christianity suggests. The ‘ascension’ is the rise of the kundalini energies from our Base Chakra to our Crown Chakra. It occurs when we become fully enlightened. Our body becomes the etherealized New Jerusalem embodiment the Book of Revelation describes so we can travel in any dimension of being. The ascension is the Holy Grail, the Philosopher’s Stone humankind has been searching for thousands of years. From a MetaSpiritual perspective, the ascension is a fully-charged Crown Chakra moment.

  1. How do mainstream Christians define God?

When you become more spiritual than religious, the anthropomorphic god meme of traditional religious communities becomes unemployed. This manufactured deity is no longer seen as a necessary coping mechanism.

Religious systems that are based on anthropomorphic god memes have never been interested in discovering the true nature of things. They have been organized first and foremost as emotional paths for security and safety in a whirled world. Humankind’s collective anxiety has created, and continues to perpetuate, god(s) in our image who possess human qualities. For example, Judeo-Christianity has always coupled the Yeshua (Jesus) story with a theistic god meme coming to our rescue with his ‘only begotten son.’

  1. Who was the Christ Child and when was he born?

MetaSpiritually, the ‘Christ Child’ is born whenever anyone comes to the virginal conscious realization that he or she is the Cosmic Christ expressing in human form as h/her. It’s a pristine moment of enlightenment. It’s an immaculate conception (the rare, but highly receptive, intuitive readiness for the Truth). It’s an unblemished, pure, and stainless mystical insight and/or revelation into our True Spiritual Nature.

It’s the blossoming (birth) of our awareness of that great Truth! In a much more expanded sense, every newly-formed Christed thought and idea, pioneering Christ-centric choice, and authentic Christed action is a ‘Christ Child.’

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