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Easter 2018 – A Selfie-bration

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Isn't this a strange image to have for an Easter Spiritual Café? What? You were expecting lilies or crosses? You are in for an amazing experience! The ‘real’ Easter story is the topic of our discussion at our Global Center for Spiritual Awakening’s Spiritual Café-Durham on April 1, 2018, from 10:30 to 12 noon, at our Durham headquarters (1405 Autumn Ridge Drive – our house).

When you meet with us on Sunday we’ll briefly (very briefly) mention the implications of the age old concept of Easter. However, we going to focus on a whole new understanding of – and appreciation for – turning the traditional Lenten practice -- worshipping a ‘god out there’ who allowed his son to be sacrificed, then resurrected -- into a WORTHSHIP celebration of becoming one with your Divine Nature!

In our opinion, that’s the spiritual message humankind has missed for over 2,000 years because it’s been hidden in the patriarchal agenda of dogmatic religion. We believe there’s another, more positive and enriching MetaSpiritual perspective of the Easter experience that rings more true than the violent religious message which is based on shame, betrayal and guilt.

As a matter of fact, we believe the ‘real’ meaning of the Easter experience is ESP: Eliminating Spiritual Pixelation!

We guarantee that you’ve never experienced an Easter selfie-bration like we’re proposing.



  • Bring an open mind and all the questions you have about what Easter means.
  • Bring your smart phone! (That's all we're saying for now! Just trust us!!)
  • Bring a pot luck dish. We’ll supply the baked ham (not a sacrificial lamb) and coffee, hot and cold tea, water, hot chocolate - and plenty of ‘soul food.’ After our Café discussion, we invite you to hang around for a potluck lunch and lots of great fellowship together, as we celebrate the Truth of who we really are!

We hope you’ll join us for a highly informative discussion this Sunday, April 1st at GCSA Headquarters.

Oh, and we’ve included a special ‘pixelation-free’ Easter surprise for each of you that will ‘sweeten’ your Sunday experience – NO FOOLING!



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