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Measure Your ‘Extraordinary You’ Quotient

Measure Your ‘Extraordinary You’ Quotient

QuestionBox-caWe invite you to use the following questions to ‘get real’ with yourself in order to find the Real You. Use them as a yardstick to measure your “Extraordinary You Quotient” every six months:

  1. How often do I question unquestioned answers?
  2. How often have I realized that if I don’t stand for something, I’m liable to fall for anything?
  3.  How many times have I ever judged circumstances by outer appearances and mistaken facsimile for reality?
  4. How often does my ego thrive on the illusions it spins?
  5. What would happen if I boycotted all of my self-imposed restrictions?
  6. How can disciplined choices be my handrails when the fatigues of life assault my body, mind, and spirit?
  7. How aware am I that excuses are my ego’s attempt to deal with the results of my unwise choices (what might be called “repercussion management”)?
  8. What would I do differently if I realized that each choice I make either magnetizes or repels my conscious alignment with my Authentic Self?
  9. To what extent do I really believe that the first place to look in all fault-finding expeditions is in the mirror?
  10. How disciplined am I really about connecting with the Extraordinary Me?
  11. How often do I affirm my absolute oneness with the Extraordinary Me?
  12. Do I make choices based on my principles, or do I change my principles to suit my choices?
  13. What do I do when the facts I thought were facts aren’t facts anymore?
  14. Would it be too much of a stretch for me to believe that being fully aligned with my Exceptional Nature is the general anesthetic for all of my insecurities? Why?
  15. What if I believed that illness is simply my body’s “somatic radio” turned up full-blast to broadcast my error thinking?
  16. How can I convince myself that I’m not fast enough to keep up with my self-negating choices as long as I keep making self-negating choices a habit?
  17. How comfortable am I with my discomforts?
  18. Am I the kind of person who wants to be saved from the consequences of my poor choices, but not from making poor choices in the first place? What does that say about me?
  19. How am I living beneath my talents, over my head, or beside myself?
  20. Am I the kind of person who walks past joyful moments without noticing?
  21. Are laughter, giggles, and smiles foreign languages to me? If so, how can I begin to “learn” this language?

We’re not going to kid you. Establishing a conscious connection with your the Extraordinary You isn’t for the faint of heart. Why? Because it means having more willpower than won’t power. It means being willing to discover the Real You. It asks you to believe in the research we provide, and apply it to yourself. It takes courage and patience. It demands commitment to being the best you can be. It requires disciplined effort and a belief in yourself.

Will it be worth it? You betcha! Will you be glad you stayed the course? Absolutely! Will you be able to master the art of living? Without one iota of a doubt! We have interviewed enough people, studied enough research, and know positively from our own personal experience that discovering your Core Essence, the Extraordinary You, is the Holy Grail of your human experience! It is priceless and monumentally fulfilling! It’s like hitting the ‘selfhood lottery.’


© 2017, Bil & Cher Holton,

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