Frequently Answered Questions (FAQ)


Is Ghostwriting legitimate?

Absolutely! Ghostwriters simply help you say what you want to say in a clear, engaging way. The ideas are 100% yours. All we as  ghostwriters do is help you get it succinctly on the page. Ghostwriting has been incredibly common for a long time. Many famous celebrities, businesspeople, actors, athletes, politicians, novelists, etc., hire ghostwriters to write books for them. So, your contracting me would not be unusual at all!

Do I have to give you, the Ghostwriter, credit as co-author for writing my book or blog?

Absolutely not! That’s why it’s called ghostwriting! No one will know you had a friendly ghost help you with the writing process unless you choose to tell him or her. You don’t have to publicly acknowledge you hired a ghostwriter! Also, I don’t retain any rights of ownership for your book whatsoever – and I put that promise in writing! Even if your book becomes a bestseller, you’ll never owe me any extra compensation (unless you choose to do so).

How much interaction will I have with you? 

You can have as much or as little interaction with me as you’d like. My process is tailored to suit your schedule and your needs. Generally, clients opt to have regularly scheduled sessions via phone or Zoom, as well as ongoing communication by email. In certain instances, it’s also possible to arrange for face-to-face meetings with me. The entire process can be adapted to best support you!


Are your services 100% confidential?

Yes, of course! My services are 100% confidential. I’ll never use any of the information you provide for any other purpose, nor will I use the writing developed for your book for anyone else. I freely offer a non-disclosure agreement.

How long does the Ghostwriting process generally take?

The duration of the ghostwriting process is partly up to you. Depending on your schedule and desired level of involvement, you’ll receive written material for your  approval on a regular basis. While every book is unique, on average, a 175-225 page manuscript will take between three and nine months to complete. A 300-plus page manuscript usually takes between four and ten months. I’m amicable for rushing these services for you if you need to meet a specific publishing date.

If I include some of my own writing, will this save me money?

Yes! I’ll gladly edit and incorporate any written content you provide. Depending on the literary strength and applicability of the content you provide, it could very well save you money! Your content will also help me sync with your writing style to capture your voice.

If my book requires research, can you provide it?

Yes, my ghosting services can include research. Whether your book requires basic Internet searches or in-depth research, I can synthesize it into your book. 

My business, and therefore my subject matter, is very technical. Are you sure you can write/edit my book?

Absolutely—depending on the topic, of course! As I’ve indicated previously, I have expertise in certain content areas and am totally confident in those and related areas. I’m naturally curious, creative, and genuinely interested in learning in general. And, because ghosting is a collaborative effort, you’ll have the opportunity to review and fact-check every page we write. If your topic is outside my area of expertise or ability, I will be the first one to say so, and recommend you look for a more qualified ghost to help you.

How can I be sure that you’ll be able to capture my voice?

That’s one of the things I do extremely well. I’ll work closely with you to ensure that the words on the page capture your voice. I generally get a flavor for your voice by looking at any of your previously-written material, watch any of your videos that you think are relevant, and of course, interview you to get a sense for any of your favorite words and expressions. You’ll get a sense of how well I’ve captured your voice when you see my early written submissions that use your feedback to see how closely I’m capturing the style, tone, and content of your writing.

How comfortable are you in writing autobiographies and/or memoirs?

A lot of people get a little nervous about sharing highly personal information with strangers. Memoirs are big projects that require plenty of collaboration, so it’s important that we get to know one another, and that you feel comfortable with me. I have a great track record when it comes to my writing, including memoirs. By the end of most book projects, my clients feel like my wife and I are members of their extended family.

Once the book is ghostwritten, do you help with publishing? 

My beautiful and talented wife, Cher, handles all of your publishing needs through our Partner Publishing process. She can provide book cover design, book layout for both print and digital versions of your book, listing your book in Bowker Books-In-Print, and ensuring availability on Amazon. See our Information Page and Frequently Answered Questions about Partner Publishing for more details.

I don’t live near you. Will that complicate your writing my book?

Technology makes it quite easy for us to work together! Most of our communication will be via email, texting, phone, Zoom, and possibly face-to-face. I’ve worked with wonderful people all over the globe—from California to Florida to England and Canada.

How Much Does All Of This Cost?

As of 2019, the Writers Market says this about the industry standard ghostwriting rates (without royalty or credit): The going rates are $75-$100 an hour, with a per project low of $5,000-$7,500 (eBook, short story series, blog article series, etc.), high of $100,000 (generally for celebrities and top management business people), and an average range of $8,500-$16,000 for books depending on the amount of supporting written material, audio files, client and ghost interaction, word and page count, and research requirements, etc. The per word cost average is $1.85.

I share those rates with you, because it’s important for you to know the projected costs associated with the fascinating world of ghostwriting. However, myindustry standard’ is getting you in print at a reasonable price! I take many factors into consideration when I quote my ghosting services, which are reasonably mid-range and not padded with hidden charges. You’ll know what your financial investment is when we sign our agreement, which will outline exactly what we agree on for your project. There are no surprises!

I may be a little short on funding. Can I pay you a portion of the proceeds, after publication?

As most ghosting professionals, full-time writers, and editors will tell you, ghosting business models aren’t designed to take projects on spec. However, after the initial down payment, we can make arrangements for a series of payments that will coincide with project completion.

Have You Published Any Books Under Your Own Name?

Yes, we’re pleased to say! In addition to the books we've had published by large houses (John Wiley; Random House; Presidio), we’ve published 57 books through our own publishing houses, co-written 5 books with another author, and ghosted 11 books as of this post. As corporate consultants and retired Unity ministers, we’ve done very well with our published books in terms of back-of-the-room sales and book signings over the past 35 years. Our business book, The Manager’s Short Course to a Long Career, which was published in four languages, received the prestigious Executive Book Summaries Award as one of the top business books of 1992-1993. Cher’s book Living At the Speed of Life received the Nonfiction Book Writer’s award in 2001 and Bil received the Global MetaSpiritual Book Award for his book The Book of Revelation: A Manual Describing the  Unfoldment of Our Christ Nature in 2015. In case you’re wondering, we’ve started ghosting to limit our business travel because, well, airline travel isn’t what it used to be and we’d rather work out of our home these days – helping you get into print!