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    Completely shatters the validity of the phrases we use to express our spirituality!
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    Discover how these common phrases sabotage our spiritual growth and enlightenment!
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    Learn a new way of making the same point, but saying it so it is in alignment with the Truth you know and believe!

What kind of phrases are we talking about?

Have you ever said:

  • I'm right where I'm supposed
    to be
  • It's in Divine Order
  • It blessed me
  • I'm in the flow
  • We are a drop in the ocean
  • Be careful what you pray for
  • Let go, let God
  • What goes around comes 
  • That person pushes my 
  • This or something better
  • Thoughts held in mind produce 
    after their own kind
  • What we resist, persists
  • God will provide
  • Life is a mirror

“It ain't the things we don't know that hurts us. It's what we do know that ain't so!”

(Artemus Ward)

These two books are powerful resources for:

Personal inspiration and Growth

​Book Studies

Sermon/Speech Ideas


​Gifts & Give-Aways

Get ready to be rocked out of your habitual way of thinking, as these two authors lead you on an enjoyable and revealing search for the real Truth in the words we say.


Rev. Dr. Paul Hasselbeck

Rev. Dr. Paul Hasselbeck is a national speaker, highly sought-after teacher, spiritual mentor, and prolific writer. He has served the Unity movement as a pastoral care minister, retreat minister, Dean of Spiritual Education, and faculty member. Paul is one of Unity’s leading Metaphysics authorities and has had a major role in bringing Unity's Metaphysics into the 21st century. Discover more about Paul, read The Absolute Word, and sign up for his Heart-Centered Inner Circle at his website:


Rev. Dr. Bil Holton

Rev. Dr. Bil Holton is an ordained Unity minister, metaphysician, recognized Spiritual Thought Leader, professional speaker, and prolific author. He teams up with his wife, Rev. Dr. Cher Holton to run The Global Center for Spiritual Awakening, where they combine science and cutting-edge spirituality to inspire people to connect with and exhibit their Extraordinary Nature to create YOUniversal Harmony! Discover more about Bil and Cher and join their Order of the Sacred Path at their website:

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You'll get BOTH books, which together cover 50 different phrases we need to "Get Over!"

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