31-Day Giving Challenge, 2019

Give the Gift Of ...

31-Day Challenge

December is called the month of Giving -- but have you noticed that it is also a month that can become overwhelming and stressful, as we combine year-end business wrap-up with holiday activities, sprinkled with creating gift lists, cooking more than usual, decorating, and tackling overcrowded malls (or technology-burdened websites) to do our shopping? Whatever way you choose to celebrate the holiday season, it usually involves an over-abundance of additional activities that triggers stress and frustration, if we're not careful.

That’s why we wanted to create a special challenge for the month of December, designed to refocus your thinking and ground you in the power of a Giving Consciousness. We are delighted to share our annual “Give the Gift of …” 31-day Challenge, which can center you and transform the way you experience this holiday season!

How to Take the Challenge


During your morning meditation, reflect on the focus area for the day, clarifying what it means for you.


Using your own definition(s) for the focus area, find as many ways as possible to give it during the day. Your goal is to find at least one opportunity to give, connected with the focus area of the day, for every waking hour! Be as creative as you want!


Keep a journal, where every day you record the gifts you gave and your experiences/emotions.


Reflect on your journal entries using these reflection questions:

  • How many different ways did you find to give?

  • What was the most unique? The most fun? The most challenging?

  • What was the most unique? The most fun? The most challenging?

  • What spiritually enriching lessons can you take away from this activity that will stay with you as you move forward?

Never forget this powerful Truth: 


 Revs. Drs. Bil & Cher

The greatest and most powerful gift you can ever give is the gift of yourself!


2 thoughts on “31-Day Giving Challenge, 2019

  1. This is a wonderful over due calendar. When my kids were young I would do something similar. Thank you for the true gifts of Christmas!!

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