Glamour Grammar

Glamour Grammar: A Spiritual Practice for Powerful Affirmations

GlamourGrammar-alphabetBlocksThis Spiritual Practice is a great way to get in the habit of creating and stating positive affirmations emphasizing your Divine Nature.

Here's How:

Step One: Go through the alphabet, and brainstorm several positive words beginning with each letter. For example:

A = awesome, amazing authentic

B = beautiful, bodacious, brilliant

C = creative, caring, confident


Step Two: Look back over your list, and put the words "I AM" in front of each of the words, stating the sentence out loud, with conviction! For example, you would be saying:

I AM awesome! I AM amazing! I AM authentic! I AM beautiful! I AM bodacious! ...

Notice the impact this has on your energy level as well as your attitude and feelings about yourself!

Bonus Tip: A variation of this activity is to use it when you are stuck in traffic. Take a look at the license plates on the cars around you, and use Glamour Grammar with the letters on the plates! While it doesn't change your frustrating situation, it does create a shift in your awareness which leads to a major shift in your attitude!