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Christmas is such a special time of year … and yet, it creates incredible stress — sometimes even leading to depression. Add to this the fact that you are more spiritual than religious, and the stress can become unbearable. Here are the “Top Four Stressors” of the Holiday Season, when you are more spiritual than religious … along with some spiritual tips to help you celebrate with grace and joy, and make the most of this sacred season.

Let’s start by identifying the Top 4 Holiday Stressors for individuals who consider themselves more spiritual than religious:

Top Holiday Stressor #1: FAMILY (In-Laws and Outlaws)

Top Holiday Stressor #2: FINANCES (Common Cents versus Common Sense)

Top Holiday Stressor #3: FALSE EXPECTATIONS (The Holiday Perfection Complex)

Top Holiday Stressor #4: Faith Clashes (Jesus is NOT a Capricorn)

Now, let’s spend some time with each one, and share a few tips to help you move through these issues with grace, and emerge at a higher level of Consciousness and Enlightenment! We’ll share three tips for each stressor here. If you want our entire list of tips, plus some background on when Jesus was really born, you can download our complete White-Light Paper for only $5.00. Scroll to the end of this blog post to order your copy!

FoodFight-Pie-ca83897783Top Holiday Stressor #1: FAMILY (In-Laws and Outlaws)

  • Plan an itinerary of key events as early as possible. Then post it on the refrigerator so everyone can see it. (A bonus tip: Identify the Optional Events and the “We want everyone to participate” Events clearly.)
  • Take a breath before responding to a comment that has upset or hurt you. Ask yourself: Is what I am about to say worth the argument it will create?
  • This one is probably the most important: Live in a state of Forgiveness!

Piggy Bank-dreamstimefree_6861723Top Holiday Stressor #2: FINANCES (Common Cents versus Common Sense)

  • Give gifts that cost no money: the gift of time; a promise to do a chore; hugs; a visit or phone call; etc. (Hint: Use our “Give the Gift Of …” Calendar for inspiration!)
  • Repeat your Prosperity Affirmations several times a day.
  • Keep a notebook to record the gifts you choose for each person (and make a note of where you ‘hide’ them)! This will keep you from over-buying when you purchase gifts early!

breathe-heart-google-flickrTop Holiday Stressor #3: FALSE EXPECTATIONS (The Holiday Perfection Complex)

  • Set realistic goals for yourself, other people, and the holiday season.
  • Use a “To Do” List: Keep Things as SIMPLE as possible!
  • Keep your focus on the people you are celebrating with, rather than the details.

Top Holiday Stressor #4: Faith Clashes (Jesus is NOT a Capricorn)

calendar-questionMark-dtWe say “Jesus is NOT a Capricorn” because there is an abundance of research to support the idea that he was not born in December, but more probably in September. This is just one of the factoids that can create friction during this season — not only when you are with others, but also within yourself! One of the biggest sources of holiday stress comes from the clash of past traditions with the level of our new awareness as spiritual, not religious. The traditional Christmas story no longer makes sense to us, and singing the carols we used to love now make us cringe! Add to that the issue of attending traditional church services with family, and you have all the makings for a Holiday Crisis of Soul! But not to worry!

Rather than share three tips, we want to share our #1 Tip in detail. Our #1 Tip to handle Faith Clashes is to remember the MetaSpiritual perspective of everything related to Christmas. MetaSpiritually speaking, all of the people, places, and events in the Bible (and in other religious faith traditions’ scriptures) represent qualities, traits, habits, and abilities within us. From this understanding, the Christmas story takes on a whole new meaning, much richer and deeper, contributing to a powerful enlightening experience. As you move through the holidays, keeping this MetaSpirtual perspective in mind will help you “translate in your mind” and enjoy the true meaning of this season, while celebrating with more traditional family and friends. We hope you’ll like this abbreviated snapshot of a MetaSpiritual treatment of the Christmas story, covering several of the main characters, places, and animals:

nativitysilhouette-ca109121061-webChrist Child: The birth of the Cosmic Logos Pattern (the infant Divine Nature) in us.

Mary: Represents our pure, maternal, and superior intuition which is unequivocally open and receptive to Divine Ideas.

Joseph: Represents our dutiful and trusting intellect which is characterized by superior wisdom and understanding. The intellect finds it difficult to give birth to divine ideas; it can only protect them and nurture them through disciplined spiritual practice.

Swaddling Clothes: The confinement and limitations imposed by physicality.

Wise Men: The esoteric knowledge and superior spiritual insights that make us open and receptive to our Divine Nature.

Gold: Our ability to transform material consciousness into spiritual awareness so that our possessions do not possess us.

Frankincense: Affirmative prayer and meditation which lift us above worldly concerns.

Myrrh: Letting go of anything which is no longer needed for our higher good.

Star: The spark of precognition (universal knowing) within us that prompts our receptivity to our Divine Nature.

Shepherds: The humble, trustworthy, natural thoughts we have that watch over our good and obedient intentions (sheep).

 Animals (Donkey, Ox, Sheep, Lamb, Dove, etc.):
Nativity-animals-transparant-ca21368698 – donkey: humility, courage, persistence;
– ox: infusion of cosmic and spiritual forces;
– sheep: obedient intentions;
– lamb: purity, innocence, harmlessness;
– camel: strength, endurance, and perseverance;
– turtledove: fidelity, love;
– dove: purity, gentleness, and peace

Virgin Birth: Represents the undefiled and purified stillness of mind in us which gives birth to our awareness of the Cosmic Logos Pattern. (For an in-depth article about the Virgin Birth, including a history of virgin births and our MetaSpiritual interpretation, see our book entitled Ruffhousing With Religious Dogma.)

The Christmas story is our story. It’s the drama of the birth of our awakening to the Truth that we are the One Reality expressing Itself at the point of us. Metaphysically, it represents a transformation in consciousness. It’s a moment of enlightenment, an interior journey of the growing awareness of our unfolding Divine Nature.

You can order our entire 8-page “White-Light Paper” which includes this information PLUS:

  • Many more tips to handle the Top Four Holiday Stressors;
  • Information supporting when Jesus was most likely born, and why;
  • Some fun and inspiring quotes related to managing holiday stress;
  • More detailed MetaSpiritual interpretation of the Nativity event, covering more places, people, and things.


Affirming a Joyous and Extraordinary Christmas Season!


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