I Ching Coaching
A Unique Approach to Life Enrichment

What is an I Ching Reading?

The I Ching is an ancient Chinese Book of Wisdom. It is also called The Book of Changes, and is said by many to be the oldest book on the planet. The I Ching consists of 64 hexagrams, consisting of solid and broken lines, each offering a reading that can be interpreted in relationship to the issue you are addressing. The I Ching is not predictive -- nor is it "fortune telling." The I Ching uses your own deeper knowledge -- your Intuitive Wisdom -- to provide a Higher Level of understanding and guidance as you approach situations in life. We have found it to be incredibly accurate, insightful, and sometimes even humorous in the way its wisdom responds to our questions.

During an I Ching Coaching Session, you have the opportunity to create a specific question around your life issue. I work with you to design a question that will yield the most helpful response from the I Ching reading. Once your question is posed, you will throw three coins and we'll capture the way in which they land (head/tail combination). You will throw the coins six times, thereby creating your hexagram. Often you will also have changing lines, which provides additional information.

I will share the I Ching reading(s), then we work together to appropriately interpret what the reading is saying to you in relation to your situation. We will end the session with a specific action plan of what you will do next, as you move through the situation you are workng on.

Deep within you, your Intuitive Wisdom speaks, sharing YOUniversal™ guidance for every situation you experience. You need only be still and listen.

Cher Holton

Ready for your I Ching Life Coaching Session?

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Single Session

$95 - One Hour Session

Includes design of appropriate question; throwing of coins to create I Ching Hexagram(s); I Ching Reading and Interpretation; Coaching to apply the I Ching interpretation and create Action Plan


Advanced Package

$215 for Three 1-hour Sessions

Includes 3 separate sessions, within a 3-month period. These sessions can all focus on one issue, delving deeper into the wisdom, or focus on different issues. Each session includes design of appropriate question; throwing of coins to create I Ching Hexagram(s); I Ching Reading and Interpretation; Coaching to apply the I Ching interpretation and create Action Plan


Gold Standard Package

$850 for Unlimited Sessions in 3-Month Period

This package is for not for everyone! It is for the serious mentee who is ready to deep dive into the life issues that are standing between them and their Self Enlightenment! You have unlimited sessions (1-2 hours each) to ask follow-up questions and delve into the interpretations at a deeper level. You also have unlimited email access to Rev. Cher throughout the life of your package.


 About Rev. Cher

Few people are so uniquely qualified to combine the gifts of Spiritual Thought Leader, trainer, coach, and consultant into one dynamic bundle of wisdom and energy. Rev. Cher is an ordained Unity minister as well as a corporate Impact Consultant. She is one of only a handful of professionals worldwide who holds the earned designations of both the Certified Speaking Professional and Certified Management Consultant. Her ability to interpret the ancient wisdom of the I Ching, combined with her unique  coaching skills, allow her to zero in on your specific issues to help you master the art of living in "skin school" as you walk the spiritual path on practical, positive, prosperous feet!