7-Day Intentional Giving Challenge

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7-Day Giving Challenge: Intentional Giving
Make “GIVING” Your Focus for the Next 7 Days

GivingCons-DT1082838-greenFor the next seven days, be on the lookout for Intentional Giving: every single opportunity you have to give! Your giving experiences might include giving positive feedback to someone; offering a place in front of you in line; paying for someone’s meal; performing an act of kindness or service; giving up a parking space to someone; sharing your smile; baby or pet sitting for a neighbor or friend; giving an idea to someone; networking with someone new in your field; giving of your time … you get the idea. The list could go on and on!

Your goal is to do a minimum of one giving activity every waking hour.

JournalPenKeep your journal handy! Each day, record the ways you found to give, as well as how you felt during this Giving Experiment. Also capture any unexpected gifts you receive during this time, in any form (financial, material items, friendly calls or letters, unexpected hugs or offers to buy coffee or a meal, etc.)

At the end of seven days, use these questions to evaluate your experience:

  1. What ways did you find to give … and how did the focus on giving affect you?
  2. How difficult was it to come up with ways to give every waking hour?
  3. What changes did you notice in your own emotions as the week progressed?
  4. What types of gifts did you receive? How did this affect your giving?
  5. What lessons can you take away from this activity, in terms of the Receiving and Giving Cycle, and the power of a Giving Consciousness?
  6. How will this activity change your consciousness and behavior as you move forward?

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