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Intentional Synchronicity

fortunecookie-success-ca7363793-webWe love the word Synchronicity! It describes those moments in life when everything just seems to come together, you feel like a lucky coincidence occurred in your favor, and your stars are aligned in your behalf! Synchronicity is a term created by Swiss psychologist Carl Jung which describes the simultaneous appearance of two or more events that are connected in meaning, but do not have any discernible causal connection. 

In our opinion, there is no great puppeteer creating so-called coincidences to bring good fortune our way! In actuality, we are the ones who assign meaning to the events – and if we can begin to understand that our thoughts and beliefs affect our perception of events around us, we can actually create more synchronistic events in our lives.

So this week, set the intention of experiencing synchronicity! Here’s how:

  1. Each morning, affirm that today you will experience a positive synchronistic event that will enhance your spiritual growth and understanding.
  2. Pay attention throughout the day, to notice any synchronistic events that occur.
  3. At the end of each day, journal about any synchronicity you noticed, and the impact it had on you.

We predict you will begin experiencing many more of these amazing and wonderful events, as you set the intention to be consciously on the lookout for them. Let us know what happens!


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