Guest-to-Member Journey Map

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Brought to You by Revs. Drs. Bil & Cher Holton

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One of the chief reasons why most spiritual communities
don’t grow is that they don’t see themselves the way
their guests and members see them!

That may sound simplistic; however, church growth research unquestionably bears that out. The simple truth is that there’s a church growth process which specifically addresses this concern and guarantees sustained church growth. It’s called the Guest-to-Member Journey Mapping Process! Ministers and Boards need to understand and use this unique and innovative process!


What is the Guest-to-Member Journey Map ... 
and Why Did We Create It?

Imagine the “journey” a person takes from the moment they discover you, to trying you out, to becoming more involved in your spiritual community, to becoming an engaged and active member. The journey may even extend beyond, when they leave the area and stay loyal and supportive to you.

But what are they experiencing at every touchpoint along the journey—and how is it influencing their decisions to return, get involved, and donate to your success and growth? 


We’ve created a Guest-to-Member process to help you intentionally and creatively orchestrate the experience your guests have, to transform them into enthusiastic, participating members—as well as move your members from silent observers to active volunteers and supporters.

You can get our Tip Sheet to Maximize the Member/Guest Experience by scrolling to the bottom of this page!

The rising importance of our Guest-to-Member Journey Mapping for church communities is an outgrowth of the customer journey mapping in business and industry— and as Unity ministers with a corporate background, we’re quite familiar with the journey mapping process, and immediately recognized its value to church growth. Our love for helping Unity Churches and Centers grow is the impetus for our having developed an extraordinary Guest-to-Member Journey Mapping process especially designed for spiritual communities.

What Happens During the Guest-to-Member Journey Map Retreat?

A Guest-to-Member Journey Map Retreat is a team experience for your Board and leadership, introducing an overview of every experience members and guests have with your spiritual community. It tells the story of guests’ and members’ over-all experience with your Center, from their initial discovery of who and what you are, to their continuing experience with your community, to their long term relationship  with you … with an emphasis on how you want people to FEEL at each of these touchpoints, then identifying specific actions that will make that happen.

As a result of this exciting, power-packed Full-Day Retreat, your leaders will be able to:

  • Understand and effectively use the Guest-to-Member Journey Map as an on-going tool to ensure church growth;
  • Identify and evaluate Milestones and Touchpoints, creating powerful action plans for positive change, using our 14 Key Actions Worksheet and 36 Super Growth Strategies;
  • Reframe the experiences of guests and members, to ensure relevancy, value, and growth;
  • Engage people at every touchpoint along the journey, to maximize the emotional commitment of guests and members.

There’s a ton of research out there on why the Journey Mapping process is an excellent tool for getting noticed, building enduring community relationships, and maximizing the guest-to-member journey. It’s a church growth strategy that’ll not only ensure your sustained growth, but your long term thrive-ability! We guarantee it because we’ve seen it work again and again in church communities. We’ll work with your Board and service leaders all day Saturday (9 am-4:30 pm) and then offer our continued support via email, text, Zoom, and phone calls. We’d also be delighted to deliver the Sunday Truth talk and a Sunday afternoon Spiritual Café during the same Journey Mapping weekend.

We also specialize in helping Unity spiritual communities with:

  • Vision and Mission Training/Tweaking/Redefining
  • Team Relationship Development for Boards and Leaders
  • Developing and Celebrating a Culture of Volunteerism 
  • Mastering the Art of Living by Walking the Spiritual Path on Practical Feet (A Spiritual 1-Day Retreat for Congregants)

Our deep interest is helping your Spiritual Center—and the Unity movement as a whole—continue to grow as worldwide catalysts for spiritual transformation.

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