Know NO

Know NO! A Powerful Spiritual Practice

Know-No-300x260This spiritual practice is designed to help you create and use powerful denial statements.


Here's How:

Look at the following word and say it out loud:

               N O

Say it several times. This reminds you that you do know how to say "No!"

Now look at the following word and say it out loud:

                   K N O W

Notice they sound the same!


The key here is to KNOW when it is important for you to say NO to negative beliefs, unhealthy behaviors, destructive habits or attitudes, health challenges, or anything that is not in alignment with the Truth of who you really are.


Once you KNOW you need to say NO, create an appropriate denial statement.

A powerful denial statement:

- is very short.

- has appropriate directionality -- meaning that you are denying power to it, rather than stating that it has no power over you.


I give no power to this illusion of illness.

I give no energy to the appearance of lack.

I say NO to negative thoughts.