Literary Coaching


Mentoring & Coaching Authors


Sometimes you want to do it yourself! We get that -- and we want to help you navigate through the sometimes choppy waters of the writing and publishing worlds! Let our experience save you precious hours (maybe even years) of frustration -- and lots of money! We offer three different ways for you to take advantage of our expertise, pick our brains, and make your life easier!

Coaching On Demand

When you need help, we are there! Our 'Coaching On Demand' is results-oriented, and is designed to address specific issues at the moment you experience them. We are available for 15, 30, and 60-minute sessions.

Targeted Packages

We provide packages focused on specific areas that target your specific need. Target areas include: Writing your book; designing your cover; creating the interior design; the nuances of getting published. Each area is designed to guide you through the process, while you do the manual labor!

Concierge Coaching

This exclusive mentoring program represents a total partnering process, from the moment you begin your writing project through to the end. For one price, you have access to us whenever you need us, to respond to any questions about this exciting journey you are taking! From helping you stay on track with your writing, to selecting your visual theme, to creating your finished project ... and even marketing guidance so your project can bring you the profits you deserve ... we are with you! This is truly publishing on YOUR terms!

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