Love Potion 3:16 — A MetaSpiritual Interpretation of John 3:16

Love Potion 3:16 — A MetaSpiritual Interpretation of John 3:16


Love-Potion3-16-transparent-choltonFebruary seems to be a month that focuses on love, so we thought a special blog article about love would be perfect! But we want to emphasize a special kind of love: loving yourself! We are totally convinced that it is a whole lot easier to love other people than it is to love ourselves! Ever notice how often we just cut ourselves down, find every little thing wrong, and never give ourselves credit for who we are? Even when someone compliments us, what is the usual tendency? For example, someone says: What a great looking sweater! We reply: Oh, this old thing? You’ve got to be kidding! I was thinking of giving it to Good Will! Talk about a slap in the face of the person giving the compliment!

If we could even begin to grasp the incredible Truth of who we really are, there would be no way we could ever put ourselves down again! Our job — our challenge — our ADVENTURE — as Truth students and Truth practitioners, is to look beyond the outer appearance . . . to really look deep into the depths of the Truth of who we are, and claim our Divinity. Because if we aren’t loving who we are, it’s really tough to be sending love out to others.

Do you remember the song Love Potion #9? (We are probably dating ourselves, but take a listen and we bet you’ll remember hearing it somewhere! It was written by Jerry Leiber and Mike Stoller and first sung by the Clovers. It was also sung by the Beatles and the Searchers — our favorite version!) We’ve decided to use it conceptually to guide us through this blog post — but we have changed the name to Love Potion 3:16 — based on the well-known and oft misunderstood scripture verse John 3:16. This portion of scripture is the most quoted passage of the Bible. No other scripture comes close. You even see people holding up signs referencing it at televised ball games! We have a new and different perspective of what this verse REALLY means — from a MetaSpiritual perspective!

John 3:16 says, in its most popular literal translation:

“For God so loved the world, that He gave His only Begotten Son, that whosoever believeth in Him should not perish,
but have eternal life.”

We believe this is the most quoted scripture because it connects with us at the core of our being. It connects with us at such a depth that we intuitively, automatically, instinctively sense its immense importance – even if we’re not aware of its full meaning. Here’s our MetaSpiritual interpretation:

The Omnipresent Universal Reality expresses Itself as humankind (the world) through Its Cosmic Logos Nature (the Only Begotten) within us, and whosoever comes into that transcendental awareness (believeth) will move beyond the illusion of separation and duality (shall not perish) and remain eternally one with their Self-Realized YOUniversal Nature (grasp their Divine Genealogy).
(Love Potion 3:16)

Love Potion 3:16 reminds us how important it is to come into that awareness of ourselves as Divine, as worthy — to move beyond the illusion of separation, and stay connected with our Divine Nature! So how do we do that?

A Spiritual Practice for Love Potion 3:16 — Love Yourself Enough To …:

#1: Love yourself enough to set Personal Boundaries

SetPersonalBoundariesSo often we allow everyone else’s needs, demands, and schedules to take priority over what we need and want for ourselves. And we end up feeling frustrated, resentful, and exhausted … which is NOT the way we are meant to feel!

Even Jesus set those boundaries for Himself: He would go apart at specific times, when He knew He needed to rejuvenate Himself — and He made no excuses for it! He claimed the time He needed for Himself. We, too, need to set Personal Boundaries for ourselves — boundaries that honor our inner peace, our gifts, our health. Setting your personal boundaries will connect you with the inner core of who you really are, and allow your light to really shine!

#2: Love yourself enough to conduct Positive Pep Rallies

We must become aware of how we are talking to ourselves! Do you realize how often you are repeating negative, self-deprecating things to yourself? And what we say gets embedded in our consciousness, and even into our subconscious.

For example, when we came up with the idea of a blog based on a take off of Love Potion #9, Cher immediately — without even thinking about it — sang the entire song, and got every word perfect! And we are pretty sure we haven’t sung that song for 20 years! Just proves that what we say a lot sticks! So we want to become very aware of what we are saying about ourselves.

We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again: when we talk negatively about ourselves, it actually is blasphemy! Because we are Divine — we are God expressing — so when we call ourselves stupid, we are calling God, Divine Essence, Source stupid! So let’s get a grip and get it right!

Here’s a great spiritual adventure ~ conduct personal pep rallies! Each morning, pick some attribute about yourself, and create a positive affirmation around it. (I am expressing my inner beauty to the world. I am filled with enthusiasm and energy to do all that is mine to do. I am calm and patient with everyone I meet. I am incredibly healthy. I love and accept my body completely!)This is particularly powerful if you take something you normally criticize yourself about. Then, throughout the day, have a Personal Pep rally where you repeat that affirmation over and over, with enthusiasm and intensity! You are honoring the Truth of who you are, and you will actually see a difference in how you experience this amazing thing called life!

#3: Love yourself enough to create your own Portable Self Care Kit

SelfCareKitThis can really be fun! What we are encouraging you to do is pack up your own little kit of self care, so you can always be present to and mindful of the Truth of who you are. This kit can vary, depending on who you are and where you are going. For example, Cher likes to carry a special 12-Powers stone in her jacket pocket. When she sticks her hands in her pocket and feels that stone, it is a warm and gentle reminder of her 12 Powers — and she affirms that all her Powers are quickened in that moment. Another example: we have a friend who loads up his iPod with meditation music and inspiring podcasts to listen to as he commutes to work. You can include affirmation cards, special pictures, a small aroma-therapy bottle; it could be special apps on your smartphone (i.e., a bell tone every hour to remind you to breathe, a meditation app; upbeat positive music, etc.)

Think about what you could carry around with you (without feeling burdened) that serves as a constant reminder of how special and worthy you are.

BONUS TIP: Love yourself enough to schedule Permanent Trips to Headquarters ~ to renew your spirit and reconnect with your Oneness.

LovePotion3-16-NewWordsFor Fun:

Here’s our rewrite of Love Potion #9, written from a MetaSpiritual perspective. You can sing it to the tune of Love Potion #9.

Love Potion 3:16

I made a list of all that’s wrong with me —
That list was longer than the eye could see —
But when my time at Headquarters convened
I got a little lesson in …
Love Potion 3:16.

I tried to justify my lack of faith
And why my self talk seemed to cause such ache –
But then in the Silence something intervened
And said, “What you need is …
Love Potion 3:16.”

From deep down within me I sensed a rush of light
I knew in that moment that everything was right.
I had no separation, felt incredible ease
I took a breath, I closed my eyes, I drank in peace!

I didn’t know if it was day or night —
I just felt love for everything in sight —
I’ve never been the same and it’s very plain to see
The Truth of who I am is …
Love Potion 3:16!

So this week, take a healthy dose of Love Potion #316 and remind yourself that You Are Worthy, as you walk the spiritual path on practical feet.


© Bil & Cher Holton

Lyrics credit:
Original lyrics Love Potion #9: Jerry Leiber & Mike Stoller
Revised lyrics: Cher Holton
Photo Credits (used with permission):
© (1 & 2)
© cherholton and


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