How to Move From Mass Confusion to MASK-Unfusion!


NOTE: We originally published this blog article in 2016. We have tweaked the language a bit to reflect our current belief system, and share it again, as a Halloween Reminder to Be Extraordinary!!

With Halloween approaching, we felt this was a great time to focus on masks! This is the season when we intentionally wear a mask for parties and fun … and that’s great. But we find it interesting that people often wear masks all year long without realizing the implications behind them. For example, we hide behind masks of fear, guilt, unworthiness, anger, jealousy, worry, envy, revenge, greed, hatred, anxiety, pride, and suffering.

These are the masks we wear to give our power away. They are the masks we wear when we allow ourselves to be fooled by outer appearances. They are the masks we wear when we accept lack and limitation. They are the masks we wear because we think we deserve to suffer.

They are masks that literally put us in a state of mass confusion. It’s time we take these masks off. If you are wearing a mask of fear, or guilt, or unworthiness, or anger, or jealousy, or worry, or envy, or revenge, or greed, or hatred, or unforgiveness, or anxiety, or pride, or any other kind of self-diminishing mask – we invite you to follow our lead and take your mask off.

Masks come in layers. So peel them off, one-by-one. Give each mask a name as you peel it off: Fear. Envy. Guilt. Unworthiness. Anger. Worry. Regret. Belief in illness. Belief in lack. Belief in the scarcity of money. Belief in the need for hunger, war, violence.

In Matthew 5:14 Jesus said, “You are the light of the world.” But we have covered that light with mass confusion. So let’s transform mass confusion into mask-unfusion.

Here is the secret behind turning Mass Confusion into MASK – Unfusion … the secret to get to the Truth of who you are … and it is an acronym for the word MASK:





Just think about that statement. We realize it sounds so simplistic — and yet, it really is the answer to eliminating all the confusion in your life.

Here’s How the MASK Acronym Works

mirror-face_-264x300The first thing we need to do is recognize our masks, because you can’t do anything about them until you know they are there. Our masks can be sneaky, kind of subtle and insidious. Sometimes our masks wear masks! For example, a mask of Lack Consciousness can wear a mask of being conservative and economical with our money. Now there is absolutely nothing wrong with being conservative and economical — unless it is grounded in a fear of not having enough.

Practical example: In researching a team building activity we use called Desert Survival, we discovered that there have been people lost in the desert who died of dehydration, and still had water in their canteens! The deduction was that they feared running out of water, so they avoided drinking it, then dehydration set in and the effects left them incapable of making wise choices. They had allowed the mask of fear to overtake them!

This is why we want to always check ourselves out, to be sure we aren’t wearing any unhealthy masks. You know when you have one on, because it is extremely uncomfortable. If you are feeling out of sync, unhappy, frustrated, scared, angry, or any feeling that is not the feeling of at-one-ment with your Divine nature, then it’s time to evaluate what mask you’re wearing.

why-me-spiritualOnce you recognize your mask, it’s time to apply the MASK acronym. Take, for example, the mask of martyrdom — being a victim — the ‘why me?” mask.  You all know this one! It’s when we take on the world, and then want to complain about it — or when we believe everything that’s wrong with our lives is someone else’s fault! Our self talk is something like this: “Why me? Why am I the one who always ends up doing this? Why do I always have to be the one to say I’m sorry? How come I never get to relax? When will someone listen to me for a change?”

Practical example: Not long ago, I gave a keynote to a wonderful group of professional women, around the topic of Living at the Speed of Life. One of the things I shared was the need to Rejuvenate — take those moments of time for yourself! After the program, one of the women shared with me that when her mother was in the hospital, dying, one of the last things she said was, “I wish I hadn’t always worried so much about how clean the house was.” The woman shared with me that at that moment, she felt a huge burden lift from her shoulders, as she let go of the need she had always felt to have everything spotless (just like Mom), at the expense of her own personal time, and her family’s sanity. She gave up being a victim!

When you feel that mask of victim beginning to form itself over you, use the MASK acronym: Meditate And Simply Know … that you are in control of your choices, and you can choose to experience joy in everything you do.


How about the mask of fear ? Whenever you are experiencing fear — whether it is fear of meeting a deadline, fear of tackling a new project, fear of lack, fear of illness, fear of looking ridiculous, fear of failing, fear of succeeding — whenever fear is paralyzing you from moving forward, all you have to do — in that moment — is use the MASK acronym: Meditate And Simply Know … that your Consciousness is greater than any fear you may encounter.


How about the mask of unworthiness? You recognize it by the way you treat yourself. You don’t believe you deserve to have more; you are critical of yourself; you negate any compliments you receive; you hold onto jealousies, guilt, and grudges;  You make excuses if something good does happen to you (Oh, I was just really lucky!) And you talk yourself out of anything that could bring you joy, prosperity, or good. If you’re not careful, this one can really consume you ~ so as soon as you feel that mask of unworthiness beginning to form itself over you, use the MASK acronym: Meditate And Simply Know … that you are the Omnipresent Universal Consciousness expressing as you— and you are worthy.

The Bottom Line:

Halloween is a great time for masks and fun — and there are some situations we find ourselves in where protective masks are very important for our physical well-being. But the Truth is, our Spiritual Beings need no masks! The free-er we are of those human masks, the greater our lights can shine in this world … and the more we can use the Spiritual Laws to experience the abundant life we have been promised!

Whenever you feel a Mask forming — whenever you feel out of sync with the flow of Divine Abundance — whenever you feel you are somehow living in the illusion of separation from the Truth of who you really are … in that moment, stop! Apply the MASK acronym:

Just Meditate (that means take the time to go to Headquarters, relax and breathe into your Oneness with Spirit) … Meditate And Simply Know

  • know that you are in charge of your choices;
  • know that your consciousness is greater than any fear you may encounter;
  • know that you are the Omnipresent Universal Consciousness expressing at the point of you — and you are worthy!

Meditate and Simply Know … & let your light shine, as you walk the spiritual path on practical feet.


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