Meditation as a Spiritual Practice

globcntr-roundlogo-copyIn our opinion, Meditation is the most important spiritual practice you can cultivate! In fact, we feel so strongly about this that we say:


Meditation is Medication!


People who know us have heard us say that a gazillion times. We use that phrase because meditation really is medication. It’s not just a play on words.

It speaks to the very nature of meditation, because when we meditate we raise our awareness to a super-conscious level, to a state of wholeness and completion, to a place which is medicinal.

Meditation is an exercise in spiritual healing. Through meditation we raise our vibration to our Christness. When our attention is focused on the ‘still point,’ we become consciously one with our Christ Self, our SuperSelf, the Extraordinary Self Within. It is that conscious oneness which facilitates healing in our body, mind, and soul.

Meditation is the best nutritional tool we can use to improve our health and well being. Is meditation really medication? Well, yeah! And we’re not the only ones who think so.

In his book, The Yoga of Nutrition, Omraam Mikhäel Aïvanhov, wrote:  “Prayer, meditation, and ecstasy are all forms of nutrition. They are the best and most sublime forms because they give us a taste of celestial food, of ambrosia.”

When we meditate,” says Unity minister, Frances Foulks in  Effectual Prayer,the potentialities and powers of the I AM begin to open to us. …We are lifted up to behold our Christ Self … our thoughts become so powerful that all sickness, poverty, and inharmony are swept away.”

Joel Goldsmith, in his book The World Is Now, agrees,  “All healing is accomplished entirely through the Silence.”

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Some of the Many Benefits of Meditation

Physical Benefits:

  • People who meditate regularly need half as much medical care, experience 87% less heart disease and nervous disorders, and have 55% fewer cancers.
  • During meditation, brain waves are slower, calmer, and more regular, allowing physiological processes to normalize so the body has optimum function.
  • In a relaxed meditative state, the immune system is strengthened.
  • Relief from high blood pressure and high cholesterol is often experienced, as well as reversal of the hardening of the arteries.
  • The deep relaxation of meditation promotes healing of minor infections, improves the repair of damaged tissues, and decreases pain.
  • Heart and respiration rates drop, while circulation increases in even the smallest blood vessels.
  • People who meditate regularly are physiologically younger than their chronological age, and this is often reflected in a younger-looking appearance.

Psychological and Mental Indications:

  • Meditation fosters greater mental focus, creativity, and productivity.
  • Regular meditation decreases the symptoms of anxiety, depression,  lethargy, irritability, and hostility.
  • Meditation helps alleviate symptoms of addictions, eating disorders, and sexual dysfunction, as well as many other maladies.
  • Many people who meditate experience improved memory.
  • Many regular meditators find they sleep better and/or need less sleep.
  • Self-esteem and attitudes about life improve significantly.

Spiritual Experience:

  • Meditation allows greater universal spiritual awareness and oneness with all creation.
  • Meditation produces an increased sense of peace.
  • Meditation allows for soul healing, or remembering that you are a spiritual being.
  • As negative emotions and false beliefs are released, compassion increases.
  • People who meditate experience enhanced guidance.
  • Meditators experience an expanded connection with their Higher Power.
  • Perhaps the most expedient form of spiritual growth is meditation.