A Metaphysical Interpretation of John 7:40-44

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We have great reverence and respect for the Bible as a spiritual work. As the story of humankind’s evolving spiritual consciousness it deserves to be studied with an open mind and willing heart. The Bible takes us from creation to Adam to Jesus and from unenlightened human to enlightened spiritual being. Viewed this way, the Bible is an epic quest. It is truly a thoughtful account of the evolution of our evolving Christ Consciousness.

It is a journey we all must take, and scriptures tell us how to do it. It is an inner journey, a journey which demands that we go beyond the literal to the MetaSpiritual (metaphysical), the allegorical, the metaphorical, if we are to understand its deeper wisdom and relevance to us today.

The difficulties, contradictions, and discrepancies which have proven so perplexing to tens of millions of people who have only read and studied literal translations of the Bible are dissolved from a metaphysical perspective.

For those willing to look past its literal meaning, the Bible is rich in timeless, hidden wisdom. The universality of a metaphysical interpretation takes the Bible beyond a mere churchianity perspective. It moves it past the exclusiveness of religion to the inclusiveness of spirituality.

Care has, however, been taken neither to over stress its esoteric or metaphorical significance, nor to read into a passage more than is inherent within its intended purpose. Our hope is that you will be deepened by the connection between the literal translations and their metaphysical counterparts. Our sense is, if you give yourself permission, you will feel the tug of Spirit as you open your mind and heart to the hidden truths contained in this familiar scriptural passage.


John 7:40-44
(Lamsa Bible from the Aramaic of the Peshitta)

40. Many of the people who heard his words were saying, “This man is truly a prophet.”

41. Others were saying , “He is the Christ.” But others said, “Is it possible that Christ should come from Galilee?”

 42. Does not the scripture say that Christ will come from the seed of David and from Bethlehem, the town of David?

 43. So people were divided because of him.

 44. And there were some men among them who wanted to seize him; but no man laid hands on him.

John 7:40-44
(New Metaphysical Version) 

  1. As we become more spiritual than religious some of our thoughts [crowd] may be the result of clairvoyance [prophetic]. We sense there is more to us than mere flesh and blood.
  2. However, we may have other more embedded egocentric thoughts which spring from our subconscious [Galilee] that question our worthiness and capacity to manifest our Christ Nature [our Messianic inheritance].
  3. As we attempt to sort out our divine heritage [scriptural proof], especially our Messiahship, we realize that, at our core essence, we have been anointed with the Allness [our Davidic quality] of the Eternal Presence (God, the One Reality, Pure Beingness) indivisibilized as us. Our descent into human form is fused with divine energies which come from the unlimited and perpetually expansive* Field of Infinite Potential [Bethlehem] of God Essence.
  4. Until we fully embrace this truth about ourselves we will remain ambivalent about our true nature [there was division in the crowd].
  5. Due to this ambivalence we may be tempted to restrain [arrest] our thinking in terms of our Christ connection, choosing instead to doubt our divine genogram [no one laid hands on him].

*This process is what quantum physicists call cosmic inflation.


Now it’s time to make this practical! Here’s how this Spiritual Practice works:

  • Read the verses above once again.
  • Does the metaphysical version resonate with you? If not, your first step is to create your own interpretation.
  • Identify what embedded theology or self-negating thoughts and beliefs you may have that are blocking your ability to truly experience your fullest Divine Nature.
  • Use an affirmation such as “I am worthy. I am Divine. I claim this Truth of who I am at the deepest level.” Repeat this several times throughout the day, using it as a personal mantra.
  • Be aware of any changes you experience in your beliefs, your thinking, your intuitive nature, and your actions.

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