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Meet our co-hosts, who are all 21st Century Metaphysicians, ordained Unity ministers, and prolific authors:

Rev. Dr. Paul Hasselbeck, metaphysician, speaker, author, and spiritual coach. Rev. Paul is the former Dean of Spiritual Education and Enrichment at Unity World Headquarters, Unity Village, MO.  Visit Rev. Paul at, where he shares the Absolute Word and more.

Rev. Dr. Bil Holton and Rev. Dr. Cher Holton, spiritual mentors, authors, speakers, corporate consultants, and co-owners of The Global Center for Spiritual Awakening, an on-line MetaSpiritual community for those who are more spiritual than religious, a well as Holton Consulting Group, Inc., an Impact Consulting firm focusing on Extraordinary Leadership, Extraordinary Moments, located in Durham, NC.

This is a place where you can leave comments or pose questions to us. We also encourage you to give us ideas of topics you would like us to discuss on the show!

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Pentatonix singing Imagine: An incredible rendition by this acapella group, that takes John Lennon’s beautiful song to a whole new level of interpretation! Enjoy!

Your Best Self DiaryThis is a great spiritual practice to help you enhance your well-being, enrich yourself spiritually, and build a sense of internal locus of control over your life!

Believe? Know? So What?: Use this chart to begin to identify what you REALLY believe … and how these beliefs impact your life on a daily basis.

Listen to Rupert Sheldrake’s Ted Talk on Youtube: The Science Delusion –– and ask yourself what “Unquestioned Answers” you have believed in that are not really true. 

Here is a link to Lothar Schafer discussing the issue of what Quantum Physics reveals about how we should live our lives. We are discussing his book, Infinite Potential, on our show.

What If I’m the New Jerusalem? Spend time reflecting on this question. If you were the New Jerusalem, how would you think, feel, and act, to be congruent with that that means?

Spiritual Truth-Seekers Bill of Rights, Parts 1& 2 
    Reflect on these two questions:
    • What are the necessary conditions for your spiritual progress?
    • What are your favorite spiritual practices — and why?

            • Now, write your own Truth-Seekers Bill of rights to reflect your current spirituality.

Mindfulness Over Matter: A discussion with our Think Tank (Rev. Linda Martella-Whitsett and Rev. Ron Fritts joined the three of us!) 
Link to the video we discussed:

Biocentrism—Listen to Robert Lanza’s YouTube presentation along with our discussion on the show. Then consider this Metaphysical Adventure: Perception versus Reality. Throughout the day, as you experience feelings, actions, outer stimuli, ask yourself the question “Is this true?” Then follow up with another question: “What else might be true about this?” And finally, “How am I influencing the perception of reality I am experiencing—and how can I change it?”

My Definition of God: Listen to the YouTube interview by Tom Chi (Link below), then create your own way to complete this sentence: God is . . .; then explain why this definition works for you!
Interview between Mind Valley CEO and Tom Chi: Does God Exist?

Why Aren’t My Affirmations Working? A worksheet designed to help you understand why it amy appear your affirmations are ineffective.

Model of the Absolute and Relative Realms This model provides a visual description of the concepts Absolute and Relative, and helps you to define what is included in each. (Be sure to listen to the first show in our archives to hear Paul, Bil, and Cher discuss this model in detail.)

Holy Cow! Technique  This “Metaphysical Adventure” is a great technique to use when you find yourself in one of those “Holy Cow!” moments in life.

What Am I Thinking? The Three Rs: A “Metaphysical Adventure” to help you move out of a situation where you are feeling upset, frustrated, or any other negative emotion. This technique gives you back a sense of control, and helps you manage the relative realm with power and grace.

Rewind Technique: A “Metaphysical Adventure” designed to help you recognize the connection between the Absolute and the Relative realms, see them in action in your daily life, and validate your point of power in manifesting the results you want.

Relative Listening—Absolute Truth: A great “Metaphysical Adventure” that will help you recognize the difference between statements that are relative and those which are Absolute. But that’s not all. This activity helps you reframe what you hear, to ensure you are standing in Truth and acting from your spiritual foundational beliefs.

Notice This: This “Metaphysical Adventure” helps you become consciously aware of what is relative and what is Absolute in your daily activities … and recognize the implications.

Living in the Dramatic Pause: A “Metaphysical Adventure” to help you take advantage of the realm of Infinite Possibility.

Innie or Outie? A powerful “Metaphysical Adventure” designed to empower you to use your Internal (Innie) versus your External (Outie) Locus of Control.

Summary of Research related to Internal (Innie) and External (Outie) Locus Of Control  This is a PDF file.

Commit Yourself! This “Metaphysical Adventure” invites you to reflect on what you’ve been practicing and hearing during our shows, and begin making spiritual practice a part of your daily routine.

I Am, Therefore I ….   This is a great Spiritual Practice that can help you know yourself at the deepest level. We recognize our point of power when we realize we are never stuck with who we think we are — or how other people think we are! Use this fun activity on a regular basis, and claim  your power!

Meditation Rumination: A Spiritual Practice designed to help you get more out of your meditation experience, and identify which meditation techniques work best for you.

Preparing for the Silence: This Metaphysical Adventure helps you move from meditation into the Silence.

Affirmative Prayer Process:Download the 5-step Affirmative Prayer Process here. (For additional information, see Chapter 8 of Heart-Centered Metaphysics and Chapter 8 of Applying Heart-Centered Metaphysics.)

Prayer Practice and Awareness: TO or FROM: This activity reinforces the 5-step Affirmative Prayer Process, and helps you transform your prayer practice by changing your prayer languaging.

Partner Up: A great activity to help you feel more comfortable praying with others, and gaining practice with the 5-Step Affirmative Prayer Process.

God is …; I am …: This Metaphysical Adventure gives you practice in understanding the concept of God as Principle, and using God/Principle in your daily life.

Spiritual V-8 Moment: This Metaphysical Adventure is designed to help you challenge your thinking and identify your teachable moments.

12 Powers Models: This is a PDF containing the two models we have created around the 12 Powers.

Looking Back on Creation: A Metaphysical Adventure that helps you understand the Spiritual Universe and the Physical Universe, and how you can use Divine Ideas to create the world you desire.

Personal Paradox/Divine Paradox: In Metaphysics, we talk about the Divine Paradoxes, such as God is Principle/God is personal; God is Immanent/God is Transcendent; God is Law/God is Grace. These seemingly paradoxical descriptions are sometimes difficult to wrap our heads around, so this spiritual practice is designed to help you understand and experience them with greater clarity.

Conscious Creation: This Metaphysical Adventure helps you understand the power of the Metaphysical Trinity: Mind – Idea – Expression.

A Bereitschafts Moment This is a link to our blog article about the Bereitschafts Moment we referred to on the show. It is also called Bereitschafts Potential, and is the narrow neural time line between deciding to act and actually acting, In neurology, the Bereitschafts Potential (German for readiness potential), is a measure of activity in the motor cortex area of the brain indicating voluntary muscle movement.

Note from show: The 21st Century Trinity is Metaphysics – Quantum Physics – Neuroscience.

Life’s Hidden Picture Game: Using the metaphor of a 3-D stereogram picture, this metaphysical adventure helps you see past the confusion, emotions, and negativity of the world of appearance. It also includes a link to a site containing a lot of 3-D stereogram pictures you can have fun with!

Choice Point: Choose JOY! This metaphysical adventure strengthens your awareness of experiencing heaven as a state of consciousness, and reminds you of the power of your choice in every situation.

Spiritual Practice: How Am I Showing Up? This is a great practice to help you strengthen your awareness of the power you have over your actions, and to assess the best ways to respond to situations from your highest and best self.

Fear Not! How to Avoid the “Trinity of Control” This is a metaphysical adventure that includes research about the “Trinity of Control” and a technique for avoiding it through your spiritual practice.

What Am I Doing? This is a great spiritual practice to help you be consciously aware of your threefold nature: body, mind, and Spirit.

Going Deeper: This spiritual practice helps you recognize beliefs you may be holding in your sub-conscious that are limiting your spiritual growth and enrichment. 

Conscious Consciousness: This activity helps you become familiar with your four functions of Consciousness, and recognize your dominant preference.

20-20 Foresight: A great spiritual practice for helping you master your ability to handle seemingly difficult situations with ease, grace, and success, using information about the Four Functions of Consciousness (Thinking, Feeling, Sensing, or Intuiting).

Links to NPR programs we discussed on the show:

Treating Trauma with Yoga

This American Life

The Secret History of Thoughts

You Have the Power: This practice is designed to reinforce your power over thoughts and feelings, allowing you to make the conscious decision to override your negative, self-defeating thoughts and feelings into power-charged, affirming thoughts and feelings.

Take the Fillmore Challenge: Using a quote by Unity’s co-founder, Myrtle Fillmore, this practice requires you to rethink how you speak — because your words reflect your thoughts — and your thoughts create your reality. 

Know No! A spiritual practice designed to help you recognize the need for using denials, and creating powerful denial statements.

Glamour Grammar: This spiritual practice uses the alphabet as a tool to help you get in the habit of creating powerful personal affirmations.

Divine Multiburst: An adventure designed to help you focus on the power of Divine Order as it relates to your creation abilities, recognizing the power you bring to the process of Mind — Idea — Expression.

Power Up Your Awareness: Using the 12 Powers as a Spiritual Practice: This spiritual adventure strengthens your understanding and awareness of the Twelve Powers, and how you use them to live at your highest level of Consciousness.

12 Powers Sliding Scale: Designed to help you evaluate how effectively you are “showing up” in terms of using your 12 Powers in your daily life.

Power Up Your Beliefs Worksheet: Used to determine how we may unconsciously use the 12 Powers ineffectively to fuel beliefs that give rise to negative self-talk … and how to disempower those beliefs and change them.

Invisibilia NPR Link: Link to NPR series about Entanglement that we discussed on the show.

Reverse Engineering: Designed to  strengthen your awareness of the power of a Divine Idea in the Field of Infinite Potential to transform into manifested good.

Creation Playsheet: Have some fun putting the Creation Process into action, matching the seven days of creation with the Metaphysical steps, using our special worksheet.

From Stumbling Blocks to Stepping Stones, Parts 1 & 2: A powerful metaphysical adventure to help you identify stumbling blocks and move beyond hem for greater spiritual enrichment.

My Perfect Body Poster: A creative spiritual practice that lets you design a poster which captures the essence of Wholeness and Health for you.

Prayer Awareness Check: To or From?  A process to practice with the 5-Step Affirmative Prayer process, and check the direction of your prayers.



178 thoughts on “Metaphysical Romp Radio Show

  1. To the three RD’s. I want to express my most sincere gratitude and thanks for your show. Your progressive cosmic/universal thought is constantly challenging my old beliefs. De you in a couple of weeks.

    1. Thanks, Richard! We really appreciate your positive comments — and we are looking forward to seeing you at the retreat!
      Safe travels!
      Cher, Bil, & Paul

  2. To the three hosts:
    Great, interesting and informational broadcast today.
    Thanks Rev Bil for your relanguaging of “across the aisle” to “not bi-artisan” to “bye-partisan”.
    A question about involution/evolution on the quantum level.
    Waves can become particles; particles can become waves.
    Which would be involution; which would be evolution? Or would the changes be neither?
    Eldon Patterson

    1. This is Bil! Hi, Eldon! Good hearing from you again, and it’s a joy fielding your questions. Here’s my take on a quantum perspective on involution and evolution. Involuting is waves becoming particles, and once they are collapsed into particles, eventually particles evolute back into their nonempirical state. The whole wavicle theory is quite interesting because by its very nature, it extinguishes the separation between particles and waves. Both p’s and w’s are simply different expressions of the same Universal Principle we call God by many names — in my humble opinion!
      Thanks for your question — and your positive feedback and support.

      1. NOV. 29: Rev. Bil-
        Your clarification on today,s broadcast explanating involution/evolution and waves/particles is sincerely appreciated.
        Regards, Eldon

  3. RE: Sept. 20th Broadcast “…spanda denotes subtle vibrations, waves , or throbs of the universe.” [Lothar, bottom of pages 118 and 119, Infinite Potential hardcover, 2013]
    “The world of Kashmir Shaivism is non-dualistic. All things and phenomena are united in the cosmic consciousness or its waves, in which the manifested world is created. ‘The Ultimate’. Muller-Ortega explains, ‘is spanda’ it vibrates, it expands and contracts; it manifests and reabsorbs.’ And in quantum physics, material particles constantly come out of the realm of potentiality waves and dissolve again in it: They expand and contract, they manifest and reabsorb.”
    I married my “heart throb” ln June of 1956. As (in Unity) the heart (area) denotes the power of love/attraction/prosperity, I realize this is where nutrients are sent to the cells and toxins are returned for cleansing. This process is my metaphor for healthy relationships. Partners provide nurturing and when toxins are in the relationship, the love center must process them until an attitude of nurturing can return the body’s system to a balanced state. A physician takes your pulse to monitor the established range that indicates good health. The world’s “collective consciousness” needs to pause and check its pulse, then take action to return the system to a balanced state.

  4. Bill, Cher and Paul:

    As always I have really been enjoying your show especially with the Infinite Potential book and the verity consciousness discussion intermingled with it. A suggestion for next April’s Exploding Dogma/ Exploring Divinity 2.0 – have Bill and or another facilitator have a section on Science and Metaphysical discussion. Bring in the new Quantum Physics with metaphysics. Obviously it would have to be a condensed version, but I feel it is part of the advanced metaphysical thought – verity consciousness. All three of you are great and your show has expanded my consciousness immensely. Blessings

  5. Revs./Drs. Paul, Bil, and Cher:
    Congratulations on the renewed emphasis on Premises, Principles, Immutable Laws, and Rules.
    I recalled a discussion earlier of Lothar’s statement “Consider Pythagoras, the sixth-century BCE Greek who surprised the world by declaring that things aren’t made up of any stuff but all things are numbers” [IP p.21, par. 2]
    Lothar expands/explains his comment later in the book “the single- particle interference phenomena seem to tell us that elementary particles can dissolve in states in which they are dimensionless numbers that spread out in the form of waves. By dimensionless we mean that the mathematical representations of these waves don’t have any physical units – often called dimensions by physicists –like units of matter or energy, (do), they (waves) are nothing but numbers. Thus, electrons, atoms, and molecules have mass, energy, and a specific position in space only when they are particles. When they become waves, the properties of mass and energy are lost and replaced by the properties of numbers.”[IP p. 237, par. 1]
    The first quote is an example of a “shortcut” glossing over a greater, very important idea. The second is an example of confusion of intent, to
    I which I added (do) and (waves) to unscramble the meaning of a convoluted writing style. I offer these as examples of the importance the three of you place on clarity in our language, a la Webster.
    My best to all,
    Eldon in Florida

    1. Hi, Eldon:

      As you can tell, I am a bit behind responding! But thanks for your feedback. As always, you have a way of capturing the essence of what we are talking about. We especially appreciate your positive words related to our focus on clarity of language! We don’t always hear nice comments about that!! 🙂

  6. I seem to be new to your program and I have a question. In my “physical” realm, I seem to see what I label “good” and “not good”. How do I overcome this and KNOW ABSOLUTENESS, if I keep thinking/ speaking/ expressing “good” and “not good”? Thank You.

    1. Hi, Marla! First and foremost — welcome to our virtual kitchen table! We’re glad to have you as a listener! You have posed the million-dollar question! I wish there was a really simple answer of some switch you could just flick, and suddenly you could KNOW ABSOLUTENESS. However — it’s a process! One thing we talk about a lot is Absolute and Relative — and in the relative (changing) world, we do need discernment to evaluate the way things have been manifested. The terms “good” and “bad” have emerged as understandable concepts for conversation purposes. But we also know that at the Absolute level, there is no “good” or “bad” — there simply “IS.” Getting this at a conceptual level is one thing; understanding it from a practical level takes practice, discipline (Paul does not like this word; he prefers devotion — and, it’s a word I find useful for me), and awareness. So at this stage, the first step is to just be aware of when you are thinking “good” or “bad” and stop to ask yourself, “what about this is good or bad? And how can I use it for good?” Let this become a habitual way of responding to things. Also affirming your Oneness is powerful.

      We have talked a lot about this, so you may want to check out our archives and listen to some of our earliest shows as Metaromp II. You might also find the Metaphysical Adventures we have posted here helpful as you continue to walk the spiritual path on practical feet!

      Keep the questions coming!! Blessings!

    Video available at link below.



  8. Paul, Bill and Cher:

    Just wanted to say hi from your humble spiritual explorer from Exploding Dogma Exploring Divinity. Your show is the best and it keeps me growing just like the class we all enjoyed in April. The Lothar Schafer book is mind expanding to say the least. I like the way all of you place the Quantum Physics in metaphysical terms that give it a spiritual twist. Keep making me think outside the box, folks. With Grace and Gratitude from a friend and faithful listener.

    1. Thanks, Richard, for taking time to drop us a line to let us know how much you are enjoying the show. We loved meeting you at the retreat (and hope you are planning to attend our next one, too — April 20-23). You have great energy, and share from a thoughtful, spiritually-expanding consciousness! We love having you at our virtual kitchen table!!
      Cher, Bil, & Paul

      1. Trying to catch up with your program. In the middle of May and I really enjoy the way Paul goes off on his virtual kitchen table tangents. I mean that with respect and love. You folks jumped from quantum physics into effective or ineffective communication-perfect. You folks jumped from quantum physics into effective or ineffective communication-perfect. I really enjoy how you guys go down different paths instead of just what’s on The plan for that week.

        1. Hi, Richard! You nailed it! We love the spontaneity and flexibility we’ve built into the show! You never know where we’ll end up … but you’ll always hear our viewpoints! You should hear us during the breaks — oh, wait! You know how it is because you were at the retreat! Yep, that’s us — all the time! Thanks for listening!!

  9. MORE ON NUMBERS – Addendum
    1,2,3 etc. are not “numbers”. They are the labels we assign to quantities within the concept of “numbers”.

    From Wikipedia:
    A number is a mathematical object [concept] used to count, measure, and label.
    From Infinite Potential, page 237:
    “Now, what are probabilities? Probabilities are dimensionless numbers – ratios of numbers, such as fifty-fifty or seven out of ten. Thus, the single-particle interference phenomena seem to tell us that elementary particles can dissolve in states in which they are dimensionless numbers [concepts] that spread out in space in the form of waves. By dimensionless we mean that the mathematical representations of these waves don’t have any physical units—often called dimensions by physicists —like units of matter or energy; they are nothing but numbers [concepts]. Thus, electrons, atoms, and molecules have mass, energy, and a specific position in space only when they are particles. When they become waves, the properties of mass and energy are lost and replaced by the properties of numbers.” =====================================================================================
    I understand Lothar to mean that if elementary particles can dissolve into states without mass, energy, or a specific location in space, the result is a wave.
    “A wave in not a static structure, but a dynamic appearance. … There is a characteristic contrast between the properties of particles and waves that has to do with the fact that one is static, while the other is dynamic: Waves are appearances that are extended in space; particles are localized.”
    From: Infinite Potential, page 223.

    1. Eldon,
      We love it when you email us! And your questions, observations and insights are soooo cool.

      Here’s my (Rev. Bil’s) take on Luther’s description of dimensionless numbers – and numbers in general – and his inference that particles are static. It’s my understanding that a number can be dimensionless in one system of units and not dimensionless in another. And there are an infinite number of dimensionless numbers.
      Dimensionless numbers have one thing in common: they have a dimension of ‘1’ and are the products of a ratio of quantities of some sort. In this case Luther is applying them to elementary particles in quantum physics. Dimensionless numbers also have another thing in common: they are all mathematical representations of reality and not reality itself.

      As far as his comparison between ‘dynamic’ waves and ‘static’ particles – what quantum physicists are seeing is that particles are not necessarily static entities, but their mass and radius change with expansion, and the number of particles also increases as the universe grows. I agree with him that particles are more localized; however, they are more localized at the atomic level and not at subatomic levels. It is my understanding that elementary particles are closer to masslessness than atomic particles.
      To say that ‘massless’ waves are nothing but numbers is claiming that the map is the territory, in my opinion. Mathematics – like metaphysics, spirituality, religion, philosophy, psychology, epigenetics, etc. – is simply another perspective we humans use to explain reality and our place in it.
      I’m going to toss something else at you. I believe waves have mass. It’s a mass we haven’t conceived of yet, yet it must exist in some form because it underwrites everything in the empirical realm. I’m just sayin.’ ☺
      Good to hear from you again’

  11. Infinite Potential by Lothar Schafer – Page 76: In his discussion of connectedness and wholeness he states “Everything in the universe is connected with everything else through this wholeness….
    However, the things of this world are disconnected only in their empirical existence, but connected in their nonempirical roots”
    QUESTION: How is this different from Charles Fillmore’s “collective conscious”?

  12. I’ve just about a month or so been listening to your radio show. Great stuff. Just wanted to know if you’ve touched up on the subject of tithing. I’ve learned about it through Catherine Ponders books. Also I can thank her for getting me into and involved with unity. However I feel that that info is dated and linked to much into Christianity. As I’ve been studying new stuff from your show and other info. I’m starting to feel there is a lot more involved. Will have to start reading the books from your site as well.

    1. Thanks for your positive comments, Daniel! We talked some about tithing in various shows — but have never done a full show just on that topic. Our feeling is that from a scriptural viewpoint, tithing is a law that was required in the Old Testament. Jesus never really talked about it — we feel the real practice is one of Giving Consciousness. In fact, we came up with a acronym:
      T = The
      I = Indwelling
      T = Truth
      H = Harmoniously
      I = Increases
      N = Never-ending
      G = Good

      So what do you want to reap? Sow with a prosperity Consciousness of Giving!


  13. Hi! Thank you all for a great show! I have been trying to open the link to the “Conscious Consciousness” activity, and there does not seem to be a link. I would love to be able to access it. Thank you!

  14. Greetings,
    I love this comment.”Once a child asked me – you know that kids ask difficult questions – he asked me: ‘Father, what did God do before creating the world?’
    I assure you, I found real difficulty in answering the question. So I said what I’m now going to say to you: Before creating the world, God loved. Because God is Love. [Source: an “off script” comment by Pope Francis during a homily while on his recent trip to USA.]

  15. Interesting discussion on new Jerusalem and I am going to find Bil’s article and read with an open mind! I’m still trying to count body parts!! In thinking about the TT excerpt, isn’t this what the regeneration and CFillmore belief that Death could be overcome with a regenerated, light body? We Unity folks don’t talk much about that early teaching and the New Jerusalem wasn’t one of the metaphysical Bible study interpretations.

    1. Thanks,Jan, from all of us, for your interest in the New Jerusalem and our discussion about it! Here’s a link to a blog article that includes the metaphysical reference to the New Jerusalem from Rev. Bil’s Book of Revelation, New Metaphysical version:

      The openings are: 12 major orifices: 2 eyes, 2 nostrils; 2 ears, 2 nipples, 1 mouth, I anus, 1 urethra/vagina, and our Third Eye.

      Thanks for being a loyal listener — and for sharing around our virtual kitchen table!


  16. Hopped on to listen to today’s show (9/8/15)around 6pm and delighted to see it had posted. However, the recording is for last week (9/1/15). Something go awry?
    It gave me a chance to listen again to 9/1 podcast and I wanted to double back and comment on the discussion of Faith vs understanding. In our Youth Ministry, we teach that there is a difference, subtle, between faith vs belief vs knowing. We use the following story/analogy (taken from one of the 12 Power curriculum). Walking along a path and come to a stream and you believe you can jump it. You jump it on the basis of that belief – you’ve acted in faith. Now that you have jumped it, you KNOW you can jump a stream that size. That to me is the highest form of faith — an understanding faith.
    Understanding, as a Power, seems to be more about perceiving/conceiving/Knowing RIGHT RELATIONSHIPS and utilizing them rightly. (Ella Pomeroy)
    It feels a bit presumptuous of me to unpack 12 powers with the 3 of you, but I certainly appreciate the deep dive!

    Looking forward to hearing this weeks (9/8/15) podcast! Blessings, Jan

    1. Thanks for sharing your thoughts, Jan! This is exactly what we hope happens! We want our listeners to feel like they are sitting around the virtual kitchen table with us, adding their perspectives to the mix!
      You’ll be interested to know that the Powers of Understanding and Wisdom (and their relationship with Faith) were the ones that took us the longest to parse out when we wrote the PowerUp book! I am reminded of Muir’s Law: When we try to pick out anything by itself we find it hitched to everything else in the universe.
      Keep sharing your ideas! Blessings!!

  17. Yea, though I walk in the very shadow of debt,

    I shall fear no evil, for Thou art with me;

    Thy silver and Thy gold, they secure me.

    Thou preparest a way for me in the presence of the

    Thou fillest my wallet with plenty; my measure runneth over.

    Surely goodness and plenty will follow me all the days of
    my life,

    And I shall do business in the name of the Lord

    I remember stories of his soliciting funds in envelopes ( boxes?). The early days were lean.

    Keep up the good work.


    1. OOPS! This part goes in front of the above comment.

      Rev. Cher,
      RE: Tuesday’s broadcast.

      A comment on C..Fillmore’s relationship with money from Prosperity, page 69.

      A Prosperity Treatment

      Twenty-Third Psalm (Revised)

      The Lord is my banker; my credit is good.

      He maketh me to lie down in the consciousness of
      omnipresent abundance;

      He giveth me the key to His strongbox.

      He restoreth my faith in His riches;

      He guideth me in the paths of prosperity for His name’s

    2. Thanks, Eldon! You’re right … there were many different ways money was solicited back in the day. But one thing always took precedence, and that was the Truth of Prosperity Consciousness. One of the most successful endeavors was actually created by Lowell: The Prosperity Banks, which were used from 1910 – 1972. Unity’s explosion of support and growth is attributed in large part to this brainchild of Lowell’s. You can read about it — and lots more — in The Unity Movement, by Neal Vahle:

  18. Thanks to all three of you. You truly have blessed my life with this program. You have deepened my spiritual practice and constantly bring new questions and thoughts to my mind. I look forward to your programs every week and like other unity programs – I use it as a basis for my spiritual practice. With grace and gratitude

    1. Thank you so much, Richard, for your kind feedback! We love doing this show, and it is certainly powerful to know it is deepening your spiritual practice — and helping you look at those “unquestioned answers!” Abundant blessings!

  19. Paul, Bill and Cher: I have been listening to the Metaromp show for many years. I am very happy that Paul brought all three of you together for Metaromp II. All three of you bring special qualities (spiritual, scientific, humor) to get your information across to your listeners. You have advanced my spirtual practice deeply – and also brought more questions and more thought about my Divinity. I would like to hear a show on praying for others/and the world. A more advanced approach to praying for others using spritual practice and principles that you folks have been presenting on your show. I appreciate you all sharing your experiences with your listeners – it helps us understand the principles. With grace and gratitude, I thank all of you.

  20. Several of you have asked if we could list the comments with the most recent first. I finally figured out how to do it!! Hope this makes it easier to stay up to date and participate in discussions!
    Thanks to all our loyal listeners!!
    Cher, Bil, and Paul

    1. And it does! Thanks for figuring that out. I have been listening to your broadcasts during my travels to and from work …. just about right for my commute and I can honestly say that they have been a balm for Atlanta traffic ~ I sometimes find myself slowing down or taking a little longer route home to listen to the entire broadcast. Wonderful, wonderful discussions and a great way to start and end my work day. Doesn’t allow me the chance to hop online and comment though — I think I need to start recording my questions as they come up and then make the time (like Paul to hop on line. Blessings to the three of you for gathering around the virtual kitchen table most every week. Missing the June 30th talk and looking forward toward today’s! Woo hooo — two more to listen to! Virtual hugs, Jan

      1. Thanks, Jan!! We really value dedicated listeners like you! Please record your questions and post them here. We promise we will use them as fodder for our discussions around that virtual kitchen table!
        Hugs back at ya!
        Cher, Bil, & Paul

      1. You are so welcome, Eldon! It was your comment that originally prompted me to start looking for how to do it — and then others followed! Turned out it wasn’t so tough. Thanks for urging me on …!


    2. RE: July 21 Broadcast on Religion and Spirituality. In the early days of my studying Unity’s origins, my recollection is that Charles Fillmore invited other denomination ministers to attend his services and to carry the truths he propagated back to their own congregations. When the ministers found the new ideas were not received well. Some ministers were asked to leave and others left on their own. Needing a support system for the Unity study groups and churches, the Unity Worldwide Ministries was formed. (What follows is my personal thoughts and observations.) Unity started as a movement. Rev. Paul has pointed out a gradual shift in Charles’ writing that showed he sometimes slipped into duality speaking while propagating his truths. By the time I joined Unity in 2004, the church I attended (again, my opinion) demonstrated a combination of religion and spirituality. The Lord’s Prayer was sung prior to the “lesson”. Classes stressed spirituality, but church leaders fostered a belief that newcomers might not come back if asked to give up the comfortable embedded theology all at once. Using the “everyone has their own path” rationality, along with a fear of loosing people in seats (and $ ?) in a social atmosphere of “political correctness” no longer embraced spirituality exclusively. Rev. Paul and Revs. Bil and Cher clarify many examples of misinterpretations of Unity in their books “Get Over It”. With the current discourse in Unity it appears to me the group in charge and the group asking for a different course are stuck in a disagreement over the mission of Unity … Religion or Spirituality. ENTER QUANTUM PHYSICS AND ASTOLOGICAL DISCOVERIES. Today, NASA announced discovery of planet 452B [look it up on]. My prediction is that scientists and programs like this will drag a worldwide consciousness kicking and screaming into an acceptance of (the name used in thru Fillmore covenant) The “Spirit of Truth” [the great I AM]. However, “all in God’s time” (just kidding).

      1. You are so on target, Eldon! It is an on-going challenge for ministers to create a message that will resonate with those of higher Consciousness as well as those who are just searching for something different but not ready to fly yet. And the model of “church” is not creating an appropriate forum to share spirituality. Kicking and screaming is a great way to describe what is happening … and science is helping shift worldwide consciousness, albeit slower than we would like!

        Thanks for your continued input as you join us around this virtual kitchen table!

        1. July 28 Broadcast – What is light? Metaphorically, knowledge. Quantum physically, waves and Particles. E.V.Ingram ties the two together in his book In The Silence Plus.
          Comments? Eldon

          1. Greetings, Dr. Kanda’s 22 min. Video is great but just scratches the surface. I just finished reading Biocentrism by Robert Lanza, MD. His personal experiences, sprinkled with an eclectic sense of humor, add a zest to reading his 7 principles of Biocentrism. Robert’s primary message is that physics and quantum physics have failed for decades to produce a workable “Theory of Everything” that is the Holy Grail of Quantum Physics theorists. He attributes this to the basic flaw: looking for answers outside the inclusion of consciousness. He says “ … theories of the physical world don’t work, and can never be made to work, until they account for life and consciousness.”
            Readers whose source of information on these subjects is TV news clips may need this reminder: The explosion dubbed the BIG BANG caused chemical elements to move out spherically like a terrorist’s back pack bomb, rather than linearly like a projectile from a musket. I mention this because the most popular way journalists discuss a telescope’s view back 13.7 billion years as though the perceived past is a linear series of events. An inflating balloon where everything is moving away from center better fits my view of the universe, expressed in Romans 12:5. “We are all one” is not a concept espoused by Dr. Lanza, but fits nicely in my world view.

    3. Rev. Cher, I realize how busy you are. When you have time, please re-tweak the sequencing on this page. Was there a broadcast on 8/18?
      Oceans of Blessings.
      EIF 8/23/15

    1. Hi Eldon,

      It is amazing the number of people that have a kind of “allergy” to the word, “limitation.” If filtering works for you … run with it. Even so, the unlimited is limited to get to the answer … one thing. Other people have suggested refining, defining, focusing, forming, refining.

      Looks like the description for June 23 has not been picked up. Will get this fixed. One issue may be that next week is a week off at the studio. 🙁

      Blessing you, Paul

  21. Hello divine Trio!

    Please note that the program from June 2nd is not posted on Stitcher nor Unity FM.


  22. Hi all,
    It may not fit every situation, but instead of “limiting” my affinity choices, I consider the process as “filtering” my unlimited possibilities until I am comfortable in my consciousness that it is the answer I am seeking.
    Blessings, Eldon

    1. Thanks for this idea, Eldon! We will have some interesting discussion around it! In fact, you may hear some of that discussion on the air!!
      Thanks for your loyal support!

      1. On second thought, perhaps my accidental misspelling of Verity was not a coincidence. We must verify our Truths by going onto the silence and receive assurance we are in touch with Divine Truth, the “I AM”. Comments?

      2. Howdy Everyone,

        I had something like “I AM” as I was developing this construct. The idea was to have the four levels beginning with the same letter … thus … Verity Consciousness.

        Blessings all around, Paul

  23. RE: April 8th broadcast on Genesis/Creation.
    The key for Sun/Moon/Stars is to identify the locus of observation. The sun and moon are observed with our senses from earth. [How about this?] The stars are actually an infinite amount of suns in other galaxies, which represent the infinite possibilities waiting to be discovered [knowledge] and our unlimited ability for choosing how to use the new ideas.

  24. Dear Metaphysical Romp Trio,

    I have been studying the 12 Powers with your three books (HeartCentered Text and Workbook plus the 12 Powers latest version), for the past couple weeks through Unity online class. And how happy am I it coincided (???) with your 3 programs on the Powers too!!!! I wrote the following meditation using the Powers for my prayer partner and would appreciate your honest feedback. Than