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Over 5000 terms interpreted from a metaphysical, spiritual perspective! You’ll even learn some new terms!

This A to Z Mini Meta Glossary is a sampling, taken from the much larger 5,600-term Glossary.  Metaphysically Speaking: A Glossary of Spiritual, Religious, and Modern Day Secular Terms For Those Who Are More Spiritual Than Religious provides you with metaphysical interpretations and whimsical, laugh-out-loud definitions of a wide variety of modern day spiritual, religious, and secular terms, with a few traditional favorites making cameo appearances.

The sampling of metaphysical interpretations and explanations in this Mini Glossary will give you an idea of what to expect in the comprehensive glossary we have made available for sale.

If you have found your way to this glossary you are already on an enlightened path and, no doubt, seeking more esoteric depth to continue your spiritual unfoldment.

As you can see from the list of sample terms included in this ‘teaser,’ the complete glossary is a “cutting edge growing edge” document. It will take you places you haven’t been before – but we believe you will enjoy the trip. It will deepen your appreciation for how extraordinary you are and confirm what you may already know – you are a spiritual being having a human experience.

Neuroscientists tell us there is a Deeper Self, a True Self, an Authentic Self  within us. This glossary helps you connect with that Deeper Self. So, keep some writing materials or your laptop nearby. You’ll want to add a few interpretations of your own to amplify what’s here!

Take a peek at this Mini Glossary. You’ll see that the bandwidth of resources used to create this work in progress is broad and comprehensive in order to offer you the best in scholarship and down to earth metaphysical practicality. Once you’ve enjoyed your short trip through this sampling of terms we invite you to purchase the complete glossary for a soul deepening experience.

About the semi-colon: By the way, you’ll notice each definition end with a semi-colon rather than a period. This is to indicate that there are lots of interpretations to be made, and we invite you to add your own!

A Sampling of Terms from the Metaphysical Glossary

Abortion: refusing to apply, or outright rejecting, a newly formed idea or insight that we believe is too premature or has produced too much cognitive dissonance for us to handle; getting rid of thoughts and/or concepts we believe are too transformative for our neophyte sensitivities; a miscarriage of higher knowledge;

Abracadabra-ing: employing mindfulness meditation, affirmative prayer, and positive affirmations as the open sesames to healing and enlightenment;

Academy Awards: mastering skin school (the academy) lessons (awards) through  superior religious, spiritual, mental, emotional, and physical discipline;

Acne, Dermatitis, Eczema: feeling awkward with the image we’re projecting; embarrassment on the verge of erupting; error thoughts; feeling as if we’re imperfect manifesting as blemishes;

Acorn(s): potentialities; possibilities becoming probabilities; spiritual and religious terms, concepts, tenets;

Acupuncture: aligning our worldly form with our spiritual essence; restfulness; a mini Sabbath;

Addiction(s): our obsession to reincarnate causing us to suffer through another unnecessary skin school experience; (According to mythologist Joseph Campbell, the existential dilemma is that in the beginning we were united with the Eternal Presence, but separated from the Source, and now must find a way to return);

Adultery: Choosing error thoughts, words, and actions over spiritual thoughts, words, and actions; rickets of disharmony within our thoughts;

Airport(s): our waking consciousness; our ability to generate new insights (departures) and field incoming insights (arrivals);

Akashic Records: an ‘aetheric library’ imprinted on an omnipresent akasha (a soniferous ether) so we can mentally ‘Google’ all of the past, present, and future knowledge of the universe anytime we want when we are in certain states of heightened consciousness; depending on our psychic sensitivity and Akashic interests we can even ‘bookmark’ various knowledge banks so the information is available to us instantly; the memory of the hum of physicality;

Alcoholism: liquid lunacy; the denial of our ability to master the human experience; Self denial through self diminishment; self-rejection and Self-rejection;

Anti-Christ: an error-filled thought elevated to a discordant belief system that refuses to acknowledge our oneness with the Christ of us; an anti-Christ mentality sees separation, breeds separation, and leads to a life of unnecessary isolation from Spirit; a propensity toward darkness; our divinity-denying unenlightened ego;

Apocalypse: the end of an egocentric level of awareness which has been raised to its super-conscious expression as Christ Consciousness; the end of a stale belief system; our true spiritual nature is revealed by going through a dark night of the soul;

Babymoon: the period of time when neophytes enjoy basic esoteric teachings before they are introduced to more advanced teachings; (In social networking, a relaxing or romantic holiday taken by parents-to-be before their baby is born);

Bacteria: invasive error thoughts that can become viral and weaken our sense of well-being; bacterial infections suggest our having been undermined by our own negativity;

Badware: error thoughts that surface in our consciousness and catch us by surprise; (In IT language, software that has been installed on a computer without the user’s knowledge, consent, or control);

Bankruptcy: spiritual depletion; spiritual famine; physical exhaustion; losing all of our spiritual determination and drive;

Basement: our subconscious; our tendency to store old, repressed life patterns, belief systems, and warped perspectives that can weigh us down if we continue to allow them to inhibit us and squelch our potential; a cluttered and messy basement symbolizes our need to rid ourselves of stagnant and debilitating emotions, habits, and false assumptions that keep our potential buried and our waking life burdened with defense mechanisms;

Bedbugs: the error thoughts, words, choices, actions, and unhealthy consequences that disturb our rest;

Bible: one of the most complete, unadulterated, uncensored, absolutely telling, uncannily relevant, and highly revealing stories of our evolving spiritual consciousness; (There are many translations and interpretations of the Bible – which is to be expected. After all, it chronicles our spiritual unfoldment. As we grow, our understanding of sacred scripture grows. Those who fixate on merely a literal interpretation of sacred scripture generally find it difficult to connect all of the theological dots. That could explain why they end up with a linear, dogmatically superficial religious perspective. A more metaphorical, esoteric, or metaphysical perspective would help them take off the parochial blinders and deepen their theology. Any true Bible scholar has to admit that hundreds of legitimate manuscripts were deleted by a panel of Constantine groupies in 325 C.E. The council tossed divinely inspired texts that would have benefitted humankind immensely, texts like the Book of Thomas, The Gospel of Mary, the Book of Levi, the original Apostle’s Creed, the Book of Enoch. Current Christian Bibles will continue to be incomplete until and unless other divinely inspired and deserving sacred writings are included).

Bird Bath: the emotional cleansing that takes place when we allow a spiritual insight (bird) to enter our waking consciousness (birdbath);

Birth Control, Contraception: preventing a new spiritual insight from further expression; aborting an incarnational experience;

Blog, Blogcast: publicizing our thoughts; thinking out loud; standing on the platform of words; moving thoughts into words and feelings into print;

Boot Camp: each human incarnation and reincarnation; each level of an initiation;

Born Again: spiritual obstetrics; to transcend sense attachments; moving beyond material appetites; adopting a consciousness that is not tied to the world of appearances; realizing that there is no separation between us and Spirit;

Brainteasers: allegorical, figurative, metaphorical, metaphysical, theosophical, anthroposophical thoughts and teachings;

Bubble Gum Theology: chewing on old, stale religious beliefs and worshipping dogma (bubble gum) that usually bursts when it’s filled with enough hot air;

But Rebuttal: kissing our ‘buts,’ ‘ought tos,’ and ‘should haves’ goodbye;

Candy; desiring the sweet things in life; enjoying the pleasantries that bring palatable delights; also represents the enjoyment we get from receiving new spiritual insights that are like ‘soul’ sweets; esoteric principles; life-changing ‘A ha’s’;

Capital Punishment: self-imposed pain and suffering caused by our complete disregard for our innate divinity;

Cell Phone Tower: a reminder that there is no geography in spirit;

Cellular Theology: Each cell, every molecule, each atom is a sacred tabernacle of Spirit. These sacred tabernacles are connected. There is no denominational sparing. Their biology is their theology. (When we realize the significance of this invisible connection we will honor the human soul’s relationship to Spirit. When we acknowledge this connection, from soul to cell, our body becomes the highly-charged sacred ground of our being. When we achieve this perfect synchrony we experience the inner peace, joy, health, and wholeness which are the truth of us);

Cha-Ching: the sound of materialism;

Chatbot: a typical ‘conversation’ between a New Thought truth student and a religious fundamentalist who ‘simulate’ interest in each other’s thoughts but find it difficult to really pay attention; (In IT language, a computer program designed to simulate conversation with human users, especially over the Internet);

Chatter Bomb: an intrusive thought that enters, and possibly spoils, a meditative experience;

Chess: our ability to manage polarities, contradictions, and contrariness; our aptitude for governing both our higher spiritual nature and our egocentric nature; the belief in competitive solutions;

Churchianity: filling one’s consciousness with religious dogma, biases, and judgments; seeing one’s religious views as the only legitimate religious views;

Church Alumni: people whose spiritual journey no longer includes going to church; a consciousness filled with more spiritual, than religious, thoughts and aspirations; (There are more church alumni in America and throughout the world than there are church goers. This worldwide demographic is much more than a simple trend. It is the result of a fantastic shift in global consciousness which is changing the way we see ourselves in relation to, well, everything! And this stunning shift in human consciousness is literally transforming the way we see and experience spirituality and religion. Make no mistake about it, the shift is absolutely monumental and enduring. It is a testament to humankind’s perennial search for who we are, why we are, where we’ve come from, and where we are going);

Coloring Book(s): childhood experiences; the intersection between conformity and creativity;

Conversational Chiggers: snide remarks and hurtful innuendoes that ‘get under our skin’;

Cover-Up(s): intentional mistranslations of scripture; unintentional mistranslations of scripture that are found and then left uncorrected and unammended;

Cyberbullying, Physical Bullying, Denominational Bullying: harassing, threatening, embarrassing, and/or humiliating behaviors leveled at someone who is different; prejudicial exclusion of people whose life preferences are not mainstream preferences;

Dandruff: the consequences of error; the fall-out from poor choices;

Deforestation: complete disregard for devoting ourselves to actualizing the serpentine energies of the Tree of Life; (See Tree of Life);

Defriending: dropping error thoughts, words, and actions from our life experience;

Delinquency: choosing gross materialism over spiritual growth; settling for darkness over enlightenment;

Diddlysquat Order: the opposite of divinely ordering our experience; error ordering; the cause of abnormal fluctuations, disturbances, and disorder – which are all ghosts of our poor choices; (See Divine Order);

Doctrinal Chewing Gum: religious creeds, canons, tenets, articles of faith;

Dogmageddon: filling our personal theology with so much dogma that we become overwhelmed with a walled-in religious myopia;

Drive-By Theology: diverting our attention away from a breath-takingly beautiful spiritual truth and giving in to the first worldly temptation that comes our way; unused and/or neglected spiritual knowledge; affirming our good a hundred times a day but doubting if those very affirmations will work; not living a prayer-conditioned or meditation-active life;

Eiffel Tower: masculine and feminine equality; love and romance; the need for an elevated perspective; evolutionary desire to return to our spiritual roots; (See Skyscrapers, Towers);

Eight Ball: to be ‘behind the eight ball’ represents the belief in a god “out there” who watches every move we make and punishes free thinkers and favors those who follow out of fear, guilt, and unworthiness;

Email(s): although our thoughts register anytime day or night we can choose to transform (send) our thoughts immediately into actions or allow them to remain in our heads longer until we choose to share them or translate them into choices and then actions; also denotes thoughts we have that we’d rather not say face-to-face because we would feel uncomfortable sharing them out loud;

Embedded Theology: dogmatic religious thoughts and biases that have been with us since childhood; literal interpretations and misinterpretations of religious scripture that limit our thinking; (In Born to Believe, Andrew Newberg asserts that “from a neurological perspective, images of our (Deeper Self) are unavoidable, but from many theological perspectives, there is no true image of that (Deeper Self). Thus, if you cling to your childhood perceptions, you will limit your perception of the nature of your (Deeper Self). This is the drawback to any (belief system) that insists upon a literal image of the (Deeper Self). If you limit your vision, you will probably feel threatened by those who have more expanded visions of their (Deeper Self);

Everlasting Hell: remaining in a hellish state of consciousness by refusing to acknowledge our innate divinity; (See Endless Punishment);

Extension Cord: the umbilical connection between spirit and matter; our navel; (See Silver Cord);

Extraterrestrial: a spiritual thought that surfaces in an egocentric consciousness and/or a worldly thought that intrudes in a spiritually-attuned consciousness; an incarnating spiritual being who comes from another dimension of being;

Facebook: interconnectedness; oneness; community; the ‘projected’ us;

FBI, CIA: our amygdala wiring; our concern for security and protection;

Frequent Fliers: those who have a habit of enjoying astral travel, flying in their dreams, and experiencing hypnogogic visions;

Frisbee(s): field tested ideas;

Garbage Disposal(s): affirmative prayer, meditation, positive affirmations and mantras, spiritually-attuned visualizations, sacred rituals and ceremonies;

Golgotha: the place in consciousness where we cross out error (crucify); the brain (which is in the skull) is transformed by the power of the mind at the moment of our enlightenment; the Crown Chakra;

Google, Yahoo: cyber juggernauts; electronic Akashic Records;

Gourmet Gospel: metaphysical, esoteric, theosophical, anthroposophical, allegorical, and metaphorical interpretations of the higher truths contained in the gospels;

Handcuff(s): negativity and a lack consciousness; harsh judgmentalness; fear; doubt; laziness; feeling unworthy; rudeness; lack of diplomacy; cussedness; chronic nay-saying; passivity; pretentiousness; repulsiveness; materiality; malevolence; maliciousness; not putting limits on limits;

Hang Gliding: astral travel; freedom;

Hashtag: a spiritual and/or religious concept that becomes a meme; (In social media, a hashtag is a word or an unspaced phrase that is prefixed by a pound sign #. Hashtags make it possible to group messages so people can search for a particular message and add h/her comments relating to the message); [See Meme; Internet Meme];

Heaven: living joyfully, confidently, faithfully, and lovingly at the speed of our Christ Consciousness; Christ Consciousness (the Kingdom of God); fully enlightened super-consciousness; the state of consciousness that is underwritten by purity, sacredness, reverence, universal love, harmony, and unity with the Eternal Presence; our default state of consciousness; when heaven opens it means a higher level of spiritual awareness is achieved; in the midst of heaven means an enlightened perspective; (The original Greek word used for Heaven is ouranos which literally means expanding, widening, magnifying, maturing. So Heaven is a process. It’s an adverb not a noun. It’s not a physical place. It’s a state of consciousness available to us while we are alive).

Hiccup(s): error thoughts, poor choices, and childish actions;

Homicide: killing off the better parts (aspects, qualities, talents, higher essences) of ourselves to pursue materialistic appetites;

Hurricane(s): the fiery energies of the Holy Spirit leveling, flooding, and tearing asunder (transforming) our sense-soaked consciousness (houses and buildings); (See also Chemicalization);

Idolatry: addiction to material forms; an external locus of control; giving the world of outer appearances precedence over our spirituality;

Immaculate Conception, Immaculate Reception: the divinely inspired result of our intuitive intelligence, love, and receptivity to our innate divinity being raised to their highest and purest spiritual essences so that we immaculately conceive a pure, inviolate Christed Idea;

Infant Mortality Rate: the number of newly formed spiritual ideas (infants) that ‘die’ in an egocentric consciousness everyday;

Insurance Policies: our spiritual practices;

Internal Medicine: meditation; affirmative prayer; positive affirmations; healthy, wholesome food and drink; positive attitude;

Jukebox Religion: holding onto old time religious teachings;

Junk Food: violent TV shows, DVD’s, and movies; gossip; profanity; racial and sexist comments;

Keurig Moment: enjoying a cup of Joe; a caffeine moment that heralds peacefulness, rest, and inner satisfaction;

Laptop: electronic recall and projection; electronic stream of consciousness; our brain in recall mode;

Leak-Proof Faith: absolute trust in our indivisible status as human expressions of the Eternal Presence;

Lilliputian Thoughts: dwarfish, small-minded, judgmental sentiments;

Looney Tunes: any mainstream religious assertion that diminishes, minimizes, subordinates, and debases the value, status, and importance of women, people of color, and same sex couples; the songs we ‘sing’ to ourselves in our heads that are composed of self-defeating, self-negating, and self-diminishing lyrics;

Lottery: our belief in the availability of abundance; Universal Substance; our super-consciousness; the full spectrum of our talents, skills, and abilities;

Magnifying Glass: spiritual discernment; close examination and introspection; spontaneous life review; autobiographic journaling;

Malware: false teachings; anti-Christed perspectives; error-prone tendencies; (In IT language, malware is short for ‘malicious software.’ It is software employed to disrupt computer operation, gather sensitive information, or gain access to private computer systems);

Mausoleum, Crypt, Catacomb: our subconsciousness;

Mental Kudzu: Kudzu is an insidious vine that can absolutely take over an area. In fact, it has been nicknamed the “foot-a-night vine,” the “mile-a-minute vine,” and “the vine that ate the South!” Error thoughts can do the same thing to us! They start out small, but they can quickly dominate our thinking. Grudges, resentments, hurts – if we let them have space – will soon clutter our mental landscape! I call these mental intrusions ‘mental kudzu.’

Mental Shampoo: spiritual beliefs that wash the materialistic film off our thinking;

Metaphysical Malpractice, Metafizzle: purposefully misinterpreting truth principles for egocentric and monetary gain and using that warped perspective to create guilt, blame, and fear (example: asking someone who is sick, “What did you do to cause your illness?” Metaphysical malpractice can become kudzu to an evolving spiritual practice, putting a coating of false assumptions on Truth that can be difficult to climb out from under);

Nursery: mainstream, fundamentalist religion;

One Channel Religion: mainstream Christianity which follows a literal-only interpretation of scripture;

Optical Delusions: giving power to outer experiences; worldliness; (Many people are in a prison of sorts. They are incarcerated by optical delusions. Many people throttle back their consciousness by holding onto past beliefs and old scripts that keep them mired down in the shadows of rigid convention, religious dogma, and unhealthy assumptions. They live in a world of shadows, a world that gives power to outer appearances instead of inner transformation);

Original Sin: our initial descent into matter in human form; a newly-formed error thought; missing the mark (unawareness) of our innate divinity; We miss the mark (sin) every time we deny our innate divinity; (The term ‘original sin’ does not appear in the Bible. The concept of original sin is a human invention.

Orphan: a spiritual thought that is rejected by a worldly consciousness and finds itself isolated from the surrounding pool of materialistic thoughts; our rejected divine nature;

Paparazzi: persistent regrets; reoccurring bad habits;

Parole: our next choice;

Ponzi Scheme: stealing from Peter to pay Paul;

Reality Show(s): our fanciful perceptions of what is real; our earth experience; what is and what isn’t; projecting ourselves onto the world and then experiencing the world projecting our projections back onto us;

Rearview Mirror(s): second guessing ourselves; the past;

Red Cross: our desire for physical healing and recovery;

Religious Glaucoma: believing in a literal-only interpretation of scripture;

Report Card: our tendency to evaluate our spiritual progress; the condition of our bodies and our health as a result of our thinking;

Rib Fib: Eve being produced from Adam’s rib is an allegory. Allegorically speaking, it means that all creation occurs when the descending Life Force (Spirit’s vertical descent) into matter (the horizontal dimension) forms a right angle. The result of this cosmic penetration is symbolized by the human skeleton which features the spinal column and the ribs that are at right angles to it. Eve, being  universal feminine energy is formed out of the horizontal arm (rib) of the allegorical cross (the intersection between Spirit and matter);

Rubik’s Extravaganza: denotes the endless configurations, metaphors, ideas, acts of kindness, associations, and ways to serve others  we can imagine; (Rubik’s Extravaganza is the number: 43252003274489856000. It represents the total number of configurations we can create with this incredible 3D combination puzzle, invented by Erno Rubik in 1974);

Safe House(s), Safe Haven: truth principles; a Christ-centric Consciousness;

Safety Belt(s): spiritual laws and principles; positive affirmations;

Satellite Dish: our ability to capture and comprehend advanced ideas and concepts;

Scam: keeping the faithful grounded in the amygdala; (See Double-Dealing; Fib(s) and Fiction; Hoodwinked; Cover Ups);

Second Coming: when we realize we are divine beings in human form, and then, through disciplined practice, seek to actualize our Christhood; coming into direct conscious alignment with our Christ Self; the point in conscious awareness that we realize we are Christed beings, have been Christed beings, and will be Christed beings; (The Second Coming is not an external cataclysmic future event of the dreaded apocalypse predicted by literally-minded faith traditions);

Selfie: taking a moment to look introspectively at ourselves; seeing ourselves as the spiritual being we really are; (A social media word for self-portrait that is usually on a smartphone or webcam);

Stir-Fried Theology: simultaneously enjoying the best practices of many faith traditions;

Taxi(s), Limousine(s): each of our incarnated physical bodies (vehicles) that we inhabit on our way toward enlightenment (the price we pay is another skin school experience);

Test Tube: our earth experience;

Textbook: the lessons we encounter in our skin school sojourn;

Thanksliving: Cultivating a consistent consciousness of thanksgiving by becoming aware of the myriad opportunities to express your gratitude and praise is the essence of thanksliving.

Third Eye: laser-like spiritual perception; superior inner vision; clairvoyance; psychic iridology; the pineal gland’s transformative power to heighten our rate of vibration to discern Universal Wisdom and Knowledge so we can comprehend the greater truths; the true “I” of our soul; (See Eye of the Purified Soul; Tickling of the Ant);

Time Travel: what we sign up for in each skin school experience;

Traitor(s): underhanded, covetous, self-aggrandizing thoughts that cause us to betray our true nature;

Turtle Theology: carrying our spiritual home (the Kingdom of God) with us wherever we go;

UFOs: highly-charged spiritual ideas (metaphysical, esoteric, theosophical, anthroposophical, allegorical, and metaphorical ideas) that are totally unfamiliar to us and seem to come out of nowhere because we have not studied and/or heard about them before;

Umbilical Cord: an ethereal, silver-colored, elastic cord connecting our physical body to its astral body; also denotes the higher consciousness filament that passes from the super-conscious to the physical body; (See Silver Cord);


Undergraduate(s): the unenlightened us; graduate(s), the enlightened us; postgraduate(s), the adept us;

Undocumented Alien(s): bizarre, out-of-context thoughts that enter our waking consciousness that seem to come from nowhere;

Vampire(s): divinity-denying thoughts that suck the life out of our spiritual practice;

Veil, the: the neural curtain between existence and reality; the quantum film between spirit and matter; the illusion of subject and object; the shroud of physicality; absence of the veil means no illusion of separation;

Venom: false teachings; error thoughts and destructive emotions;

Victimology: the misguided belief that the universe is not wired in our behalf; perpetuating a chronic negativity bias that is rooted in the belief that we will always be helpless sufferers; adhering to a literal-only interpretation of sacred scripture; the belief in original sin;

Waterboarding: pushing dogma and false teachings down people’s throats;

Wireless Network: our brain’s neural pathways; from a quantum physics perspective is called non-locality;

Whiplash: what happens when our poor choices catch up to us;

X-Ray: a high degree of inner clarity; inner vision; superior discernment;

Yard Sale: recycling past wants and needs; recirculating and downsizing material whims;

YouTube(s): examples of remote viewing;

Zip Line: an accelerated stream of confidence;