MetaSpiritual Interpretation

Make MetaSpiritual Interpretation One of Your
Key Spiritual Practices!


MetaSpiritual Interpretation is useful when reading spiritual texts such as the Bible, but it is also enlightening as a way to interpret just about anything, including movies, dreams, or events you experience. 


What Do We Mean by a Metaphysical Interpretation?

For us, a metaphysical interpretation of ANYTHING means
seeing people, places, things, and events that happen ‘out there’
as human and spiritual qualities, talents, and abilities – as well as faults – within us.



MetaSpiritually Interpreting the Bible

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Using the Bible can be an incredible source of inspiration, enlightenment, and growth as we master the art of living. But traditional versions of the Bible are difficult to read, contain an incredible amount of discrepancies, conflicting information, and mistranslations. When studied through the eyes of a Metaphysical Interpretation, the Bible suddenly comes to life! It offers clarity and practical understanding. It becomes a true spiritual practice that contributes to your enlightenment!


See if any of these questions resonate with you . . .

  • Does the Bible feel confusing, contradictory, and even a little bit scary to you when you read it literally?
  • Have you gotten a little “Bible shy” because of your experience with traditionally literal interpretations of scriptures?
  • Do you find it frustrating that there are mistranslations and inaccuracies in the Biblical accounts?
  • Is it difficult for you decide what is literal and what is metaphor? For example:

 – Are the people real?
 – Did the events actually happen?
 – Did Jesus really walk on water?
 – Did Jesus turn water into wine?

  • In your heart of hearts, do you believe there is no conflict between science and spirituality?


Metaphysical Bible interpretation takes Biblical stories and events beyond their literal interpretation by providing more allegorical, esoteric, and metaphorical perspectives to uncover the hidden wisdom and spiritual teachings contained therein. We hope you will find these translations meaningful, stimulating, and enlightening.



A Few Examples of Metaphysical Bible Interpretation:

  • House (big, small, brick, shingle, etc.) is interpreted metaphysically as symbolizing our consciousness.
  • Feet generally represent intellectual understanding.
  • cornhusk represents the human personality.
  • Children symbolize divine ideas.
  • Darkness represents the unawareness of our divine nature.
  • Nations symbolize major belief systems.
  • Parents generally mean foundational thoughts.

So, you see, metaphysical symbolism considers everything in the material world as qualities, aspects, and characteristics within us.