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Mirror Image Spiritual Practice

Mirror Image:

MirrorImage-SpiritualPractice-WEB-dreamstimelarge_114817242 copyLook at yourself in a mirror, and make love your decision for yourself. Say (yes, out loud!) “I love you! I forgive you for anything you have said, thought, or done that is not the Truth of who you are. In this moment, I now see the Christ in and as you, and I love you, I accept you, just the way you are. You are worthy. You are divine.”

[Now make the switch to I AM] Say (out loud!): “I am worthy! I am Divine! I am Love … I live from Love … I bring Love to every situation … I show up as harmony and peace. I am Love. Love is my Decision…

And in love, I walk the spiritual path on practical feet.”

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A friend of ours, Gene Godwin, once said, “Why is it we discount anything positive someone says to us, and yet we immediately believe something critical?” The same is true for what we say to ourselves! It’s time to pay attention to what we are saying — focus and make conscious choices to speak lovingly, affirmatively, and supportingly to ourselves. The results will be incredible!

Listen to this amazing song by Daniel Nahmod, singing Love Is My Decision. We want to add a verse:

Love is my decision
I accept and I love who I am.
Love is my decision
I affirm I do all that I can.
And once I release my regrets and my fears
I experience life as a WOW!
Love is my Decision…
My decision for ME here and now!