What If I’m the New Jerusalem? A Spiritual Practice

What If I'm the New Jerusalem? A Spiritual Practice

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The term New Jerusalem appears in Ezekiel as the prophet Ezekiel's vision of a holy city centered on the rebuilt Holy Temple. The term shows up again in Revelation, as the earthly location of where all true believers will spend eternity with God.

From a MetaSpiritual perspective, New Jerusalem represents our highly alchemicalized spiritual body, which is the result of the rise of the kundalini energies from the Base Chakra to our Crown Chakra, making us fully and completely enlightened. Entering Jerusalem means the total alignment -- during waking consciousness -- of our human self with our Divine Nature (excerpt from Ruff-Housing With Religious Dogma, by Bil Holton). With this definition in mind, use this spiritual practice during one of your meditations.

Spend time reflecting on this question:

   If I were the New Jerusalem, how would I:

  • think,
  • feel, and
  • act — to be congruent with that that means?

Resources: The Book of Revelation, New Metaphysical Version by Bil Holton; Ruff-Housing With Religious Dogma by Bil Holton.