Order of Sacred Path-2nd Degree Application

Order of the Sacred Path — 2nd Degree

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CONGRATULATIONS on completing the First Degree of the Order of the Sacred Path!!

We are so proud of your work, and excited to welcome you into the Second Degree level!

The Application Fee to move into the Second Level is $49. When you click on the purple link below, you will be taken to a payment page. Once your payment is processed, you will be directed to a Welcome Page, which contains a link to a form for the Admission into 2nd Degree Initiate for the Order of the Sacred Path. Payment allows you to work through the 2nd Level at your own pace and take advantage of all the benefits and activities associated with this level, with no other payments until you choose to move to the next level.

Click the purple link below to get started!

2nd Degree Initiate (Mind)

Once accepted into the 1st Degree (Mind), you are invited to:

  • All benefits of 1st Degree, plus:
  • Structured checklist focusing on requirements for this level
  • Recommended reading list appropriate for this level
  • Complimentary webinars (1/quarter)
  • Six 45-minute Dedicated Mentoring Sessions with Revs. Drs. Bil & Cher (contact us to schedule)
  • 30-Day Challenges with feedback on results
  • Guidance in identifying your Spiritual Gifts, and how to use them in your life
  • In-depth materials focused on your 7 Core Abilities, and how they can be used to increase health, happiness, inner peace, and prosperity
  • Complimentary White-Light Papers
  • Increased discount on products, programs, and services offered by The Global Center for Spiritual Awakening

Upon completion of the requirements listed above, you become eligible to move into the 3rd Degree of the Order of the Sacred Path (Idea).