Overcoming Fear: 4-Week Class


Overcoming FEAR, and Living the Abundant Life You Deserve
4-week Mini-Course with Maxi-Results

Congratulations on taking the first step toward becoming fearless! (Actually, no one ever becomes fearless! Fear can serve many useful purposes, so we never want it to disappear completely!) But this course will help you take control over fear, so you can move forward with confidence and enrich your life!

Each of the four lesson gives you some inspiring and powerful information about fear, and shares one of four elements in our amazing FEAR formula.

You will also receive a Spiritual Adventure to practice, that will help you practice the element for the week.

To get the most out of this four-week mini course, we recommend you keep a journal so you can capture insights, ideas, and a-ha’s from your studies. We also invite you to participate in the special Overcoming Fear Forum created for people taking this class.

Here is your prework assignment:

  1. Get your journal ready.
  2. First entry: Answer this question: “What would I do if I knew I could not fail?”

(Make a list of as many things as possible! Go crazy! Think big! Stretch your imagination!)

Bonus: Listen to this song (on YouTube) by Jana Stanfield, one of our favorite musical artists:



Ready to begin?

Scroll down for Lesson One.



Imagine how it would feel to be able to face life without fear! Think about it. Fear is probably the number one emotion that keeps us from being who we have the potential of becoming. Fear blocks our prosperity flow; fear destroys our relationships before they can even get off the ground; fear stops our spiritual and career development right in their tracks.

From a spiritual perspective, we believe there is no reason for fear to exist! That sounds great — but how do we make the leap? Let’s take these next four weeks to learn some simple techniques, backed up by Unity Truth Principles, that can help you move into a whole new world, free of fear.

We are going to use an age-old Memory Peg technique to help you overcome the fears in your life. Each week we will learn one simple technique that you can practice. By the end of four weeks, you will not only see remarkable progress in your own life; you will have an amazing formula that will be so easy to remember, because it spells the very thing you are experiencing: FEAR.

Are you ready to get started on an exciting journey of self development and spiritual enrichment? Then let’s jump right in!

The first element in our FEAR formula is the Face Your Fear! F = Face It!

We all experience different kinds of fears: fear of failure; fear of rejection; fear of looking dumb; fear of change; fear of the unknown; fear of being alone; fear of debilitating health issues. In fact, I googled fear, and found a legitimate list of actual researched phobias: there were 530 listed! Here were a few of my favorites:

Automatonophobia—fear of a ventriloquist’s dummy;

Triskadekaphobia—fear of the number 13;

Porphyrophobia—fear of purple (guess they don’t eat grapes!); and the one that is really amazing:

Arachibutyrophobia—fear of peanut butter sticking to the roof of your mouth!


This week, your adventure is to look into the “FEAR MIRROR.”

Have you ever looked at yourself in one of those carnival mirrors? They totally distort your body into weird and funny shapes. Our Life Mirrors can do the same thing. We look into our Fear Mirror, and see things magnified or distorted totally out of reality.
This week, we invite you to look into your “Fear Mirror” and answer this question as honestly and completely as you can:

What FEARS are keeping me from growing and enjoying life to its fullest?

Keep a journal or notebook, where you can continue jotting down any answers or thoughts that pop into your mind.

Your goal is to create a list of any fear you experience this week, no matter how large or small, that is getting in the way of your personal and spiritual development, and your total enjoyment of life!
Try to include the specific situation, as well as the fear it is triggering. The same situation can trigger different fears in different people. For example, you may find yourself avoiding a phone call you need to make, because you are afraid of the conflict it will bring up. For someone else, the avoidance of making a phone call to a potential client could be fear of rejection. And another person may be avoiding a phone call because they are afraid they will have to make a decision!
Next week, we start tackling those fears in a systematic (and fun) kind of way.

Each week we will be giving you an affirmation, to reinforce what you are studying. Put this affirmation in several places, so you see it throughout the day, and repeat it often — with energy!




This week’s affirmation:

I love and accept myself completely! I am a radiant expression of Divine Love.










Welcome back, to your second week on your journey to becoming free of fear! You have spent the last week taking a look at your fears in the FEAR MIRROR. How are you feeling? Hopefully, you have realized something very interesting, as you tracked your “fear moments.” We experience fears of all types, at all levels. Some are little fears (like the not stating a preference about where you want to go eat, for fear of having someone unhappy with the result) to monumental fears (like not applying for a job that could really boost your career, for fear that you might not be selected.) By the way, on that last example, here is one thing we can guarantee: if you do not apply for the job, it is pretty certain there is no chance you will be selected!!

What’s important to be aware of is this: it doesn’t matter how insignificant the fear appears to be, or how silly or unreliable the basis of it is. If it is a fear you are experiencing, it is very real for you, and it is affecting your ability to have the abundant, joyful life you deserve to believing! So, it’s time to begin dealing with these fears, and putting them in their proper place!

This week, we will take a look at the second strategy in our FEAR formula. From a spiritual perspective, we understand that fears are normal and natural – everyone experiences fear. It is so easy to get distracted by the world of appearance. But we do have little tricks to help us regain our oneness with Spirit, and deal with the fears that threaten to rob us of the abundant life we have been promised.


The second step in the FEAR strategy is



F = Face It!


E = Embrace It!


This is where you go back to the list you created last week. Go down that list and look at each fear you identified. As you look at the fear, see it through the eyes of love and acceptance. Make friends with it. Embrace It!

Let me give you an example. Suppose one of the fears you listed was fear of looking silly. Take some time to play with that fear a little. Talk to it. Ask it why it continues to haunt you. Ask yourself:


  • “What is the worst that could happen if I did what it is I am fearing? Could I live with that?”
  • “How is this particular fear serving me? How am I benefiting from it?”
  • What would the payoff be if I really could conquer this fear? How would my life be different?


Yes, we are serious! Have an actual conversation with each fear. This takes the enormity of the fear away, and puts it on equal footing with you.

The next step is to give your fear a name, and make a deal with it. Thank that fear for how it has protected you in the past, and then send it on a permanent vacation.


Here’s a spiritual perspective that helps support this activity: We believe there is only One Power and One Presence: God/Pure Being/The Field of Infinite Potential/whatever name you prefer to use. If this is Truth, then there is nothing to fear, because we are connected with the Power that is all Good! That means we have within us everything we could ever need to handle any situation. Knowing this allows us to put fear in its proper place. It is simply false appearance that we are allowing to have power over us. But if there is only one power, then fear only has the power we give it.

This week, continue to make friends with your fears, by EMBRACING them.


This week’s affirmation:


My Consciousness is greater than any fear I might encounter!









Have you been having some interesting and enlightening conversations with your fears this week? Have you given your fears names, and embraced them, thanking them for how they have protected you in the past? Have you made a deal to send them packing?

If you’ve spent some quality time with your fears this week, then you are ready to embark on the next step in this process of overcoming fear and living the abundant life you deserve. Are you ready to take the next step in our FEAR formula? Here it is:

The third step in the FEAR strategy is ACT THROUGH IT! 

F = Face It!


E = Embrace It!


A = Act Through It!


Fear has a very amazing quality: it immobilizes you. Have you ever noticed that? Whenever you experience fear or doubt, you feel paralyzed—emotionally and physically. You are unable to move ahead with whatever it is you want to do.

It is very normal to experience fear, but it is equally important to not allow fear to paralyze you. Ralph Waldo Emerson had a marvelous quote that is quite appropriate at this point. He said, “Do the thing you fear, and the death of fear is certain.”

When you move through fear and doubt, you experience an exhilaration and zest for living that is unbelievable. Your power center is strengthened. Each positive experience of conquering a fear, no matter how small or insignificant it may seem, empowers you to face life at a whole new level—a level of abundant living that you so richly deserve!

So, let’s get busy with a few techniques to use this week, as you take steps to Act Through Your Fears!

From a Spiritual perspective, we believe that each of us possesses an incredible power to co-create the lives we most desire, by the activity of our thinking. This means that the fears we are experiencing begin in the activity of our thoughts. We have total control over what we choose to think about, and what we think about leads directly into our actions. So the first “Act Through It” technique is to change your thoughts about what it is you are fearing.

Go back to the notes you took from your conversations last week. Choose one of the fears you talked with, and just look at it. What are your first thoughts as you contemplate taking action around that fear? If you have thoughts of panic, worry, doubt, or total denial, it’s time to do a little mental transformation work! Here’s something to try:

When you are confronted by something that brings up a feeling of fear within you, take a deep breath. Then simply say (Come on, you are already comfortable talking to your fear, right?), “Hello! I wonder what gift you have for me. Wonder what I can learn from working with you? I am stronger than you, so look out, (Fear Name), here I come!”

Keep notes in your journal about your experiences with this activity!

There is a popular saying going around right now that says: What would you attempt to do if you knew you could not fail? Actually, this is a very interesting question! We can’t promise that you won’t experience less than perfect results with everything you do, but we can promise phenomenal excitement and growth when you approach life with the gusto of confidence and success that comes from acting through your fears.

As you move through this week, every time you feel stuck because of a fear, take the approach that you will not fail, only grow. Then — just do it! Here is a quote to put up where you can see it often:

Failure is not fatal. Failure should be our teacher, not our undertaker. It should challenge us to new heights of accomplishments, not pull us to new depths of despair. From honest failure can come valuable experience. (William Arthur Ward)


This week, seek out situations that you usually avoid. Make a decision to try new things, act through a fear, and savor the results, whatever they may be! You are in for an amazing and exciting week!


This week’s affirmation:

I am filled with the strength to overcome any fear! I go forth to meet my good!










Welcome back to our final Lesson in this amazing mini-course: Overcoming FEAR, and Living the Abundant Life You Deserve! By now you should be experiencing incredible results, as you have:

  • Faced your fears,
  • Embraced them, and
  • Acted through them.

This is the most exciting week of all, and it is, perhaps, the most overlooked step in the process of overcoming the fears of life. This one step, implemented after steps 1-3, makes the difference between truly experiencing the freedom and joy of overcoming fears for life, and just having a brief moment of success, followed by a ‘crash and burn’ slide back to being dominated by your fears.

We want you to experience permanent success, which means we need to lock in the new patterns you are developing as you take the courageous steps of Facing your fears, Embracing your fears, and Acting through your fears. To create an enduring result, it is essential to implement the fourth and final step of our FEAR formula:


The fourth step in the FEAR strategy is

Reinforce Success!


F = Face It!


E = Embrace It!


A = Act Through It!


R = Reinforce Success!



It is so important to celebrate your courage and reward yourself for your ability to actually face your fears, embrace them, and act through them!

This is big! Why? Because we tend to repeat behavior we are rewarded for! Therefore, it is important to let your subconscious know, and appreciate, how valuable the new behaviors are to your growth and development.

From a spiritual perspective, we believe that it is not enough to know Truth principles; we must actually make them a part of our daily life. If you only use these “Overcoming Fear” strategies during this 4-week period, then go back to your old behaviors, you’ve really wasted a lot of time and energy! And we don’t want that to be the case!

So, this is the week we lock in the value of these new ways of thinking and acting, so they become the new tapes you play in your head. This week’s work will put those old fears to rest permanently!

JournalPenLook back over your journal (or, if you haven’t been doing a journal, just reflect back over your experiences the past three weeks – no guilt!). As you recall those times when you were able to act through your fear, take a moment now to relive the event. Try to actually feel the powerful energy and excitement you felt at the moment of acting. At the height of being able to recall the energy of the moment, look in the mirror and celebrate yourself! Talk out loud, and tell yourself “Ya did good!” Pat yourself on the back. Think of a reward you can give yourself. Link it all to the very act of overcoming a fear!

You might want to actually write down the impact you have felt since that event. For example:

  • Has it helped you in specific situations to move through a fear?
  • How has your self-confidence changed as a result?
  • How are people responding to you in different ways?
  • How are you different?


Here’s another adventure for you this week: Begin a “Best Accomplishments of the Year!” Calendar. Every day, record some action you took that demonstrates your ongoing movement toward overcoming a fear. You can write words, or draw a picture to symbolize something you did. The point is to become actively observant to how you are able to control a fear thought rather than let it control you. This calendar will become a strong reinforcement statement for you, showing you how capable you are in moving ahead in achieving the abundant life you deserve.


This week’s affirmation:


I celebrate my confidence and ability to face my fears with action! I am rich, healthy, happy, and at peace in all areas of my life!




This is the final lesson in our 4-week mini-course on Overcoming FEAR, and Living the Abundant Life You Deserve. We know, if you have put each step into practice, that you are experiencing outrageous, incredible maxi-results!

Here’s the best part! This is only the beginning. There is so much growth and abundance just waiting for you. We invite you to stay active on this Spiritual Cyber Home site, and take advantage of the many articles, forums, educational opportunities, resources, and community involvement that are here to help you on your journey. We wish you overflowing blessings as you live the abundant life that is yours to have!


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