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Cher & Bil Holton, 

Your Publishing Partners


Partner Publishing is designed to help authors get their writing projects out into the world! Our experience as authors demonstrated to us that there are a lot of advantages to maintaining total control over your intellectual property, and we learned a lot as we transitioned from working with Big House Publishing Firms to creating our own publishing company. We want to partner with you so you can earn more prestige, credibility, and money with your publications!

We offer partnering services in the following areas:

Professional Editing

Ranging from basic proofreading all the way to a deep edit to ensure readability; conceptual organization and other improvement recommendations, while maintaining author's voice.

Book Cover Design

Cover design (front and full cover) in perfect bind and dust cover hardback formats; eBook, project report, and White Paper covers; Training Manual Covers; and more. 

Interior Design and Layout

Conversion of manuscript to book layout, including formatting, design, Table of Contents, Index, Author Page. Created in PDF format appropriate for submission to printer.

Moving Your Book to Print 

Coordinate with printer to create the finished product; provide ISBN; scannable barcode; Library of Congress number and registration; Bowker Books in Print registration; posting with affiliate link.

We understand that your passion is your content specialty area, so we want to partner with you to take the hassle out of the publishing process. We handle the details that keep would-be authors up at night and keep their books stuck in their computers! Our process also gives you a lot more control over the finished product, so you can be proud of what you have accomplished! 


A Few More Things We'd Like to Share:

Partner Publishing is a relatively new concept for authors, but it is widely accepted in the publishing industry. In fact, several of the Big Houses have created Partner Publishing divisions. It represents a happy medium between the absolute control of being published by one of the big house publishers and taking it on alone as a self publisher.  (See the Partner Publshing FAQs for more details.) 

We've partnered with more than 20 authors, creating both hard cover and softcover books! The topic areas have ranged from professional non-fiction, designed to help market a brand, to fiction, to cook books!

When you work with any Partner Publisher, you should always have a detailed agreement that identifies exactly what you are receiving for your money. The last thing you want is a big financial surprise that can turn your publishing excitement into a devastating experience. You should pay for Partner Publishing services in installments and never, ever—did we say never—pay 100% upfront. Working with a Partner Publisher is a collaborative effort, and you should have the final say on all decisions. If a Partner Publisher is unwilling to put your needs and requests first, you won't be happy with the finished product. However, we urge you to listen to the advice and recommendations of the Partner Publisher, because that's why you hired them!

One more thing: beware of working with large Partner Publishing firms. While some are reputable and qualified, many are overbooked and may find it difficult keeping the promises they make to you. A lot of their volume work is templated, making it difficult to get the finished product you have in mind. We are a small business -- and make no apologies for that. It allows us to work closely with every client and provide personalized service. (Of course, the down side to that is we are only able to accept a small number of clients at any one time.)

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