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Personal Paradox/Divine Paradox

Spiritual Practice: Personal Paradox/Divine Paradox

Divine-Paradox-ca109128811In Metaphysics, we talk about the Divine Paradoxes, such as God is Principle/God is personal; God is Immanent/God is Transcendent; God is Law/God is Grace. These seemingly paradoxical descriptions are sometimes difficult to wrap our heads around, so this spiritual practice is designed to help you understand and experience them with greater clarity.



Here's how:

Create a list of words and phrases that describe you, but sound like they are paradoxes. For example:

  • I am energetic -- I enjoy kicking back and relaxing
  • I love hanging out with people -- I really need time to be alone and rejuvenate
  • I am very creative -- I follow recipes to the letter when I cook

As you reflect on the apparent paradoxes that make up the person you are, and notice how you are expressing them throughout your day, ask yourself:

  • How do I make time and space to express these personal paradoxes?
  • How do I keep them in balance?
  • How does this awareness help me understand the Divine Paradoxes, and experience my spirituality at a whole new level?

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