Power Up Your Life-Bookcover

There is an Extraordinary You at your core! 

All you have to do is get the "Ordinary You" out of the way by claiming your Twleve Powers at your highest, most elevated level of consciousness!

Includes "Putting It Into Practice" Activities to help you make it work in your life!

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Just Imagine . . .

  • Being able to live life more fully, more consiously, more masterfully.
  • Expressing your extraordinary nature in every situation you experience, no matter how challenging or frustrating it may appear to be.
  • Achieving the intentions you set for yourself, with ease and grace.
  • Showing up as the very best you can be ... no matter what, no matter where!
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A Sample Peek at the Contents

  •  Introduction that provides an overview of the 12 Powers and shares tips on how to get the most out of the book as you put it into practice;
  •  A deep dive into each of the 12 Powers individually, with detailed descriptions and examples, practical applications, scientific support, and a look at each Power from the Four Levels of Consciousness;
  •  A "Putting It Into Practice" section offering activities to help you use the Power at its highest, most elevated level to manifest the life you desire. 
  • A page of "Quotes to Inspire" to wrap up each chapter. 
  • A Case Example, Historical Perspective of the Powers, and Additional Commentaries.

Filled with vivid colored images and poster-style quotes that will inspire you to action!


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Includes Scientific Research to Support Each of the Powers!

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“I love the way you blended science into each of the twelve powers. It adds the depth and rigor that shows how science supports spiritual disciplines.” (Charlotte Shelton, former CEO, Unity World Headquarters) 

“I liked all of it, but the chapter on Imagination was my favorite. You’ve got me paying more attention to my twelve spiritual abilities. I think imagination is my strongest spiritual power.” (Shawna Donaldson, Washington, D.C.)

“I love the science dimension you’ve added. It takes the 12 powers to a whole new level. You’ve put scientific meat into the spiritual and spiritual ‘meat’ into science.” (Aaron Ellisor, Texas)

“I’m feeling all powered up.” (Andrea Wagner, Germany)

About the Authors

Meet the masterminds behind Power Up Your Life!

Bil-Cher Holton, seated

Bil and Cher Holton

Revs. Drs. Bil and Cher Holton are ordained Unity ministers, metaphysicians, recognized Spiritual Thought Leaders, professional speakers, and prolific authors. They combine science and cutting-edge spirituality as they focus on inspiring people to connect with and exhibit their Extraordinary Nature to create YOUniversal Harmony! Discover more about Bil and Cher and join their Order of the Sacred Path at their website: TheGlobalCenterForSpiritualAwakening.com


Paul Hasselbeck

Rev. Dr. Paul Hasselbeck is the former Dean, Spiritual Education and Enrichment at Unity World Headquarters, Unity Village, MO. He is an ordained Unity minister, metaphysician, recognized Spiritual Thought Leader, prolific author, and teacher, with a passion for expressing metaphysics in current and practical ways. Discover more about Paul and join his Inner Circle at his webiste: PaulHasselbeck.com

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